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Real estate developers, investors, agents and financiers can all benefit from quality search engine optimization (SEO) opportunities through building quality content online.

Today's real estate professional knows how critical it can be to stand out from the fray in internet search. We work with real estate professionals across the real estate spectrum to provide dynamic link building and content marketing solutions that fit the specific needs of our clients' desired keywords.

SEO has and will continue to change as search engines adapt to the needs of demanding consumers. As the search engines become smarter through things like artificial intelligence, the need for quality content and quality inbound backlinks will become more important than ever. It is also important for those in real estate to align themselves with a company that has the industry-specific experience to truly move the needle in online search. We have worked with dozens of real estate professionals around the world to optimize their sites in online search. Let us help you.

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SEO and Link Building for Real Estate Professionals

For most real estate professionals, the concept of SEO isn’t exactly a familiar one. It’s not one of those acronyms that effortlessly rolls off your tongue. But regardless of whether you’re a real estate agent, investor, broker, or property manager, SEO will play a role in your success.

SEO – also known as Search Engine Optimization – is the process of optimizing web pages so that they satisfy search engine algorithms and rank higher for specific topics and keywords. It’s the practice of telling Google (and other search engines) why your website content is worth being shown to users who are searching for information on a particular subject matter.

We could dig into the intricate technicalities of search engines and how Google’s complex, ever-changing algorithms work, but let’s save some time and think about it in very clear terms. Because at the core, every SEO strategy is ultimately about lead generation.

The real estate industry is highly predicated on leads and referrals. Without them, your business dries up and you’re left investing in time-consuming, intensive processes that yield minimal results. But lead gen doesn’t just happen offline at industry conferences and steakhouses – much of it starts online.

In 2019 and beyond, most of your leads are using the same basic resources and methods to discover what they’re looking for. Google is one of – if not the most significant – staples in this search process. The data reveals that 44 percent of real estate buyers begin their home buying process online, while 95 percent use the internet at some point in the search process.

Google is the best referral partner a real estate professional can dream up. But in order to leverage the influence and reach of this powerful search engine, you have to make it happy. And if there’s one thing Google loves, it’s links – specifically authoritative backlinks. Thus, at the heart of any successful SEO strategy is a firm dependence on link building.

The Recipe for Successful Real Estate Link Building

Link building is part-science, part-art. It requires time, experience, technical know-how, and creativity. The perfect blend of these elements will be proprietary for each real estate professional, but here are some of the basic steps required to help you generate backlinks that move you up in the search rankings and enable you to generate traffic and conversions.


What is Link Building?

Link building is the formal name for the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own. Hyperlinks are little codes of text that allow internet users to effortlessly navigate between related pages on the internet. Search engines reference these hyperlinks – more commonly known as links or backlinks – to create interrelated webs that can be referenced and used to categorize web pages and content according to subject matter, relevance, and quality.

There are two basic ways in which Google uses links: (1) to discover new web pages; and (2) to determine how well a page should rank in search results for specific search terms and queries. Search engines have “crawlers” they unleash to search pages that are included in their indexes. When these crawlers see a backlink from another reputable website, it’s a positive signal. When lots of quality external links are identified, the crawlers naturally assume that there’s a reason for these references. As a result, the page that’s being linked to is also likely to rank well.

Link building is arguably the most difficult aspect of SEO. It’s not an endeavor where you can afford to take shortcuts or use get-rich-quick hacks to surge ahead. In fact, cheap, shady link building techniques – known as black hat link building – will lead to stiff penalties and negative long-term ramifications that hurt your real estate web presence far more than they help.

In order to truly utilize link building agencies as they're meant to be leveraged, you have to make a long-term investment in sustainable SEO practices that satisfy both Google and your target audience. In doing so, you’ll reap rewards like:

  • Enhanced visibility. As your real estate web pages accumulate more backlinks, you’ll naturally gain greater exposure for your website and your brand. Even if people don’t always click on your backlinks, you’re at least getting your name in front of fresh sets of eyeballs.
  • Specialized reach. A link building strategy gives you a chance to focus your SEO strategy and zero in on a very specific audience. Whether you’re trying to generate a list of leads to finance your next investment property, or you’re looking for potential buyers for a client’s listing, targeted link building allows you to reach a specific audience.
  • Superior search rankings. This is the classic perk of link building that we all think about. Over time, an investment in quality link building will generate improved search rankings and allow your real estate website to potentially reach millions of new leads.
  • Increased traffic. While not every search impression will generate a lead, you can expect a thorough link building strategy to produce a steady flow of traffic to your website. Research shows that 94 percent of all search clicks go to natural search (with 75 percent of clicks going to the first page of results).
  • Higher trust and authority. In addition to satisfying search crawlers, an advanced link building strategy generates a higher sense of trust and authority within your target audience.

