Brand Mentions

We secure brand exposure for your business by publishing quality content on high profile websites.

How We Garner Brand Mentions

  • We start with an initial kick-off call to align your goals with a strategy that is tailored to maximize your success. 
  • We find and source publishers (both in and outside our existing circle of influence) that align with your site's niche. You have complete veto power over each publication. 
  • We develop industry-specific story ideas that align with your publishers of choice.  
  • Our U.S.-based editorial team produces story pitches and outlines for each publication, showcasing your expertise naturally and in a way that adds value to the publication.  
  • Our editorial team sends your pitches to the media publications where we have long-standing relationships.  
  • Once approved and published, we share the live links to your content, where the natural backlinks are embedded. 

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Brand Mention Benefits
Benefits of high-profile brand mentions

  • SEO value: Strong inbound links increase domain authority, domain diversity, and overall website visibility in organic search.
  • Branding value: Your brand name associated with major brand-name publications strengthens your brand authority and credibility. You can leverage this by including "As seen on" icons on your website (similar to what we've done on our homepage at and on your contact pages. These trust indicators can significantly increase conversion rates by establishing social proof, trust, and authority.
  • Brand awareness: Readers of the article, even if they don't click through to your website, will still become aware of your brand and associate it with that publisher -- that's a pretty strong first impression! These readers may eventually visit your website when they have a need for your services, even if not through a direct referral.
  • Syndication: Often, articles published on major media publications are syndicated and re-published through media partnerships, extending the benefits of #1-3. For example, articles published on are often re-published on,,, and many others. And yet, you only pay for the initial publication. It's like getting many for the price of one.
Money-back guarantee: You get a full refund on any placements we fail to achieve.
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Are you prepared for the future of link building? Sometimes, you need more than just links; you need brand exposure.


We proudly have established relationships (and continue to do so) with higher-quality publishers than any of our competitors. Our clients have been featured on,,, and many, many more. Nobody else has relationships with the top-quality publishers that we do. This means we can get you better, more valuable brand mentions.

With our white label SEO agency partners, our highest priority is timeliness and quality. Our goal is to build backlinks and brand mentions for your clients that they (and you) will be ecstatic about. We have successfully garnered backlinks and brand mentions sites like Mashable, BusinessInsider, Forbes, Entrepreneur and over 1,500 other top-tier websites. Our dedicated link building outreach team is consistently finding and building relationships with new sites and publications. Our stringent publisher guidelines also mean that we do not let our clients publish on any and all websites. Some websites help, while others can hurt your SEO.

We leverage media relationships to acquire strategic, valuable brand mentions from topically-relevant articles on major publishers with established authority. If we fail to achieve your placement as promised, you get a full refund for each failed placement. Brand mentions gain exposure for your brand name on major media publications across the Web, aligning your brand with authoritative, high-quality brand-name publications related to your industry.

If you want to try us out, simply contact us to get started, and send over an Excel spreadsheet (or even just a simple email) with your order details. Contact us for SEO pricing details. Starting at $300.

Brand Mentions

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