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  • 13 Ways To Increase Website Traffic

    13 Ways To Increase Website Traffic

    Driving web traffic is one of the most crucial components for growing your online business.

    But you don’t just want how much traffic for traffic’s sake.

    You want relevant traffic. 

    You want increasing website traffic that converts to leads, customers and revenue. 

    If you own a small business and want to generate maximum website traffic, several strategies can help bring website visitors and generate sales.

    And some strategies may work better for you than they will for others.

    These depend on your brand’s niche, target audience, market competition, and area of expertise.

    With that said, this article will cover 13 strategies to help your website gain maximum traffic:

    13 Ways To Increase Traffic Towards Your Website

    If you want your business to excel, you may have to utilize all of these tips.

    1. Social Media Marketing

    Social Media Marketing To Increase Traffic Towards Your Website

    Studies have shown that social media can drive 31% of traffic towards your websites. Therefore, it is one of the best and free tools to drive B2B and B2C businesses traffic.

    However, if you do not market using social media, your website traffic will be limited to only your usual customers.

    People familiar with the type of products and services you provide will likely be searching for similar or relevant keywords.

    Moreover, every time you post something on social media posts, it gives you a chance to acquire a new customer.

    Therefore, media is a platform that people from various backgrounds and demographics are constantly utilizing.

    create content and Publishing across several platforms will give allow potential customers to reach your business organically.

    Unfortunately, you won’t reach a broader audience if your brand only exists on a single social media platform.

    Therefore, through a comprehensive social marketing strategy, you can open your business to a broader variety of audiences worldwide.

    2. Search Engine Optimization

    SEO is a great online marketing strategy that can drive high-quality organic traffic to your website.

    Unlike traditional advertising methods, search engine optimization services make it easier for your audience to find you whenever they look for information related to your business.

    Additionally, it relies on customer-centric inbound marketing to create helpful information more accessible.

    This means that when users want to organic search for a particular product or learn more about your industry, they can easily find you on their own.

    Eventually, this results in more qualified website traffic towards your website and ultimately more leads.

    SEO focuses on attracting customers who are actively seeking information related to your industry.

    It allows you to interact with your customers and be visible to them when they have a strong intent of purchasing something.

    This increases your ability to generate more leads. Research has shown that around 93% of web experiences are initiated from a search.

    3. Use Engaging Content

    No one likes to read lengthy texts and paragraphs. Studies have shown that the attention span of your audience lasts around 8 seconds maximum.

    On the other hand, people love reading valuable content that is fun to read and engaging. They will take fun quizzes, surveys and most likely react to polls in the information they consume.

    Including engaging content on your website can increase your brand’s awareness which is an integral part of expanding your reach online.

    You can make your brand stand out by using engaging content that builds conversations around your topic. Eventually, this will lead to brand recognition and foster trust among your customers.

    So once you create a loyal customer base, there are high chances you will bring in better organic website traffic.

    You can make your content engaging by getting your audience interested in the topic. For example, you can include polls and quizzes that your audience can interact with.

    Use a casual tone and throw in some surprises that force your audience to read further and spend more time on your website.

    If you don’t have time to create the content yourself, consider our blog writing services.

    4. Include Keywords In Your Content

    Include Keywords In Your Content

    Using keywords can improve your SEO and increase your website’s visibility in search results.

    First, however, you need comprehensive keyword research to discover what keywords best align with your business.

    Your audience may use targeted keywords when searching for information in search engines. Therefore, incorporating targeted keywords in your content can lead to high-quality and more traffic towards your website.

    Using targeted keywords is an essential part of your SEO strategy because they describe what your business is about.

    Google analytics will use targeted keywords to determine what information is relevant to a specific search query. It also decides how to rank a particular page based on the keywords.

    Therefore, before incorporating keywords in your content, you must conduct comprehensive keyword research. Next, you must create a keyword strategy to increase keyword-targeted traffic.

    A keyword strategy will give you an idea of the competition around a specific keyword. This will decide your chance of ranking on the search results.

    If the competition around your targeted keywords is high, you can use long-tail keywords with little competition to organize.

    5. Use Visual Content

    Marketers who use visual content get a better response such as likes, follows, and shares. The benefit of creating imagery and visualizing content is exceptional.

    In a world where visual content is increasingly gaining importance, businesses are doing their best to incorporate relevant visual content to attract more customers and generate revenues faster.

    Whether you are writing content for your website or sharing it on social media, it is crucial to focus on visual content in your marketing strategies.

    It will not only enhance your brand awareness but also augment your reach. Your target audience will undoubtedly choose to view an image with the same message instead of reading a 100-word long text.

    Therefore, visuals that showcase relevant content are more preferred because your audience will understand the information faster.

    Using visual content on your website and social media platform build conversations around your brand. Therefore, it is crucial to adopt a strategy that will attract potential customers and build a loyal relationship.

    6. Join Groups On Social Media

    Communities like Facebook and Instagram groups provide a great place to engage with an audience genuinely interested in your topic.

    These groups will unfold passionate conversations around the products and services that you are offering. Becoming a part of these groups allows you to conduct meaningful discussions with your targeted audience.

