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Everything Gym Owners Need to Know About SEO and Link Building

Introducing, the personal SEO trainer your gym needs! Whether you are a hoity-toity boutique gym with aerobics classes or an old-school weight lifting-oriented facility, we can build a custom digital marketing plan that will raise your fitness center to the next level. Our work is driven by two principles: relevance and transparency. With the help of, we’ll generate more leads through keyword research and content optimization just for your site so you don’t have to worry about changing up what’s already working well for you.

If you have an established gym, or if you are just getting started and want to get ahead of the curve, then we are here for you. We will create a targeted strategy based on what kind of gym services you offer, location-related search terms in proximity to your business (zip code), keywords that directly relate to your target audience, and even geographic information like the elevation. It doesn’t matter how big or small; our expertise is diverse enough so as long as there is internet access-We can go from novice level to advanced level SEO!

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So how do we have a successful Gym SEO Campaign?

That’s what you’re asking yourself, right? We get it. You’ve been doing your research on Google and Facebook ads and their success rates just seem so low. But before you give up and go back to posting flyers in the neighborhood, there are some things that need to be considered when trying to run an effective gym SEO campaign.

Find the Right Keywords

Finding the keyword phrases that represent what your business or website offers is key to succeeding at SEO. You need keywords that reveal relevant and popular searches related to your products, services, locations, or industry. takes care of which tools are best for doing this so you can focus on improving conversion rates and maximizing profits from marketing campaigns.

Publish and Optimize Your Content

The benefits of an SEO campaign are different for each business. The most important step is to know your goal—whether you want to generate new leads or increase blog readership—then identify the right keywords and phrases that will get your page seen in search engines.

Taking your SEO campaign to the next level simply involves publishing and optimizing content that is more attractive to Google’s algorithm. Whether you are currently running an SEO campaign or starting from scratch, this step is vital to attracting new visitors!

Build Backlinks

With the rise of social media, many people have come to believe that link building is a thing of the past. The truth is Google uses so much more than just links in their algorithm and by relying on one form of marketing (content) over others you are doing yourself a disservice when it comes to the rankings. Social Media may be getting all the attention but there would be absolutely no way for Facebook or Twitter to rank against major outlets without backlinks!

If you`re finding your website isn`t ranking as highly as you want, is here to help you build the links you need to succeed!

Content Marketing and Link Building for Gym Agencies

We develop quality content that generates backlinks for gym owners

Content Marketing and Link Building for Gym Agencies

We develop quality content that generates backlinks for gym owners.

Launching a full service SEO campaign without monitoring it closely can result in a lot of wasted time and money for your business – which is why we’re here to help guide you through the process from start to finish! When you come to us for help with your search marketing troubleshooting or logo design needs, one of our expert project managers will work with you from beginning to end until success. helps personal trainers, cross-fit studios, yoga teachers, and more get found on Google with their specialty services. They bring them a ranking boost for their social media pages and websites–so clients can find them faster!

At, we are top fitness marketing consultants. We will streamline your fitness strategy and ensure you spend time and energy on the best channels to grow your business. Our efforts will help drive traffic from Google to your website, landing pages, or social media posts that promote free offers (such as blog posts).

Fitness trainers can take advantage of our services too! Reach out for a complimentary consultation about how SEO strategies can be applied to your personal training business – new client acquisition is only a phone call away!

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Focused on quality content and quality backlinks for Gym Agencies

We follow a simple, time-tested process for building quality website backlinks for your business:

  • 100% U.S. based content team with experience writing accountants / CPAs marketing copy
  • Reliable & quality online publishers, including high domain authority websites
  • Top-notch customer support
  • Non-branded link and content publishing reports
  • Fully white-hat services including google business profile(GMB)
  • Speedy delivery on all customized orders
  • Full transparency on all orders and direct engagements
  • Money-back guarantee on a pay-for-performance model

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