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  • Pros & Cons Of Managing Ecommerce Sites

    Pros & Cons Of Managing Ecommerce Sites

    E-commerce has reshaped the modern marketplace completely, making it unimaginable for businesses to function like they did only a decade or so ago. These days, we can’t imagine a world without online services and digital shopping avenues that are only a click away at all times.

    So, how do you cater to prospective buyers who don’t even want to leave their homes?

    With an eCommerce platform, online store, Or many online stores, of course.

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    However, new ways of selling bring unique struggles to the online store. And the only eCommerce solutions to those troubles is Commerce management, a function that helps you stay on top of your dynamic website as well as the e-commerce industry at large.

    A reliable eCommerce manager stays up to date with the latest trends in technology, customer service,customer retention, marketing, sell products, and small-package shipping. Hence, this job requires vision, strategy, and the ability to make day-to-day decisions in a fast-paced environment.

    Responsibilities Of An E-commerce Manager

    An e Commerce manager has various responsibilities that account for the success of an online business, as his main focus is on conversions. He should be able to attract visitors to turn them into sales or leads.

    Other responsibilities of an e Commerce manager include:

    • Overseeing website design and development
    • Design and execute roadmaps for theown  team to follow
    • Monitor internal Customer data sources and web analytics
    • Budget Effectively
    • Incorporate Best Practices
    • Supervise all product development
    • Work closely with all teams involved in eCommerce Platform
    • Analyze conversion numbers and prepare reports
    • Developing SEO strategy, PPC Strategy and Marketing Plans
    • Developing Schedules and Timescales
    • Team Management including website performance monitoring and customer journey relationship management
    • Quality Control and Assurance
    • Online Branding
    • Maintaining the quality of your online shop
    • Taking care of legal matters
    • Promoting the website
    • Creating a eCommerce business plan
    • Creating a link building plan
    • Define or redefine the company’s ecommerce initiative
    • Suggesting continuous improvement in QCDD

    What Are The Characteristics Of An E-commerce Manager?

    Following the old-world management trends in these times wouldn’t be very helpful.

    That’s why the site manager stays on top of the latest developments in the ecommerce industry and innovates processes and practices where they can. It is essential to understand here that your website is dynamic, lively, and self-evolving. Therefore your ecommerce SEO manager can’t help it grow in a rigid environment. Instead, please give them the authority and the space to help it advance successfully.

    Many people don’t have a clear understanding of Commerce management. They wrongly assume that it is an auxiliary function to programming, marketing, or website development.

    While the right manager will have a multifaceted knowledge of how eCommerce platform or websites work, the fact is that it is a specialization in its own right.

    So, if you’re looking to hire an eCommerce managers, you need an individual who understands each function required to run an eCommerce business. And this knowledge should empower them to oversee the duties and responsibilities of:

    • IT department
    • Web site production department
    • Marketing departments
    • Sales department

    Their know-how with the functionalities of these departments is important because they would be working and interacting with the team in these departments to ensure desired ecommerce results. So, while they don’t necessarily have to know how to perform these functions, it is still vital to have a working knowledge to get others to perform.

    In addition, your e Commerce managers should have the ability to:

    • Realize the company’s ecommerce vision
    • Skillfully form partnerships within the company
    • Be well organized and have the ability to prioritize tasks.
    • Start new enterprises and identify new eCommerce online business opportunities
    • Understand the importance of customer opinion in eCommerce
    • Be responsive to customer needs
    • Understand and tackle the challenges brought in the market by competitors
    • Manage the capital requirement and offer strategies to make good use of it
    • Stay updated on new eCommerce strategies, technology, trends, and online media tactics
    • Effectively manage a team

    Functions Of commerce Managers

    Here are a few things a successful ecommerce manager can do for you:

    Incorporate Holacracy

    manage inventory Holacracy,online company online retailers and sales channels

    Brian J. Robertson introduced holacracy as a method for running responsive, purposeful, and self-managed companies. You can use this method to your benefit by incorporating it into your E commerce business.

    Old management techniques involved acting like a dictator and not allowing your team members to think independently. That type of management is outdated, especially for eCommerce businesses.

    Holacracy encourages the team to take initiatives that increase their efficiency, agility, innovation, transparency, and accountability within an organization.

