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Entrepreneurs in Columbus love the city. There are like-minded professionals from all backgrounds to form your network, and a thriving community that supports local businesses.

But there’s also a big issue with Columbus being such a thriving entrepreneurial hub—the competition.

If you want your Columbus OH business to win a respectable chunk of the market, you’ll need some way to stand out from the crowd.

Enter search engine optimization (SEO). It’s a digital marketing seo strategy designed to improve your visibility. But how does it work, and why is it so powerful for Columbus OH businesses?

Columbus Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Let’s start with the basics of local SEO. Local SEO Services is actually a collection of many different Seo strategies, all of which work together to increase your website’s likelihood of ranking highly in search engine results pages (SERPs). In other words, you’ll rank higher in Google. And with higher search engine rankings comes more organic traffic and more revenue.

To achieve this, you’ll have to:

Research your competition

First, you’ll need to understand what you’re up against—and start picking out keywords and phrases you want to target in your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

Design a high-level campaign

Next, you’ll design a high-level campaign. What are you hoping to achieve, and how quickly do you want to get there?

Improve the backend of your website

To show up in Google, you’ll need to code your site properly and ensure it functions well. That usually means upgrading or tweaking some technical SEO aspects of your site.

great content

Content is the heart of local SEO, which means you’ll need to improve your existing onsite content and write new blog posts on a regular basis.


You’ll also need to think about link's building to boost your authority (which we’ll talk about more in the next section).
And more—these are just the basics.

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Link Building in Columbus

There are dozens of restaurants in Columbus, if not hundreds, so how does Google decide which ones to rank for a generic keyword like “restaurants?” A big part of the answer is authority, or each website’s trustworthiness. You can increase your site’s authority with the help of inbound links; the more links you have, and the more authoritative those links are, the more trustworthy you’ll be seen to be, and the higher you’ll rank.

Of course, it’s more complicated than that. Unnatural and/or spammy links could actually work against you, delisting you from Google.

Best practices in the modern world include writing strong offsite content with high-quality, discerning publishers, and links that are actually valuable to readers. But this is very challenging for newcomers.

Hiring a Columbus SEO company

Your best bet to build links and design a full-fledged digital marketing SEO campaigns is to hire a Columbus SEO Company. With the help of an agency, you can tap into the knowledge of seasoned columbus seo experts, execute ground-level tactics, and ultimately help your Columbus business outrank your competitors in search engines.

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