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Our proven, repeatable process helps separate "SEO" from "GuessEO." By tying actionable, results-driven timelines into our client engagements, we are better able to align client expectations with reality and--most importantly--deliver unparalleled SEO results with real staying-power. From the outset, we use data to inform decision making processes on the type, volume and speed of our link building outreach campaigns, tailoring each campaign to the needs of any given site. Because true white-hat SEO success is gauged in months and years, not days and weeks, our typical client engagement spans over an extended period, broken into three similar, but unique phases: Kickstart, Expand & Defend.

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Months 1 to 6 A booster shot for new campaigns looking to make quick gains against competitors

  • Source the low-hanging fruit in long-tail terms for quick wins
  • Bolster existing keywords for which the site already ranks
  • Analyze the competition for determining the total volume, diversity and speed of link procurement
  • Consult for shoring-up on-site deficiencies in things like site speed, content and UX


Months 7-12 Grow your ranking positions from niche long-tail to hot "money" terms

  • Expand into newer, more competitive key phrases to enhance results for relevant organic traffic growth
  • Grow overall link portfolio and URL diversity in a scaled, but prudent way
  • Enhance on-site further with link acquisition that moves in lock-step with new on-site blogs, articles and announcements
  • Work toward shorter "money" terms with diversity in anchor text, IP diversity and domain authority


Months 13-24 Continue to hold your position free of competitor encroachment with more URL and IP diversity in your link acquisition

  • Continue to build a steady flow of new links from new sources, further expanding the link profile
  • Continue link "dripping" to ensure the site remains relevant, but is not later eclipsed by competitors who may attempt to leapfrog
  • Look for more wins in expanding the keyword profile while maintaining the ground already won in phases 1 & 2
  • "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" --keep the trend going on tactics that have worked, staying abreast of new developments in SEO

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