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Data shows that one out of every two websites contains at least one dead or broken link. And of those who end up on 404 error pages, only 23 percent make a second attempt to find the requested page.

The remaining 77 percent leave the website forever. If your website has broken links, you need to know about it. You also need to do something to fix them. Our broken link checker can help you get started.


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What Are Broken Links?

Broken links are essentially links that no longer work. Links break down for any number of reasons, including:

  • The website is no longer available
  • The URL structure of the website has been changed
  • The page was moved without any proper redirect being added

Over time, there’s a natural tendency for links to break down. This process is commonly known as “link rot.” Typical link rot assumes websites lose roughly 25 percent of links every seven years. So the longer your website has been active, the more likely it is that you have broken links.

The Negatives of Broken Links

Broken links aren’t just annoying – they’re detrimental.

Broken links are bad for two main reasons:

  • User perception. Everyone inadvertently clicks on a broken link from time to time. And while one broken link isn’t a big deal, multiple exposures to broken links on the same website can negatively impact a visitor’s perception of your brand.
  • Search rankings. Search engines view links as votes of credibility for a website’s quality and authority. Too many broken links indicate that your site is in disrepair and/or that it’s failing to add value to visitors.

Discovering where you have broken links on your website is the first step. Fixing them is the second part of the equation.

What Is a Broken Link Checker?

Are you interested in a broken link checker?

Broken links are simply links that no longer work as intended, usually because the destination page they point to is no longer active.

If this is the case, clicking the link will return a 404 error, disallowing the user who clicked it from continuing forward.

This is bad from a user experience perspective, since the user won't be able to find the content, they were looking for and they'll no longer have a reason to visit your website.

A broken link checker will allow you to quickly and easily identify any links pointing to your website that are considered broken.

Why Is a Broken Link Checker Valuable?

The main reason to use a broken link checker is to scan the web for any broken links that may be affecting you. From there, it's your job to take care of those links, such as by resurrecting a dead page, setting up a 301 redirect, adding new content to your website, or just removing the link entirely.

If you do this, you'll benefit in several ways, including:


Recover otherwise lost traffic

A person who clicks on a dead link only to find a 404 error will leave your site, possibly never to return. If you repair your broken links, this tragedy will no longer happen, and you'll effectively recover traffic that would otherwise be lost.


Preserve your reputation

Nobody likes to discover a broken link. So the effect may be slight, but anyone who encounters a broken link associated with your brand is going to think a little less of your brand in the future. Repairing broken links can therefore help you preserve your brand reputation.


Improve your authority and rankings

Links have a dramatic impact on the success of your SEO campaign. Accordingly, repairing and improving those links can help you improve your authority, and therefore your rankings in search engines.


Identify bigger issues

Broken link checkers can also help you identify and possibly repair bigger issues, such as a flaw in your link building strategy or bad relationships with various publishers.

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