1. Identify Your Target Audience

Who are you going after? In a perfect world, which sort of leads are your link building efforts producing? For example, there’s a big difference between targeting residential real estate homebuyers and commercial real estate investors. There’s also a significant difference between targeting local search and national search. You have to drill down and identify who you’re really after.

2. Generate Quality Onsite Content

With a thorough understanding of who your target audience is, you can begin the process of producing quality content for your website. A regular investment in long-form, evergreen content will prove beneficial in your pursuit of authoritative backlinks.

3. Manually Build Offsite Links

Quality content produces quality linking opportunities. But in the early days, links won’t find you. Instead, you have to go out and source them.

There are dozens of ways to earn links. The path you take is highly dependent on the relationships you have in the industry, what audience you’re trying to reach, and how much time you have to dedicate to the process.

Guest blogging is an excellent route to take. It allows you to develop original content for another blog and, in the process, point a link or two back to one of your own pieces of website content. You can also go out and offer yourself as a resource or interview for a journalist and request a link in return. You have the freedom to get creative.

4. Earn Organic Backlinks

In the early days of link building, you’ll spend most of your time manually finding and creating linking opportunities. But as you continue investing in the process, you’ll begin to see a snowball effect where other bloggers, journalists, and industry professionals link to your content on an unsolicited basis. These earned links are extremely valuable and save both time and money.

5. Maintain Your Investment

Once you notice earned links popping up on a regular basis, you’ll be tempted to take your foot off the pedal and relax. However, this isn’t the time to take it easy. Continue pushing forward. Emphasizing the consistent creation of quality content for your specific target market will yield the long-term results you’re seeking.

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Partnering With the Right Link Building Professional

Technically, there is a path for real estate professionals to handle their own link building endeavors – but it’s a long and arduous one that simply isn’t worth the time and energy. DIY link building isn’t advised. Instead, you should partner with a link building professional. The key is to identify the right link building professionals. Here’s what this means:

  • White hat. You can’t afford to mess around with a black hat link builder who uses sketchy techniques to garner quick results. You need a white hat SEO specialist who understands how to establish a strong foundation for future growth.
  • Experienced. The link building niche has changed a lot over the past decade and a half. It’s helpful to have an experienced professional in your corner who understands what truly matters.
  • Connected. A good link building partner will already have powerful relationships with bloggers, publishers, and PR professionals in the industry. This provides you with direct access to lucrative linking opportunities.
  • Transparent. Finally, the right link building professional is someone who is transparent and trustworthy. If you find yourself questioning someone’s motives, this isn’t the start of a good relationship. There must be an element of trust.

There are dozens of link building services with the SEO industry – yet only a fraction of them are worth investing in. If you’re interested in learning more about how the right link building partnership can take your real estate business to the next level, we’d be happy to point you in the right direction. Please complete this free site assessment form and we’ll get the ball rolling!

Content Marketing and Link Building For Real Estate Agents & Broker Websites

We craft compelling content and build sticky links for real estate professionals.

Content Marketing and Link Building For Real Estate Companies and Professionals
We craft compelling content and build sticky links for real estate professionals.

The real estate industry is one of the fastest moving and steadily appreciating sectors in the American economy. For the better part of a decade, real estate markets nationwide have experienced significant growth. As a result, real estate agents, real estate firms, property management companies, mortgage lenders, and real estate developers have enjoy unparalleled success. But in order to sustain success in both hot and cold markets, online visibility is a must.
Here at, we work hard to provide real estate companies and professionals with resources and services that cultivate brand awareness, magnetize audiences, scale up traffic, and drive conversions. We do this through a combination of custom, brand-centric content creation and strategic link placement that connects clients with untapped audiences – bolstering SEO rankings and online visibility in the process.
The secret to our real estate link building success comes down to two primary factors: quality content writers and healthy relationships with high-authority online publishers.
Our blog writing team is seasoned in a variety of real estate niches. Whether it’s the buying and selling of real estate, property management, real estate investing, real estate contracts, real estate financing, or anything in between, we have writers who possess the skills and experience to help you achieve your digital marketing and SEO objectives.
On the publisher side of things, we guarantee high-quality, white-glove service that allows your brand to receive prominent placement on websites and blogs that yield tangible value. We don’t do spammy links or black-hat SEO. And with client-approval and an unmatched money-back guarantee, you can spend less time worrying and more time running your business.
To find out more about how can help you achieve your content marketing and link building goals, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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