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Backlinks and SEO

As you’re likely already aware, backlinks are one of the most crucial elements of any search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Good, strong backlinks pointed to your site pass “authority” to your site, increasing its domain authority and therefore increasing its likelihood to rank highly for relevant keyword terms in future searches. Similarly, bad or broken links can hurt your strategy.

How can you know, definitively, who’s linking to your site? How can you calculate your authority, and chart a path for growth?

The solution is to use a Backlink Checker.

Why Use a Backlink Checker?

A Backlink Checker is an online tool that allows you to get a snapshot of your entire backlink profile—in other words, you’ll see all the websites linking to your website, including the relative value of those links.

At, we use a Backlink Checker powered by Moz (Link Explorer). With it, you’ll be able to:

Monitor and review your domain - and page-level authority

With our Backlink Checker, you’ll be able to monitor your domain authority and page-level authority, on a scale of 0 to 100. Ideally, as you earn more links, you’ll see these numbers rise. If they don’t, or if growth becomes stagnant at some point, you’ll know that something’s up—and you’ll be able to take action.

Analyze and perfect your anchor text strategy

Anchor text is a small, yet important component to your overall link building strategies. You’ll want all your links to stay as contextually relevant and natural as possible—but including keywords and phrases that are valuable to your brand can also help your strategy. A Backlink Checker can help you determine how much keyword-centric anchor text you’ve included, and where your anchor text strategy could use further development.

Study recent links for gains and losses

Take a piece of your own content, and sort by “recent” to learn which links you’ve most recently earned; it’s also an opportunity to see if you’ve recently lost any links. Either way, you’ll learn more about your content’s performance, and you’ll have the opportunity to take action.

Brainstorm and research new link opportunities

This is also the perfect way to brainstorm and research new link building opportunities. Which links have been the most valuable for your site? Which links seem to be most valuable for your competitors? What makes them valuable in the first place?

Evaluate and learn from spam scores

In our case, “spam score” refers to red flags that might make a link appear spammy or low quality to Google and other search engines. If the spam score is high enough, it could mean the link is doing more harm than good—and might be worth removing.

View all inbound links for your site

Whether you choose a full domain or an individual page on that domain, you’ll be able to view all inbound links on the web currently pointing to it. This is important if you’re trying to see, high-level, how much value your content marketing strategy has generated, or how far your link building strategy has come.

Learn from top content around the web

Study great pieces of content and high-profile sites all around the web. How were they able to generate so much authority? What patterns can you find in the links pointed to them?

Pinpoint broken links

Broken links can be a problem, so you’ll want to identify them and remove them as quickly as possible. In our tool, you’ll be able to see broken links right away, so you can take corrective action.

View all inbound links for a competitor’s site

You can do the same thing for a competitor’s website. This is useful if you want to see how your site stacks up, but even more importantly, it’s an opportunity to learn the weaknesses of your competitors’ strategies—so you can exploit them for yourself.

How Link Explorer Works

If that sounds complicated, don’t worry. Our Backlink Checker is easy to use.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Simply enter the URL you want to view. Depending on your goals, this could be your overall domain, an individual piece of content you want to study, or even a competitor’s website.
  2. Create (and set up) a free account. Next, you’ll need to create an account—but don’t worry, it’s completely free. We just want to keep bots out. We’ll send you a notification to verify your email address; when you do, you’ll gain full access to the tool.
  3. Start analyzing. From there, you’ll have full access to our Backlink Checker. Start reviewing the data, adjust the report as needed, and form key conclusions about your strategy.

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