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  • Money Pages: How to Find, Improve & Optimize Your Site's Money Pages

    Money Pages: Optimizing Your Money Pages for Sales, Leads & Conversions

    Companies build money pages with the goal of making sales and otherwise monetizing their website.

    Money pages:

    Simply put, a money page must have two factors to be successful: a strong sales presentation and traffic.

    Here we’ll go through what it takes to optimize your money pages for leads and sales.

    Let’s dive in.

    What Is A Money Page?

    What Is A Money Page?

    The main objective of a money page is to monetize your website’s content. And this content contributes to your online revenue in more ways than just providing a ‘buy now’ button.

    It is either via enormous advertising or by pushing services and goods as an associate, resulting in third-party sales.

    Meanwhile, the accompanying pages should have high-quality content that motivates visitors to click on your backlinks.

    And this is where it’s crucial to include well-designed CTAs in your content to increase sales.

    How To Get More Visitors To Your Money Page

    Remember, knowing how to locate high-ranking sites with relevant traffic is the most effective approach to reach more extensive traffic to your website’s money pages.

    So, the good news is that you simply need to create a Google Analytics account if you don’t already have one.

    Also, the top landing site reports can assist you in identifying the primary pages that bring substantial traffic to the site.

    Instead of generating extra pages, you now can instantly identify your best landing pages. As a result,  you can reroute people from these sites to the money pages to boost conversion rates.

    How To Find Your Money Pages?

    How To Find Your Money Pages

    Do not worry if you’re confused about how people will find your money pages, as it is one of the easiest things to see.

    As mentioned above, all you need is a Google Analytics account, which we are sure you already have by now!

    However, within your Google Analytics account, you need to focus on two reports, which are:

    • Source/Medium
    • Top Landing Pages

    Read on as we discuss how you can find your money pages by thoroughly looking into these reports:

    Money Page Source/Medium Report

    Keeping an eye on the source/medium report is always a brilliant idea.

    Why? It will detail the nature of the traffic your website is receiving, where it comes from, and how much money you are spending on it.

    Moreover, a source is the basis of your traffic in Google lingo. For instance, a web page, such as Google, or a particular web domain.

    The overall genre of the source is referred to as media. Organic search, for instance, or sponsored search.

    So, when you see google/organic next to a page, you will know that most visits originate from Google organic searches.

    Here is how you access them:

    1. Log into Analytics
    2. Click Acquisition
    3. All traffic
    4. Source/Medium from the menu on the left to get the report

    Top Landing Page Report

    The next step is to see the Top Landing Page report.

    To locate it:

    1. Navigate to Google Analytics’ left-hand menu
    2. Pick Behavior
    3. Site Content
    4. Landing Pages

    This report will illustrate all the pages on the site, and you can then filter it by income or the lead target you are aiming for.

    Here is what you are likely to find: even if you have numerous pages on your site, just 10% to 30% of such pages will contribute to all of the revenue and leads.

    Indeed, for a normal lead generation, service-based organization, it could be as little as 5 or 10 pages from out hundreds.

    6 Ways To Increase Conversion On Your Money Pages

    Since you may have already guessed, it is critical to determine which pages convert the best. Because, after all, aren’t they the pages where you’ll be investing the most significant effort?

    Rather than generating hundreds of new pages that will most likely receive just average traffic, part of your work should go into your current web pages that genuinely improve your business.

    Your aim here should be for visitors to regularly return to such top sites – perhaps as much as a few times per month – and modify them to enhance the content.

    This persuades Google that your page is still alive and highly relevant. With that said, here are a few tips to enhance your content on money pages:

    1. Update And Refresh Your Money Pages

    Your objective should always be to fill the money page with the most delectable material available online for the topic at hand.

    That implies that as time passes, you will not only ensure that everything is available on the page is correct and accurate, but you will also want to include any new advancements or pieces of information.

    For instance, this may include revising a product/service handbook to cover all of the new features that have been launched over the last year.

    On the other hand, it may require you to add case studies, FAQs or new reviews to products or service websites.

