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Our SEO team in Los Angeles has provided SEO agency and link building services to L.A. businesses for over a decade. We work at organic and paid search optimizations for small businesses and Fortune 1000 clients alike.

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If you want your business to stand out in Los Angeles, you’ll need a little help.

There are hundreds of businesses like yours, and possibly thousands if you’re competing on a national level. So how can you make sure your Los Angeles business has a chance to stand out?

The answer is search engine optimization.

Los Angeles Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a combination of different tactics that all share a common purpose: helping your business rank higher in search engines, for relevant searches.

When someone in Los Angeles searches for a term relevant to your business, you want your business to rank higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs). That means you’ll get more brand visibility and more traffic—which usually translates to greater revenue.

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To do this, you’ll need to build a strategy with the following:

High-level planning and keyword research.

First, you’ll need to set goals and directives for your campaign. That means strategically selecting keywords and phrases to target, and setting a course for long-term development of your campaign.

technical optimization.

Next, you’ll need to tinker with the code of your site. You need to ensure your site is being properly indexed by Google, and that it’s loading correctly on all devices and operating systems.


No SEO strategy is complete without high-quality onsite content. The more you write, and the better the content is, the better results you’ll see.


If you want to rank higher, you need higher domain authority (DA), and to get higher DA, you need high-quality links.

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Los Angeles Link Building

For many Los Angeles businesses, the biggest challenge of planning and executing an SEO campaign is link building. That’s because building links isn’t exactly straightforward. Google specifically looks for and penalizes websites that deliberately attempt to manipulate their rankings with links. Accordingly, bad links or irrelevant links often attract penalties—which means they do more harm than good.

If you want to benefit from link building, you need to build links naturally. Your links need to be valuable to web users, and embedded in relevant content.

The best way to do this is with the help of a guest posting strategy. The idea is to write offsite articles for external publishers, including a link back to your site where relevant. If you work with great publishers, and write great content, you can reliably boost your domain authority.

The trouble is, building relationships with authoritative publishers is both difficult and time consuming.

Hiring a Los Angeles SEO Agency

The solution is to hire an SEO agency.

With an SEO agency, you’ll get access to a wide range of different services. You’ll get help with your onsite analysis, your strategic planning, your onsite content development, and of course, your offsite link building.
Everything starts with an audit of your current situation, and your SEO goals.

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We are Los Angeles SEO experts

When you need local SEO in Los Angeles, we’ve got you covered. Our SEO specialists can get your website better search engine rankings by helping you with web development and technical SEO strategies.

We’ll perform comprehensive research to find your best and most relevant keywords to get you ranking higher in the SERPs. If you need an SEO friendly web design, we can help with that as well.

Some SEO companies provide search engine optimization services that generate questionable results. Don’t fall into this trap by signing up for cheap SEO services. Cost is an understandable concern, but you always get what you pay for. If you haven’t already planned for it, it’s time to put SEO in your marketing budget.

Want higher ranking in Google? You need SEO services

The only way to get SEO results is to do the work or hire an agency to do it for you. No matter how amazing your website is, you won’t rank higher without hard work. If you’ve ever wondered how some business websites dominate their niche it’s because they have SEO strategies constantly in play.

Want to know what your competition is doing? Want to know where they’re getting backlinks and what their target keywords are? We’ll help you stay ahead of your competition with competitor research.

To show up higher in Google search results, you need a strong backlink profile, optimized content, heading tags, meta descriptions, SEO content, title tags, and more. You also need to rank for important keywords and relevant, related content. Keyword rankings are only part of the SEO equation. To get rank higher in the SERPs you also need plenty of relevant content, which usually means you’ll need a blog.

Content marketing services in Los Angeles

Another important component of SEO is content marketing. Content marketing is how you’ll develop a good backlink profile, but you’ll also generate website visitors from well-written content. Both are crucial to your SEO success and will help you generate qualified leads.

Our team of content writers specialize in writing SEO-optimized content that will help your website rank for relevant keywords.

SEO supports local business growth

In today’s digital world, if you want business growth, you need SEO optimized web pages and SEO marketing. Search engine optimization services are an important component in your digital marketing strategy. SEO will help you generate organic traffic and achieve higher ranking in Google’s search results. The higher you rank, the better chance you have at getting traffic. Targeted traffic will help to increase your conversion rate and generate more leads and paying customers.

Local SEO in Los Angeles

When you need to reach your local community online, you need to be found in the search engines – preferably on the first page of results. Local competition is easier than global competition, which is why you need local SEO services.

Our Los Angeles SEO company specializes in small business SEO services. Our search engine optimization services will help you rank better, gain more online visibility, and get a steady flow of targeted organic traffic.