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Our SEO audit process provides a comprehensive view of the top 200 on and off page SEO factors that might be impacting your ability to rank in search

The first step of any good SEO campaign is ensuring that you understand your site's deficiencies by running a multivariate SEO audit.

A comprehensive, technical SEO audit ensures your link graph is on-point and your on page SEO content is optimized vis-a-vis your top competitors.

We provide complete, comprehensive technical SEO analysis to identify hidden issues that might be bringing down your Google rankings or preventing your content from being fully indexed.

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Our actionable SEO audits address key ranking elements, from Title tags and keyword rich content to link growth and structured data. For each of the ranking components that we analyze, we then provide specific action items to fix what’s wrong, along with industry best practices to help you on your way.

A typical deep SEO audit addresses the following areas:

In-Depth, Deep Dive SEO Audit

With our deep SEO audit, no stone goes unturned, and we'll document our findings and recommendations thoroughly, as well as go over them with you. In order to perform the most accurate audit possible, we'll need access to your web analytics platform (and Google Search Console if possible).

Our expert SEO team conduct a thorough site audit, identify problems, diagnose issues, and deliver precise, specific remedial recommendations. A post-audit phone consultation and walk-through is also included in each option. 

Our backlink audit and SEO site search analysis is conducted with our own site audit tool as well as numerous third-party SEO tools. 

Your SEO audit pricing is based on the number of pages your website has.

Our SEO audit pricing is based on the number of pages your website has.


For sites with under to 1,000 indexed pages.


For sites with 1,001 to 10,000 indexed pages.


For sites with 10,001 to 100,000 indexed pages.


For sites with 100k to 250,000 indexed pages.


For sites with 250k to 1,000,000 indexed pages


1 Million pages plus

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Turnaround time is 3-6 weeks. If we find any immediate red flags during the curation of the audit, we will reach out directly to get the changes made ASAP.

Here are some elements included in your site audit:

  • Content & Blog Post Analysis
  • SEO Scorecard
  • Keyword Guidelines
  • Keyword Focus
  • URL Site Structure Analysis 
  • Title Tags & Meta Tags Analysis 
  • Meta Descriptions Analysis 
  • Heading Tags Analysis 
  • Internal Linking
  • Image Names and ALT Tags
  • NoFollow Anchor Tags
  • Indexing Overview, Analysis, and Score
  • URL Redirects
  • Page Exclusions
  • Page Inclusions
  • Duplicate Content
  • Crawl Errors
  • Code Validation
  • Page & Site Speed
  • Linking Analysis Overview
  • Internal links analysis 
  • External links analysis
  • Linking Root Domains
  • Authority and Trust
  • Competitive Link Comparison
  • Supporting Documents Included
  • Page Exclusions
  • Page Inclusions
  • "How Many Pages" Review
  • Crawl Errors
  • Code Validation
  • Web Page Load Speed
  • Linking Analysis Overview
  • Inbound Followed Links
  • Linking Root Domains
  • Authority and Trust
  • Duplicate Content Review
  • Competitive Link Comparison
  • Supporting Documents Included

 All audit recommended tasks implemented on your site are the stepping stones for your site to be fully optimized.

In conjunction with our quality and consistent link building services, regular SEO audits will help you iterate toward higher rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs) by consistently updating the pages Google has indexed and those that matter on your website's success.

Every audit we generate has an action plan that focuses on the most important issues tailored to your website's specific issue(s) based on SEO best practices. This gives you a strategic focus to execute the most important tasks first.

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