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  • Personal Injury Attorney SEO Strategies

    Personal Injury Attorney SEO Strategies

    Personal injury lawyers face fierce competition in their markets.

    Search engine optimization or SEO is one of the sure-fire strategies for attorneys to increase their leads and clients.

    How important is SEO for personal injury attorneys? Consider that ⅓ of Internet searchers only click the first result on Google! SEO matters a lot.

    SEO encompasses many activities, but the basics include:

    • Optimizing your legal website to drive conversions
    • Writing informative content with the right long-tail keywords, so the site ranks higher on Google
    • Analyzing which keywords are most important to drive site traffic
    • Improving online social media profiles, so prospects engage more often with your website

    Personal injury attorney SEO is competitive. But if your law firm sticks with proven SEO strategies, you’ll enjoy more consultations and calls.

    Let’s take a close look at how to boost your leads and conversions from legal SEO strategies.

    Create a National And Local SEO Plan

    Create a National And Local SEO Plan

    A personal injury attorney needs an SEO plan for local and national markets. Marketing in the local SEO market appeals to prospective clients in your city. However, a national SEO plan helps you find prospects nationwide and globally.

    A client in your city may search Google for ‘car accident attorney Seattle.’ The local strategy establishes your physical location by focusing on the law firm’s name, address, and phone number. Creating city-specific content is also critical.

    Practical ways to build local SEO for your law firm are:

    • First, optimize critical keywords in tags and titles.
    • Insert important keywords naturally in blog and page content.
    • Third, employ local SEO in videos and images.
    • Finally, improve your local SEO by providing the newest business information, phone, and email.

    Optimize Your Website

    Google wants to offer searchers the best user experience. Therefore, the search giant gives a higher position to websites that provide a better user experience. You can improve the user experience on your website with these tips:

    Focus on mobile device usability

    Google offers search results that differ based on the searcher’s device. This means that Google shows different listings on mobile phones vs. desktops. Therefore, your IT staff should design the website for mobile first, and desktop second. This means making the site as fast as possible on mobile devices.

    Boost page loading times

    Page loading must happen as quickly as possible. Ideally, a page should load instantly. The faster the site loads, the higher your Google rank.

    Build simple navigation

    If a user needs five taps or clicks from the home page to find what they need, simply the experience. Forbes notes that law firms with multiple offices should put a ‘location’ tab on the menu bar so prospects can immediately find the correct city.

    Focus on backlinks

    In some industries, backlinking may not be as critical, but it’s essential in personal injury law. By creating high-quality personal injury content, your website will develop backlinks as websites link to your most informative pages.

    Get Reviews

    Get Reviews

    User reviews are the best way to market your law firm for SEO purposes. More than 90% of consumers trust family and friend recommendations when looking for a product or service.

    Gaining positive reviews will increase your Google ranking and offer credibility that most users trust the most. Legal reviews also reveal your work ethic, dedication to customer service, and legal knowledge.

    Google Reviews, in particular, will help your local SEO efforts. Get positive reviews by asking for reviews after every successful personal injury case. If your client is satisfied, there’s a great chance they’ll be happy to spread the good word.

    Create Fantastic Content

    Lawyer Blog

    Once your website is optimized, now you need to write content to drive prospects to the site. Use your blog and site pages to host informative, authoritative content that makes prospective clients trust you.

    If your practice concentrates on tractor-trailer accidents in Seattle, look at the top-ranking law firms for that keyword in your area. Then, analyze the content and see the topics that drive users to their site.

    For example, if the top Google result writes content about unusual tractor-trailer crashes in Seattle, write about that topic. But go into more detail about these odd accidents and provide more valuable information about how accident victims can respond to the incident.

    Next, be sure you have at least two or three outbound links in your content to authoritative websites. For example, if you write a post about car accident laws in Seattle, link to the Washington state website that lists the state regulations about car accidents.

    Building your legal website into an authoritative source of personal injury information takes time. But if you concentrate on making it the most informative website with the best navigation and site speed, your SEO results will soar.

    Use several of these proven personal injury SEO methods for a higher Google rank and more clients.

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