    You can not only answer their queries but provide solutions to their problems by providing links to your website.

    When you display empathy for your target audience and show them that you are willing to solve their problems, they are highly likely to turn towards your business when looking for products they need.

    7. Use Killer Headlines

    Did you know, most of the audience that visits your other websites reads your headlines only? So, regarding the channel you use, eye-catching headlines will undoubtedly grab your customers’ attention and increase the chances of reading the content under those headlines.

    Your content should be informative but engaging, and writing good headlines is an integral part of that strategy.

    They grab the attention of the audience and tell them what the content underneath those headlines is about.

    There are several ways you can write killer headings to drive website traffic. First, write a headline and check its score using a headline analyzer to see the relevance. A score near 70 is excellent!

    You can incorporate keywords in your headlines to help your audience find your website easily. Make sure your headlines use keywords that your audience is looking for.

    Moreover, you can also use keywords in your subheading, meta descriptions, and throughout the content to help search engines know what your content is about.

    Use power, emotional, standard, and uncommon words to create a great combination of words for your headlines.

    Common words will improve the readability of your headlines, while uncommon words will grab your audience’s attention. Additionally, inspirational words will lure your audience towards clicking your website.

    Finally, power words are phrases that incite actions. While they are a little out of the ordinary but they encourage CTA without context.

    Moreover, you must use an optimal character length to make your headlines more relevant and not too wordy. The optimal character length for headlines is 58.

    8. Use High-Quality Backlinks

    What Are Backlinks,more visitors,and meta description?

    Backlinks help to increase traffic to your website on search engines. However, not every backlink will generate good SEO results.

    You must use high-quality backlinks to increase traffic to your website. Write content that you can easily share among several platforms.

    It’s a great way to link your business to your content and share it all over social media. Create high-quality articles to make sure you rank high on the search results page.

    Creating shareable content will provide you with an opportunity to attract thousands of people to your website. You can use infographics and videos to produce emotion and generate high-quality traffic to your website.

    If you need help building high quality backlinks, consider our expert link building services.

    9. Host Webinars

    You can offer free webinars to share your expertise with your target audience. Look for topics that your target audience is interested in and take your time to create informative and engaging content.

    You can put a timestamp for your event to drive organic search traffic towards your website. For example, “Join us live at XYZ date and time,” Make sure your timestamps are not dull.

    Use an eye-catching headline, an engaging description, and a great topic to lure people towards your event.

    10. Sponsor Events

    When you sponsor events, you showcase your company’s logo on the website of the event. When including the logo, you can incorporate a link that takes your audience towards your website.

    Not only will this increase web traffic towards your brand’s website but increase its credibility as well.

    11. Use PPC

    PPC (Pays-Per-Click) is known to be the best way to drive more traffic towards your website. You target your audience based on the search terms they use.

    PPC is an advertising technique where you pay every time an audience clicks on your ad. However, before running a PPC campaign, you must have a strategy in place.

    It would help if you outlined your goals for running the campaign to set up a good foundation for running them. Set a budget limit for your daily PPC investments, and make sure you stick to it. Make a list of all the keywords you think your audience may be searching for.

    12. Opt For Email Marketing

    Email Marketing,mobile devices creating content,and video marketing are important in seo

    Email marketing effectively drives traffic towards your website since your prospects will still be excited about your business.

    Include some relevant links to the most crucial web pages to increase click-through rates from your audience. As a marketer, you can use emails to solicit sales and send Google ads to your relevant audience.

    The primary purpose of email marketing is to create awareness regarding your brand, increase purchase patterns, and increase your customer base.

    13. Publish Guest Posts On Your Website

    Besides running PPC marketing campaigns and email marketing, publishing guest posts on your website and writing for other sites also drives conversation, providing a great networking opportunity for your business.

    Connecting with your audience will leave a positive impression on them, eventually increasing your website’s traffic.

    In addition, guest post will help you generate high-quality backlinks, improve your search result ranking, and drive more audience towards your website.

    Being referenced on high-quality websites is a significant ranking factor for your business. It will boost your presence in the search engine rankings and help your brand generate more revenue.

    Final Thoughts

    Your content marketing strategy can increase your marketing ROI and continually drive high-quality and more website traffic towards your website.

    For example, ranking on Google through your targeted keywords can helps you generating traffic, search & referral. Moreover, when people subscribe to your email lists through email marketing, it will help you generate even more website traffic for your future posts.

    Finally, including backlinks in the content you share across various social media platforms will bring a broader customer base to your website.

    The bottom line is that if you want to drive crazy traffic or generate traffic to your website towards your brand and increase revenue, combine these tactics to make the most out of your marketing strategy. If you need help executing on any of these strategies, we’re the SEO company that can help! Contact us today!

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    Tim holds expertise in building and scaling sales operations, helping companies increase revenue efficiency and drive growth from websites and sales teams.

    When he's not working, Tim enjoys playing a few rounds of disc golf, running, and spending time with his wife and family on the beach...preferably in Hawaii.

    Over the years he's written for publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Marketing Land, Search Engine Journal, ReadWrite and other highly respected online publications. Connect with Tim on Linkedin & Twitter.
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