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Standing out from the competition online is critical, especially for growing web-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) businesses.

From startups to established cash-flowing enterprises, we work with client budgets of nearly any size to scale your online exposure through search engine optimization (SEO) through quality content production, content placement and link building.

Today's SaaS businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to compete in overly-crowded industries. Our access to high quality publishers will give your software business the boost it needs to stand out from the crowd.

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SEO and Link Building for SaaS Websites

The SaaS business model is largely predicated on lead generation. With customer attrition being a normal aspect of doing business, it’s virtually impossible for a subscription-based business to remain profitable and continue growing without a steady influx of new subscribers. And while dozens of lead generation strategies can be wielded, few pack quite the same punch as SEO.

In an online business environment where lead generation is closely connected to search traffic, it’s imperative that SaaS companies emphasize the right strategic investments. Research shows that 94 percent of all clicks go to natural search results. (This means just 6 percent go to paid listings.) Dig a bit deeper and you’ll discover that 33 percent of natural search clicks go to the link in the first position. The second link generates 15 percent of the traffic. The third URL receives a healthy 9 percent of clicks. In all, nearly three out of four clicks go to a search listing on Google’s coveted first page.

This doesn’t mean your business is doomed to fail if it doesn’t show up on the first page of Google. It does, however, reveal the importance of ranking well for key search terms. Without a visible presence, you’re at an immediate disadvantage. Emphasis on SEO can change the trajectory of your business. In particular, it would behoove you to study link building as a viable strategy.

The Role of Link Building in SEO

Link building is the process of acquiring links from other websites to your own. The objective is twofold. For starters, it has practical brand-building value. The more links and mentions you have, the greater your visibility. As people see your brand referenced in more places, they naturally see your business in a more credible light. Secondly, and most importantly, link building feeds your SaaS website’s search rankings.

Google uses what is essentially a popularity ranking factor to determine where a web page ranks for a certain search term, keyword, or topic. When other pages are linking to one of your pages, this sends a signal to Google that your page is worthy of being ranked higher. And the higher your page ranks, the more likely it is that you’ll receive additional backlinks. It’s a powerful cycle that can accelerate your sales and marketing efforts.

SaaS Link Building Strategies and Techniques

Every SaaS website needs to develop a link building strategy that’s specific to their own goals, products, and audience. However, there are a number of overarching principles and industry best practices that remain the same regardless of other situational factors. As you move forward with your own strategy, here are a few tips and principles worth considering:

1. Manual Link Building vs. Earned Link Building

Link building has evolved a tremendous amount over the last decade. What was once a spammy practice of stuffing links into as many places as possible – with no regard for relevancy or authenticity – has now become a strategic and mainstream practice for businesses of all shapes and sizes. And as the industry has evolved, two major approaches have emerged:

  • Earned link building. The first approach is known as link earning. With this strategy, you develop pieces of content on your website and use it as bait to attract bloggers, journalists, and other webmasters to link back to your content. This strategy takes time and a healthy dose of patience. Rarely will you see any positive impact in the short-term. It takes many months – if not years – for earned link building to fully mature. However, once a SaaS website finally begins earning links, the results tend to compound.
  • Manual link building. The second approach is known as manual link building. As the name suggests, this process is a bit more hands-on and requires someone to actually go out and solicit or discover link building opportunities. Manual link building may even cost money for guaranteed link placement on authoritative websites.

If you’re serious about link building, you’ll probably end up taking a hybrid approach that relies on manual link building early on and incorporates earned link building techniques on the back end.

2. Onsite Content Creation

Underneath the heading of manual link building, there are a couple of different subcategories. The first technique relies upon natural backlinks to existing content. In other words, you develop a blog post or linkable asset for your website and then pay for a hyperlink back to this page from a third-party publishing platform. (This approach must be implemented with great care and expertise; otherwise, Google will sniff it out and penalize you.)

The second category of manual link building is all about developing guest blogging relationships and writing posts for other websites and blogs. You can then plug in a backlink or two to key web pages.

Regardless of the approach you take, content creation is an absolute must. You’ll need quality onsite content and, in the latter case, original offsite content that you can use to reach the right audience and facilitate traffic back to your page.

3. Networking and Outreach

Manual link building doesn’t happen without networking and outreach. In most cases, this means one-on-one outreach, as opposed to generic trolling where you hope someone bites.

The best place to start is with bloggers and social media influencers who aren’t competitors, yet have audiences that intersect with your audience. This establishes relevancy without directly competing against each other for customers and dollars.

When approaching someone about a link building opportunity, remember to provide value. While they may not say it out loud, they’ll at least be thinking, “What’s in this for me?” If you can answer this with clear conviction, you’ll stand a better chance of earning these opportunities.

4. Creative Link Building Tactics

Most people think link building is limited to guest blogging and purchasing backlinks, but this isn’t true. There’s plenty of room for creativity beyond these basic approaches.

For example, let’s say you’ve developed an innovative SaaS product that’s unlike anything the marketplace has seen thus far. Naturally, others within the industry will be excited about what the software does, how it works, and what inspired the innovation. By opening yourself up to interviews and podcasts, you can generate promotional (yet authentic) links back to your website. The more you make yourself a resource, the more the brand will benefit.

5. Monitoring and Optimizing

Finally, don’t forget to monitor the results of your link building efforts and track your progress. This can be as simple as using a spreadsheet to track every link you’ve earned/purchased, or as sophisticated as using a dedicated link building tool to track key performance indicators for each link over specific periods of time.

Once you’ve had time to monitor your results, you can then optimize your approach to account for the link building opportunities that are most advantageous for your SaaS site.

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Finding the Right SaaS Link Building Specialist

Link building is an intensive process that requires an investment of both time and creative energy. Considering that most of your energy goes toward managing your software and handling customer service, you don’t have a ton of time to personally direct toward generating content, attracting backlinks, and monitoring progress. This leaves you with a couple of options: (1) hire a link building professional to become a full-time employee of your business, or (2) outsource your needs to a SaaS link building specialist.

Some companies take the time to invest in a full-time link building employee, but this is generally an approach that’s reserved for large organizations with massive marketing departments. If you’re running a small-to-medium-sized SaaS company, this isn’t usually a cost-effective method. Instead, you’re almost certainly better off outsourcing the task.

The benefit of outsourcing link building is that you only pay for what you need. There’s no wasted money on services you don’t need or results you don’t get. It’s all about output. If you have a three-month period where you want to do a lot of manual link building, you can set a campaign into motion. If you have a six-month period where you don’t have a need for link building, you don’t have to worry about keeping an employee busy with something else.

But if you do outsource, it’s imperative that you take the time to find the right link building partner. There are plenty of black hat link builders on the market. If you choose to cut corners and work with one, you’ll spend the next few years regretting this mistake. What you need is a white hat SaaS link building service that provides you with quality linking opportunities at an affordable price point that fits your budget.

To find out more about how the right link building strategy could positively impact your SaaS website, please fill out this free site assessment form. We’ll be happy to get in touch and provide you with some proactive “next steps.”

Content Marketing and Link Building for Software & SaaS Businesses

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