    There is no doubt that ten heads can come up with better ideas than one person working alone. Giving your team members charge of their work motivates them to perform and bring fresh ideas to the workplace.

    Hire And Manage Remote Workers

    Many employers believe that hiring remote workers makes the job more difficult. However, the only challenge here is maintaining effective communication, which can be overcome with time.

    A survey suggests that people who work remotely even once a month are 24% happier and more productive. Meanwhile, 86% of people feel that working remotely can help reduce stress in the workplace.

    Remote employees are usually more productive and more profitable.

    Ensure Appropriate Training

    The need to gain an edge over your competitor makes it necessary for you to take technological advances seriously for your E commerce business. To do that, you must have a team that has experts in web development, with specializations in HTTP/2, progressive web apps, and file compression.

    Understanding how web technology works will allow the team to set better goals and offer more valuable solutions.

    Pros And Cons Of Managing Ecommerce Sites

    Commerce management isn’t just a  job; it’s a full-time investment of time and resources. And the results that this kind of investment brings to you make everything worth it. So let’s explore some of the advantages and disadvantages of making this investment.

    Pros of Managing ecommerce Sites

    While it might be a very consuming job to stay on top of the trends of an industry that is so dynamic, it pays off well. Here are a few reasons why you should get started with the Commerce management of your website.

    A Better Sense Of Direction

    An ecommerce manager identifies and redefines the ecommerce initiative and objectives of your organization. Moreover, they can formulate a roadmap to define the marketing strategy, basing it on their in-depth analysis of industry trends. This is how having someone manage your ecommerce site gives your team a better sense of direction.

    Gain Recognition

    Having a dedicated resource to build your company’s reputation helps your eCommerce brands get recognized in the market. Furthermore, the unique marketing strategies that they offer help establish a positive image of your business, increasing the likelihood of people shopping from you.

    Increase Productivity

    The improved environment and management of the company encourage employees to perform better. At the same time, the new ideas and technological advancements increase the overall productivity and the staff’s willingness to do even better.

    Boost Your Leads

    Commerce management plays a huge role in boosting your leads and increasing your average order value. When your business is well-organized and in sync with current marketing practices, it eventually urges the customers to buy from you. This helps your business grow in the long run.

    Increased Turnover

    More customers mean more money. With the increase in leads and sales brought on by good marketing practices, the company’s turnover also increases. And an added financial strength to a company only takes it upwards.

    Customer Satisfaction

    An ecommerce manager’s responsibility is to look after the customer’s needs and address them in the best way possible. This makes the clients feel heard and build their trust in your e commerce brands. When the customers are happy with you, they become your loyal customers and return to shop from you.

    Become The Industry Leader

    Having a healthy work environment gives members the freedom to use their imaginations and bring up creative ideas for new features. This will give your business an edge over the other ecommerce website, eventually increasing your visitors and website traffic.

    Cons Of Commerce Management

    Managing an ecommerce website hardly has any disadvantages. The only drawbacks associated with it are based on the inefficient practices of eCommerce marketing campaigns management. Here are a few of them:

    Increased Dependency

    One mistake that most ecommerce businesses make is entirely relying on the manager to give directions. As a result, the team members get used to being spoon-fed. This practice shuts down the individual creativity of the team members and increases their dependency on the manager.

    Exhausted Ideas

    If the manager is the only one hunting down new ideas, the chances are that they won’t get very far. As mentioned earlier, they have a lot on their plate and therefore need to lead a team effort to ensure the continued success of an eCommerce website.

    Inefficient Marketing

    Relying on one person to provide new plans and strategies such as pricing strategies results in inefficient marketing. If the marketing strategy isn’t unique, no matter how much money you spend on it, it will be a colossal failure at the end of the day.


    Usage of eCommerce,customer relationship management,ecommerce software and ecommerce software

    If done right, ecommerce management can take your business to new heights. It can help you increase your team’s efficiency, allowing you to do more in the same amount of investment.

    It is expected that 95% of all purchases by the end of 2040 will be through ecommerce. Simply put, this means that if your business isn’t accessible online, it doesn’t even exist for the majority of your target audiences.

    Effective ecommerce management is a surefire way to ensure that your online shop gets the attention it deserves online and that the scope for your business in the future is endless.

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