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SEO for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical manufacturing companies create medicines the public can access. Their business is based on how visible their drugs are to the common public, doctors, healthcare professionals, and other clinical officers.

For this reason, having a structured SEO strategy can work wonders in building long-term online visibility. 58% of Americans have used the internet to research a product.

88% of American consumers regularly use the internet to buy products. To generate brand recognition and drive awareness to your pharmaceuticals, you can rely on

We specialize in building high-performance pharmaceutical manufacturing SEO campaigns that not only deliver results, but also build revenue for your company.

The Importance of SEO for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Companies

Marketing strategies for pharmaceutical manufacturing companies depend solely on visibility. Pharma marketers are responsible for placing medicines in the line of sight of people who matter, particularly healthcare professionals.

Healthcare professionals, like the general public, use the internet to find information about new and existing drugs. This presents the perfect opportunity to develop an SEO campaign to market your products.

If you delay in leveraging a SEO campaign for your company, potential clients will work their way to your competitors instead.

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What the Ideal SEO Strategy Looks Like

SEO campaigns for pharmaceutical manufacturing companies look noticeably different than in other industries. Particularly, content marketing and link-building play a vital role in pharmaceutical manufacturing SEO campaigns.

For example, content marketing allows pharmaceuticals to showcase their products and show expertise in their field. The popular drug, Mucinex, uses content marketing to their favor to attract search engine traffic back to their website.

If a potential customer wants more information about a “runny nose vs stuffy nose”, they will find Mucinex’s article not too far below in the search engine result pages (SERPs).

Runny Nose vs Stuffy Nose - Google Search Results

By writing high-quality content on topics surrounding pharmaceutical products, manufacturers can divert potential customers to their websites for purchase. Also, link-building is a vital aspect of any SEO strategy.

Since the healthcare profession is built on trust, pharmaceutical manufacturers can thrive online by receiving backlinks from well-known medical publications, such as Mayo Clinic and WebMD.

The more reputable a pharmaceutical manufacturer looks online, the more likely a potential client will do business with them.

Content Marketing & Link Building for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

We craft articulate content and cultivate authoritative backlinks for pharmaceutical manufacturing companies.

How We Can Help You! has provided the best SEO services for more than a decade. We specialize in delivering these services to pharmaceutical manufacturers looking to build a solid online presence and achieve maximum visibility.

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