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Your Chesapeake marketing aspirations shouldn't have to be an enigma. We provide the highest quality SEO service in and around Chesapeake, VA. Every one of our SEO services are crafted with your unique project in mind; we'll chat about your financial resources, objectives, target demographic, and timeline so that you can walk away from us feeling confident knowing that you've acquired a customized package fit just for you! is a Chesapeake SEO agency, offering local businesses a wide range of services from content/ copy writing and SMM to PPC advertising and SEO copywriting. It's no surprise that some of the best SEO companies were also started by local Virginia businesses that wanted to make a difference in their community. Our local SEO agency helps businesses make the most out of their existing digital marketing campaigns and compete with national brands that have more funds for marketing.


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SEO that doesn't bomb. SEO.Co is a full-service Chesapeake that uses advanced analytics and content marketing to produce large results in small packages. We conquer keywords first, then show you how we conquered them through an audit. Our audits look at all areas of your business and point out exactly where your SEO is failing, and what you need to do to fix it.

Our professional SEO audits can help you increase your search engine rankings, and generate more traffic to your site. With a tailored SEO solution based on your business goals, we can show you how to optimize your site's structure, content, audience, and backlinks and increase your page rank for a fraction of the cost of other agencies.

Why Invest in Digital Marketing?

By now, you've decided that your business needs a digital marketing strategy, but you're still not sure how to move forward. It's easy to see why you're unsure... there are so many questions! What your specific online marketing goals are, and how they map to your overall business goals? What kind of return on investment (ROI) is realistic for the goals you have for your website? How much does it cost, and is it even worth it?

Once considered a nice-to-have marketing channel, SEO has now become a must-do-have, especially for small business owners. If you want to increase traffic to your website, improve your brand reputation and boost revenue, Digital Marketing is one of the best strategies you should invest in right now.

Chesapeake Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you want to enhance your online visibility, then a commitment to Chesapeake search engine optimization (SEO) is a must. More specifically, you need to emphasize:

Technical SEO

This is the least sexy part of SEO, but it’s arguably the most important. Technical SEO is all about establishing the foundation and ensuring you have all of the proper support mechanisms in place to be a successful Chesapeake business. This includes things like navigation, linking, meta tags, website speed, HTML, etc.

Keyword research

While keyword stuffing is certainly no longer a viable practice, the inclusion of natural, long-tail keywords is a must. To develop crisp copy that resonates with the right audience, you must perform high-level Chesapeake keywords research.

High-Quality Copy

Armed with the appropriate keyword research, you can invest in high-quality website copy. This includes both static copy on your web pages, as well as ongoing investments in blog content.


One of the most important elements of any Chesapeake SEO strategy is the inclusion of backlinks. These are links that point from other websites to your own. The more links you have from authoritative domains, the more likely you are to see an increase in the rankings.

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Chesapeake Link Building Services

Our search engine optimization services build brands, increase sales, and improve search visibility. The authority backlinks we build allow your website to compete for top-of-the-page rankings.

The Chesapeake SEO Agency/SEO company in chesapeake is our #1 choice as an SEO partner for businesses in the Norfolk, Virginia area. We like their thorough strategy that tailored to fit each client, not only with link-building techniques but where and how they are pursued to help drive traffic through search engines, social media, and other avenues. We've seen some of their tactics increase our web traffic immediately and we're always impressed with their expertise and the progress we've seen.

White Label SEO

We help your business gain higher search engine rankings, and we do this through white hat SEO strategies. We work with you to develop content that is relevant to your industry, and we backlink you using article directories, press releases, and other authority link sources. With our high-quality backlinking services, you will get more exposure online and have more qualified traffic to your business's website.

As a full-service white label digital marketing agency, we provide all our services to other agencies looking to scale their businesses without hiring.

Content Writing

Content strategy is the key to any successful search engine optimization (SEO) campaign, and specializes in this facet as well as web design, pay-per-click (PPC), SM marketing, and more. Our Chesapeake SEO agency/seo company in chesapeake encompasses everything you need in an online presence solution. 

The mission of is to provide the most comprehensive and effective SEO services available at an extremely affordable cost. We are a full-service Chesapeake SEO company that specializes in providing Content's Writing services to companies looking to increase their search engine market share and online presence. With years of experience & leading SEO company in chesapeake, our team is able to help any company grow their business using our superior and affordable services.

Pay per Click Management is the Chesapeake area leader in pay-per-click management and pay-per-click optimization services. We specialize in Google Adwords management, Bing Ads Management, and Facebook Advertising. We love building long-standing relationships with our customers based on trust, value, and results. It's no wonder so many have joined the family!

Our services are designed to help our clients increase targeted leads and revenue. The key to this is optimizing multiple digital marketing platforms with a balance of SEO, PPC, SMM, and Web Design Services. Technical SEO aims to improve a site's ranking in search engine result pages (SERPS) by increasing both its relevance and visibility in the search engine results page (SERP).

SEO Audits

We do full SEO Audits for businesses who want to learn how well their current website stacks up against the competition. We provide SEO audits and are proficient in everything from organic listings to paid advertising campaigns.

We will research your target market, analyze your competition, understand your goals, assess your current and future site usage, then implement the proper mix of tactics to improve visibility. The audit is a deep dive into your website, including a crawl of your site by our proprietary software, and then a thorough analysis of the data returned.


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