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Lexington SEO Agency, is a high-ranking Lexington SEO Company that specializes in local Search Engine Optimization using proven SEO techniques. Our goal is to provide clients with bold-faced type leads at an affordable rate!

We have helped hundreds of small businesses see a boost in their Search Engine Ranking, search traffic, and online leads. With the help of our team, you will be able to rank on the first page of Google in as little as 90 days. Lexington SEO is focused on giving you results that last so that you will never have to search for an SEO agency again.

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SEO.co is the fastest-growing digital marketing agency in Lexington Ky. We provide the best internet marketing solutions for companies looking to increase online visibility and lead generation. We’re the top Search Engine Optimization agency because we work strategically to make sense of complex algorithms and marketing tactics with an emphasis on organic, long-term growth for our clients.

SEO.co is more than the leading internet marketing agency in Lexington KY. We're a group of individuals working to change digital marketing for the better through our SEO company services, content creation, social media marketing, and more. It all starts with an eye for results. And it all ends with data that converts visitors into customers.

Why invest in Digital Marketing?

Digital channels have left traditional marketing strategies behind; that's why Lexington SEO Agency believes that modern SEO strategies are necessary for every business. Our state-of-the-art agency is a firm believer that Digital Marketing needs to be boosted along with other traditional forms of marketing. Not only will we drive more traffic to your website, but our experts will aid you in boosting conversion rates and help you build a rock-solid base for your business.

SEO.co is an award-winning Lexington, Kentucky SEO agency that helps businesses improve their search engine rankings and online presence. We use organic search SEO strategies such as keyword research, content marketing, technical, local SEO services, and more to boost page rankings and generate more leads.

SEO.co provides affordable SEO services for businesses in the Lexington, Kentucky area. SEO.co offers affordable SEO services and Digital Marketing services that are tailored to fit your business and budget. Our team of experienced SEO professionals can leverage all the latest strategies in today's fast-paced world of SEO.

Lexington Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you want to enhance your online visibility, then a commitment to Lexington Search Engine Optimization is a must. More specifically, you need to emphasize:

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is all about laying the groundwork and ensuring your Lexington business has a solid foundation to succeed. It consists of details like linking, website navigation, HTML coding, meta tags, and other components necessary for a seamless user experience. Though it may not seem exciting initially,- technical SEO should always be noticed since it plays an essential role in overall success!

Keyword research

Although stuffing keywords is obsolete, utilizing natural, long-tail search terms is an absolute must. To create content that resonates with your desired target audience, conducting advanced keyword research using Lexington strategies is essential.

High-Quality Copy

Investing in top-notch web content is an absolute must when you equip yourself with the appropriate keyword research. That includes both your website's stationary copy and regular investments in blog posts and articles.


Utilizing backlinks is an essential aspect of any Lexington SEO plan. Backlinks are inbound links from other websites to your own, and the more authoritative sources they come from, the higher you can expect your ranking to climb. Leveraging these effective building blocks will undoubtedly boost search engine visibility significantly.

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Lexington Link Building Services

SEO.co is a Lexington SEO link building agency that builds authority backlinks that will boost search engine ranking for your website. Our team of expert Internet marketers uses a wide range of proven strategies to keep you on top, with zero risks of getting shut down by Google. Create an authoritative presence online through white-hat SEO.

Not only do we provide on-page link building and content writing services -- our global SEO team helps you to identify the best backlinks that will boost your search engine ranking. SEO.co is an affordable SEO agency that helps businesses rank higher in search engines. Backed by a team of SEO experts, we provide authentic and unique links from high authority domains to boost your search engine rankings and brand exposure.

White Label SEO

The SEO.co Lexington, KY digital marketing agency is revolutionizing the user experience with white label SEO. Using a combination of inbound and outbound tactics, we get your client's business found when people are searching for your products and Lexington SEO services. We help increase your conversion rate while avoiding costly penalties and website mistakes.

The Lexington, KY white label Lexington SEO company is available to serve agencies who resell SEO services to businesses and enterprise-level organizations throughout the United States, Canada and worldwide. We use our own proprietary platforms combined with best-in-class practices to deliver effective results that provide measurable improvements in traffic, leads, customer acquisition, and conversions.

Content Writing

Open your door to the world of Search Engine Optimization with SEO.co Lexington, one of the best local SE agencies in Kentucky. We develop successful SEO campaigns by implementing a content strategy that helps your website rank high on the SERPs.

We have a passion for content creation. Our content strategy is the foundation of our online marketing services. It’s a plan for developing, promoting, and improving the quantity and quality of your content over time. With a content strategy in place, the clients that we serve reach their marketing goals faster.

Pay per Click Management

Let's face it - if you're investing in SEO, then you obviously understand the strong ROI that comes from a solid organic search engine ranking. The Google algorithms are constantly changing, but having a good technician managing your PPC gives you a very attainable way to generate new business.

Our seasoned team of PPC gurus and organic search experts will work with you on your goals - whether increasing brand awareness or boosting the bottom line.

SEO Audits

A full in-depth report detailing ranking factors, site structure, content analysis, keyword researches, competitor analysis, and usability. This complete website SEO audit provides a snap shot of your current website ranking performance and is also a great resource for developing goals and action plans.

The Lexington SEO Audit is a comprehensive, client-facing report highlighting strengths, weaknesses, and potential areas of improvement on your website. A step-by-step plan for moving forward will also be included.


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