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 SEO.co specializes in offering professional SEO services for all things internet marketing-related. Our SEO experts are here to assess your project, guide you through the process and help you make the most of your online presence!

We will increase your online visibility, drive traffic to your site and increase leads and sales. We work with you every step of the way to help you meet your goals – easily, quickly, and cost-effectively. 

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About SEO.co

 SEO.Co is a digital marketing agency located in Oakland, CA, and creates innovative solutions for companies looking to increase traffic and leads. Our team of experienced SEO professionals specializes in online marketing strategies that produce sustainable growth.

SEO.Co offers experience and proven results for all your online marketing projects. Whether you are looking to release a new app or trying to get more web traffic to your existing website, SEO.Co is the most trusted source for online services.

Oakland Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you want to enhance your online visibility, then a commitment to Oakland search engine optimization (SEO) is a must. More specifically, you need to emphasize:

Technical SEO

This is the least sexy part of SEO, but it’s arguably the most important. Technical SEO is all about establishing the foundation and ensuring you have all of the proper support mechanisms in place to be a successful Oakland business. This includes things like navigation, linking, meta tags, website speed, HTML, etc.

Keyword research

While keyword stuffing is certainly no longer a viable practice, the inclusion of natural, long-tail keywords is a must. To develop crisp copy that resonates with the right audience, you must perform high-level Oakland keyword research.

High-Quality Copy

Armed with the appropriate keyword research, you can invest in high-quality website copy. This includes both static copy on your web pages, as well as ongoing investments in blog content.


One of the most important elements of any Oakland SEO strategy is the inclusion of backlinks. These are links that point from other websites to your own. The more links you have from authoritative domains, the more likely you are to see an increase in the rankings.

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Oakland Link Building Services

SEO.co is a team of professionals with years of experience in the field of SEO. We provide our clients an organized and efficient approach to managing all their backlink strategies.

We build backlinks that boost your search engine rankings. No spam, no bots, no-nonsense. Since 2009, we've been the best at what we do – helping clients rank their sites on Page 1 by building natural, diverse backlink profiles.

White Label SEO

 SEO.co's SEO platform is a custom white label solution that can be branded for your business. This solution offers affordable, monthly packages that work for any size company.

Our experts design SEO strategies unique to your business and provide weekly reports and data to show how you are performing. The SEO.co platform is a fully customizable, white label SEO solution that includes everything you need to succeed in SEO with no coding required. Take control today and join our growing family of thousands of customers and agencies around the world.

Content Writing

SEO.co is an award-winning digital agency with offices in Oakland. We are the top SEO agency in the US. Since 2006 we've helped an incredible array of businesses across the country to achieve online success. SEO.co offers content marketing strategies strategies to boost your business.

We develop customized content plans to achieve SEO results, as well as PR and Social Media plans that can garner the mass attention your business needs to succeed. Our team is comprised of experienced writers, editors, and digital marketers with content-marketing backgrounds.  

Pay per Click Management

 SEO.co is a PPC advertising management company that provides search engine optimization, Google Ads, and social media services. Every client we work with has a different need, which is why we customize each campaign to meet those needs. From basic Google Ads to complex SEO campaigns, our team of experts can find the right solution for your business.

SEO.co's Pay Per Click (PPC) management services have been developed to cater to every aspect of managing pay-per-click campaigns. By combining the knowledge and passion we have for all things search engine optimization with a fresh new look at how we can deliver PPC, we have managed to create a unique service offering that provides success to our clients in a variety of sectors including insurance, automotive, fitness, and finance. 

SEO Audits

SEO.co offers On-Page and Off-Page SEO services along with an SEO Audit that allows you to gain valuable information on your website's search engine position status.

We have a team of an expert working on the improvement of your website to bring you closer to the top search result for your targeted keyword. Our SEO Audits provide you with a hard copy and digital record of your website's SEO practices. Digital record of issues found in audit as well as recommendations based on industry best practices to ensure optimal ranking performance. 

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