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Deal sourcing & origination in private equity is competitive and cutthroat. There’s enormous potential for robust ROI, but the high turnover is also a reality.

Since 2000, there's been 143 percent growth in the number of active firms in the industry. By one estimate, there are at least 3,530 firms vying for a piece of the financial pie.

If your private equity firm doesn’t have a marketing strategy to help find clients and investment opportunities, you’re bound to fall behind.

And if you want to get ahead, SEO is the answer. We have helped dozens of financial services firms increase their exposure for deals through online marketing.

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Why Private Equity Firms Need SEO

When it comes to SEO, most people think about ecommerce businesses, physical products brands, B2B services, and other mainstream ventures. But SEO is just as important and valuable to private equity firms that want to cut through the noise and generate positive momentum.

In what’s widely considered to be a word of mouth industry, be wary of discounting the role that SEO plays in generating clients, investment opportunities, and relationships. The data shows that people are searching for you. The only question is, will your private equity firm be the one to greet them in the Google search results?

Four simple search terms – private equity, private equity firm, private equity firms, and what is private equity – average roughly 25,700 monthly searches. That comes out to more than 300,000 searches a year – and we’re not even counting generic investment search terms like investing, investment opportunities, and investment funds (which would add hundreds of thousands of searches to the list).

Here’s the thing: People are using Google to search for private equity funds and other investment opportunities. If you aren’t prioritizing these warm leads, they’re going to other firms somewhere else.

Go ahead and run a quick Google search for “private equity firms” and make a note of what you see. In all likelihood, your website isn’t there. However, you probably see a few names you recognize – firms with massive amounts of investment capital.

The bad news is that there’s no way to shortcut or bypass them without developing a solid SEO foundation.

But what about pay-per-click (PPC) ads, you might ask? Well, yes, you can technically use PPC ads to secure a presence on the first page of Google results. However, this is sort of an artificially inflated approach to SEO.

With PPC ads, you basically pay Google to serve an advertisement for your firm based on pre-defined keywords (like “private equity”). You set a maximum bid amount for the keyword and then Google analyzes your bid against the bids of other private equity firms and serves the ad that pays the most.

PPC ads do work – and can earn you some traffic to your website – but they’re expensive. Depending on the search term and the competition, you could spend a few dollars per click.

PPC ads aren’t as competitive in the private equity space as they are in other fields, like law (where large firms spend between $50,000 and $100,000 per month on AdWords), but it could eventually get to that point. Over time, a reliance on PPC advertising (in lieu of SEO) becomes outrageously expensive.

Worst of all, PPC advertising is temporary. As soon as you stop footing the bill, your ads no longer get served. Despite spending thousands of dollars, you suddenly have nothing to show for it.

The good news is that, PPC advertising isn’t the only option. With a solid SEO strategy, you can organically push your private equity firm to the top of Google.

And do you know what happens when your website consistently lands on page one? You get traffic – lots and lots of it!

Research shows that 75 percent of all clicks go to search results on the first page. More specifically, the first three results receive 57 percent of all clicks.

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4 Important Ranking Factors for Private Equity Firms

SEO isn’t an optional tactic. In today’s industry, you need a sound SEO strategy that’s predicated on fundamental building blocks like:

  • Technical website optimization. Your website is your home base. While you can technically structure your website any way you please, Google has technical requirements for sites that want to be indexed. These include factors like website structure, meta descriptions, meta titles, image alt text, headers, and URLs.
  • User experience. Google wants to send its search users to websites that are relevant, informative, and engaging. Over the years, they’ve put an increased emphasis on the idea of user experience (UX). If you want your site to rank well, you need to optimize it for things like navigation and site speed.
  • Content. Good quality content is the lifeblood of any website. Not only does it provide human users with relevant information, but search engines crawl it to determine which topics and search terms your website should rank for.
  • Backlinks. Finally, Google wants to know that your site is relevant. One of the primary ways they determine authority and relevance is through the presence of inbound links from other websites and blogs. These are known as backlinks.