    Alternatively, a content update may result from examining one of your competitors’ comparable pages to analyze what they are up to and how you may finally improve it.

    2. Optimize Your Money Pages

    One of the most significant things you can do to increase the number of people who visit your money page is to optimize it completely.

    That means going back through your descriptions and title tags and optimizing them for the correct phrase.

    Furthermore, it also entails going over your material to determine where you can include a (keyword optimized) header to improve engagement and reading.

    Ensure that subheadings and headings serve as a guide for your audience, keeping them from sifting through overly long sections of text.

    Therefore, you shouldn’t be hesitant about using these every several hundred words.

    3. Add Videos And Images To Your Money Pages

    Add Videos And Images To Your Money Pages

    Images have been a consistent source of consumer engagement for quite some time. And they are going to become much more significant.

    This is because Google has recently announced a host of improvements, one of which focuses on image search and ‘journeys.’

    Focusing on relevant and high-quality photos is more vital than ever for companies. But it is not simply for the sake of Google.

    In general, infographics, videos, and images improve the user experience. On the other hand, a text-heavy site will quickly lose visitors’ attention.

    It is worth knowing that alongside money pages, adding videos to landing pages results in an 86% increase in conversion.

    A note of warning: Make sure that the visuals have a purpose. Remember, not only is Google scrutinizing how well a picture links to the information on a site, but flashy or unnecessary images will also detract from the consumer experience.

    Also, as always, ensure that the photographs are correctly optimized.

    4. Add FAQs To Your Money Page

    Perhaps one of the most important tips is to include a FAQ section. This ensures that you are constantly updating relevant material.

    Including FAQs is a fantastic concept for several reasons. For starters, they are simple to peruse for fast information. Second, Google prefers this type of information.

    You might well have been aware of a concept known as Position 0, the Featured Snippet.

    Featured snippets are shown at the top of the SERP (thus the 0) and typically provide primary responses to web searches.

    And since Google frequently pulls such results directly from the page’s FAQ section, many of these items are commonly included in voice search engine results as an extra benefit.

    If you have FAQs, you must also provide a Q&A structure to assist Google in locating and interpreting your material.

    When finding FAQs to include, utilize Google to search at the “People Also Ask” area or use a service like Explain the Public.

    5. Do Close Competitor Analysis On Your Money Pages

    Keeping a careful analysis of your competition is a necessary yet straightforward tactic in marketing.

    To make a comparison, you will need software like Moz, Ahrefs, SEMrush, or SpyFu. If on SEMrush, do this:

    1. Insert their site into the SEMrush address bar
    2. Go to Organic Research Pages on the left-hand menu
    3. Locate their Top pages

    You may then view a list of their best-performing web pages and identify which pages are comparable to the top money page.

    Select any of those to learn more about their target keywords, search traffic, and overall marketing costs. It also says a lot about whether they are operating any sponsored advertisements.

    With the help of this data, you may better understand the traffic distribution and whether they have any favorable outcomes from any domains you have not yet addressed.

    Note that the idea is always to improve those sites and help them trump your rivals. Hence, it would help to evaluate what works for all of them and how you might adapt it to your site.

    6. Analyze Your Money Page Data

    Analyze Your Money Page Data

    One set of information may not demonstrate an impact, but patterns emerge when more data is collected.

    For example, it will not be an issue if a few visitors visit your site but do not click on your CTA. However, if a large number of visitors to your site do not act on your call-to-action (CTA), you will have to make some changes.

    User behavior analytics and Google traffic statistics can help you present a clear picture. User behaviors will inform you how people interact with your website.

    At the same time, Google Search Console will monitor critical information, including bounce rate, unique sessions, and session count.

    Wrap Up

    We cannot overstate the importance of identifying top pages for your sites and online company.

    Remember that you are most likely only getting actual outcomes from a very tiny fraction of your money pages, and they are the sites you want to focus your efforts on.

    Always be on the lookout for steps to enhance the content, appearance, and customer experience on every page, and you will see the benefits in the long run.

    Do you need content writing services for your money pages? We’re a full service SEO company and can help. Get in touch today! 

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