While a good SEO strategy accounts for each of these ranking factors, it pays especially close attention to content and backlinks. And if you want to get ahead, you need to commit to both.

The Role of Link Building

Link building is basically the process of acquiring backlinks that point from other websites to your own. Link building yields numerous benefits to private equity firms, including:

  • Search visibility. For starters, link building increases your firm’s visibility in the search engines. Not only does this increase the number of impressions you get, but it also paves the way for clicks and conversions.
  • Authority. Links are the number one factor in how Google determines which websites are authoritative. If you have links coming in from other authoritative websites, it’s like having respected people vouch for you. As a result, your own perceived authority increases.
  • Traffic. Each link is like a pathway leading to your website. The more pathways you have, the more people can reach you. Over time, a steady commitment to link building leads to an increase in traffic and leads.
  • Sustainability. When it’s all said and done, link building is a sustainable strategy that lasts long after you stop actively pursuing new links. This makes it a great investment of your time and money.

While some links will naturally emerge over time, you won’t generate a substantial amount of backlinks unless you develop an intentional strategy.

Developing a Link Building Strategy

Every link building strategy looks a little different, but in order for you to be successful, you must focus on two important concepts: quality and quantity.

Quality comes first. In order to build out links that truly benefit your website, you have to publish informative/relevant content on respected publishing platforms. The more authoritative a website or blog is, the greater the benefit you receive.

Quantity, while not nearly as important as quality, also has a place in link building. As you earn more authoritative backlinks, Google takes notice and further amplifies your rankings.

The key to successful link building is to publish high quality content that’s centered on thorough keyword research and strategic publisher outreach.

Private equity firms like your own may find the following link building strategies helpful:

1. Build Up Your Content Library

You can't attract links to your website if you don't have any URLs. In other words, you need to generate an extensive library of onsite content. Here are some of the most useful kinds:

  • Evergreen content. There’s something to be said for producing timely content that tracks with the latest investment trends and market news, but these posts have a limited shelf life. If you want your link building strategy to be long-term, focus your energy on producing evergreen content that retains value over time. Evergreen topics provide practical value and don’t go out of style. They continue to deliver value for years to come.
  • Research. The finance and investing world is keen on data. If you can produce surveys, studies, and research reports and turn them into content that’s both shareable and digestible, you’ll get the results you’re seeking.
  • Case studies. As you know, people are very protective of their money. They will not invest with your private equity firm unless they can trust you. Case studies are a great way to provide tangible results of past and present clients.

Content creation is something you need to commit to indefinitely. You should be publishing a minimum of one to two quality pieces of in-depth, onsite content every single week.

2. Establish Guest Blogging Relationships

Armed with an inventory of quality content, you need to go out and secure link placement. Guest blogging is one of the best ways to do this.

Guest blogging is essentially the process of contributing a piece of content to someone else’s blog or website in return for a backlink, byline, or combination of the two. When done right, guest blog posts can generate both SEO benefits and immediate referral traffic.

3. Seek Out Sponsored Posts

While secretly buying links is frowned upon, there’s nothing wrong with paying to secure link placement. Sponsored posts are one way of doing this.

Sponsored posts, as long as they’re clearly labeled as such, are legal and effective. You simply pay to have a piece of content featured – much like you would with an advertisement – and you get some exposure and “link juice” in return.

4. Develop Shareworthy Infographics

Nearly a decade after they were first popularized, online infographics continue to yield tons of value. They remain one of the most frequently shared content mediums and, in an age where visuals are everything, continue to be seen as reliable and engaging.

Try developing three or four infographics for your private equity firm and then really push them on social media. If you’re lucky, one of them might gain some traction and get picked up by a major financial publication.

5. Find and Claim Brand Mentions

It’s always a good idea to use a brand listening tool to stay aware of what people are saying about your private equity firm online. And any time you see your brand mentioned, you should contact the individual responsible for the content and kindly ask if they mind linking back to your website.

DIY Link Building vs. Outsourced Link Building

Link building isn’t something you do overnight. In order to generate any real traction, you need to invest in a long-term strategy. And as with most other business processes, you have a choice between doing it in-house and outsourcing.

While you can technically do link building on a DIY basis, it’s not advised. You’re in the business of raising capital and finding strategic investments for your clients – not sitting at a computer trying to build links.

Just like you would never advise a digital marketing expert to make his own amateur investment decisions, you shouldn’t try to do your own link building.

Too many firms try to do link building on their own and end up violating industry rules and attracting penalties and sanctions from Google.

As a result, their investment in link building actually suppresses their rankings and puts their websites in jeopardy.

Your best bet is to outsource link building to a professional link building agency who knows exactly what to do. In return, you’ll get predictable results and a high rate of return. It’s as simple as that.

Content Marketing & Link Building for Private Equity Firms

We craft articulate content and cultivate authoritative backlinks for private equity firms.

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There are plenty of link building firms and services to choose from, but none are as highly respected and experienced in the industry as the team we’ve assembled here at

When you partner with us for your private equity firm link building, you get the best of the best. This means:

  • White hat tactics. We never implement shady or outdated practices that could land our clients in trouble. We’re committed to using white hat, organic tactics that have been proven to be effective for years.
  • English-speaking writers. Our team of writers are professional, English-speakers with years of copywriting experience. Collectively, they’ve written and published millions of words of content.
  • Proven track record. We don’t make outlandish claims or hopeful guesses. We’ve been in the SEO and link building industry since 2008 and have hundreds of satisfied clients to support the value we provide.
  • Full transparency. When you work with our team, you get honesty and transparency. If we can’t provide the deliverables agreed upon, we’ll happily offer a full refund.

For more information on our content marketing and link outreach placement services, please contact us at your earliest convenience. We’d love to begin tailoring a strategy to your goals!

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Private Equity Link Building: Frequently Asked Questions

What makes different from other link building firms?

Most link building services and SEO firms are only focused on the short-term. They try to create some immediate momentum to get clients excited and cash in on their enthusiasm. Unfortunately, this short-term bump eventually levels out and nothing comes of it.

At, we’re committed to long-term, sustainable results. If we can achieve a quick bump, so be it. But our main mission is to set you up for years of results (long after you’ve stopped paying us).

What kinds of websites and blogs have your content been featured on?
We have the some of the best connections in the link building service in the industry – both in terms of quality and quantity. Our clients are able to regularly secure link placement on sites like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc., The Wall Street Journal, Read Write, Business Insider, Financial Times, and hundreds of other publishing platforms.
Who makes up the team?
Our team consists of dozens of talented professionals with different skillsets and expertise. We have digital strategists, marketers, copywriters, editors, entrepreneurs, and financers who understand what it takes to succeed in the digital space.
What does the link building process look like?

While every link is unique, our link building process follows the same basic process:

  • We begin by determining which of your links are most important and what sort of ROI they can provide.
  • We then develop a list of possible publishers and allow you to select the ones that you’re interested in. (Or, if you’d prefer, we can select them for you.)
  • Our team of content writers will sit down and develop unique pitches that are tailored to your brand/link.
  • The pitch is then sent to you for approval.
  • Once a pitch is approved, we develop your content. The content will not only include a link to your website, but it will also be written in such a way that it’s relevant to the publisher.
  • Once again, you get the opportunity to review and approve the content.
  • After the content is approved, we send it to our contact at the respective blog or website and they place your piece into their publishing queue.

Once the content is published, we notify you and monitor the status of the link to ensure you get optimal value.

Is there a chance my site will get penalized?
No way. We firmly believe in following the rules and only use white hat tactics in our link building and content creation processes. When you work with us, you never have to worry about spammy content, publishing violations, and other questionable techniques that attract Google penalties. We treat every client’s SEO strategy like it’s our own – and our track record speaks for itself.
What if I don’t already have quality content on my website?
No problem! In addition to offering our clients SEO and link building services, we also provide high quality content marketing solutions. Our team of skilled, English-speaking copywriters can produce cost-effective copy on a weekly or monthly basis. Consider us your very own scalable content partner. Whatever you need, we can provide.

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