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  • Best White Label SEO Software Tools for Digital Marketing Agencies

    Best White Label SEO Software Tools for Digital Marketing Agencies

    As digital marketing continues to grow in popularity, the demand for SEO services has also increased exponentially. This has given rise to white-labeled SEO services that involve reselling tools and resources from another vendor, but under a different brand name, i.e., your label slapped on top of someone else’s services.

    They get a small fee for letting you use their tools, and you get to run an SEO agency without doing any of the hard work.

    The practice is very famous among the digital marketing companies that upsell their services. It also helps businesses that are incapable of providing all the services with the existing in-house staff.

    How Does White Label SEO Help?

    Research tells that 70% of marketers consider basic SEO to be more effective and successful than paid campaigns, yet 59% of SMBs declare to be struggling with the latest tech and strategies.

    Thus, utilizing SEO reselling is an excellent way to provide a vital SEO service to your clients. From being able to resell SEO and SEM to PPC, digital marketing services are changing every day. Consequently, the complexity of these services has led to a great demand for SEO reselling, called White Label SEO, in other words. With this strategy, your company can do what it’s good at, leaving the rest to other professionals.

    This will help you improvise the results generated from your marketing efforts. The clients will never know the back story, but that doesn’t matter because they’ll be on the first page of Google search.

    Since many people are still unfamiliar with white-labeled services, we are sure this guide will help you better understand the concepts. So, now that you have discovered white label SEO, here is a little about the tools that help you do it all and so much more.

    What Are White Label SEO Tools?

    White label SEO tools are standard tools that can be rebranded with your name or your client’s name. However, you will have to buy or obtain the software from the official provider and then rebrand it as your own.

    White label SEO tools are commonly used SEO software in the digital marketing industry as no one has the time or resources to build a tool from scratch. With so many options on the market, SEO services can choose the best one and rebrand it to suit their or their client’s needs. It also helps you to set up a custom domain that houses a suite of tools with discreet billing for other services.

    Here are a few benefits that will further help you grasp the idea of using white label SEO tools.

    Benefits of White Label SEO Tools

    White label SEO tools and resources:

    1. Allow you to retain more outstanding upsells
    2. As a true analytics tool, the best white label SEO tool can help you monitor keyword rankings, help you perform keyword research and provide the right
    3. Are a cost-effective way to respond to upswings and downswings in demand
    4. Let you focus on your strengths while other companies extend your skillset
    5. Help ensure customer satisfaction by offering all of the required services under one roof
    6. Makes it easy to ramp up the demanded services quickly

    Most Common Types Of White Label SEO Tools

    There is a wide range of rebrand-able SEO tools. Some of the most common ones are:

    • Reporting tools
    • Analytics tools
    • PPC tools
    • Dashboards
    • Audit tools
    • Platforms
    • Entire Ecosystems

    With a wide array of tools on the market, it can be daunting to find the right ones. However, luckily with so many White label SEO services working in the industry, you can easily find the best tools by going through their reviews.

    Things To Look For When Choosing A Tool For White Labeling

    If you want to invest in the best white label SEO tools, consider their:

    1. Functionality
    2. Customization and personalization

    These are the two significant factors that make up the entire process, yet they determine your success rate with any tool.

    The tool should be highly functional and should deliver precisely what you are looking for. At the same time, the ability to customize should be at par. In simpler words, you need a tool that can be white-labeled to the desired extent.

    You need SEO resources that:

    • Offer customizable design choices
    • Allow you to rebrand the platform entirely with a logo and custom name
    • Are cloud-hosted and offer custom domains and subdomains
    • Offer customizable billing options
    • Offer brand-able reports
    • Enable you to integrate all the data streams

    Here we have combined a list of the best options, categorized by their purpose. They will help you increase your offerings while focusing on what you do best at the same time. You can also employ new SEO tools for a larger business strategy according to your existing and growing needs.

    White Label SEO Platforms

    White label SEO platforms are SEO software that work as all-in-one tools for all your white label SEO services. They offer various tools to manage research, analysis, creation, measuring, and managing tasks and content for SEO. The platforms also feature communication channels for your organization to keep everything sorted and organized.

    With white label SEO platforms, you can track and order content for campaigns, practice link building, and benefit from various SEO link building tools.

    Some of the best White label SEO Tools include:

    WebCEO’s – White label SEO platform


    WebCEO’s platform is an all-in-one SEO platform great for digital marketing services firms, software resellers, and in-house SEO teams looking to monitor keyword rankings. It offers everything except an outsource SEO off-page overview. The platform allows you to:

    • Automate day-to-day scanning
    • API access
    • Work on numerous projects
    • Conduct unlimited page audits
    • Export branded reports
    • Grab endless SEO lead every day
    • Use the white label domain feature

    PosiRank All-in-one SEO platform

    PosiRank offers a variety of both on-page and off-page SEO outsourcing features. It enables both the agencies and business owners to get SEO-driven results at any scale. The services it offers for white label SEO include:

    • Broken link service
    • Links on enterprise media
    • Guest post ranging from 10+ to 40+ DA
    • Web content for businesses and agencies
    • Press releases
    • Link building
    • Backlink profile audit and disavowal
    • Reputation management
    • Backlink clean up
    • Sensitive Niche Promo
    • Campaign architect

    SERanking’s White Label SEO Platform

    With SERanking’s white label SEO platform, you can create your own branded professional SEO service without a hint of being related or affiliated. The platform allows you to create an entire aura with maximum customization. This tool is excellent for marketing, SEO agencies, independent web owners, SEO-related services providers, and SEO resellers.

    With this platform, you can:

    • Use your own domain or subdomain
    • Manage your users
    • Generate reports both automatically or manually
    • Get a cloud without any hosting
    • Change colors
    • Use your own log
    • Get API access
    • Get advanced billing options
    • Keyword rank tracker
    • Backlink monitoring
    • Keyword suggestion tool
    • Website auditing
    • Marketing plan
    • Backlink checker
    • Automated reporting
    • Social media management
    • Keyword grouper
    • Lead generator
    • On-page checker
    • Page change monitoring
    • Conduct SEO competitor research

    Best White Label SEO Dashboards

    SEO tools are all about research, analysis, and reporting. All of these things require a well-built dashboard for easy access and usability. Thus, customized dashboards are a great way to put all of these things together to create an exceptional report.

    Dashboards aren’t tools but a simplified visual display to understand all the complex metrics in one go. Here is a list of some of the most used white label SEO dashboards:



    This white label SEO tool provides many data sources that can be integrated for research and analysis. In addition, the high-end customizable design makes it completely white-labeled – an ideal option for agencies that don’t prefer to leave any clues behind. It comes with preset options that can be cloned to vamp up a new dashboard instantly.

    This dashboard enables you to turn the entire aesthetic of the tool according to your own or your client’s brand. Here are some of the best attributes of the Dashthis tool:

    • Simple & intuitive design
    • Scalable
    • Offers bulk creation and editing services
    • Advanced Customization
    • Offers 34+ other native integrations
    • Offers Multi-user support
    • Comes with custom data sources
    • Offer numerous sharing options
    • Easy-to-use without professional assistance
    • Offers templates and cloning options
    • Offers unlimited email support
    • Robust security and account management


    Cyfe is a highly customizable and flexible white label SEO dashboard that caters to all the needs of a business or digital marketing agency. With this dashboard, everything is customizable. Here is what you can do with this tool:

    • Highly customizable
    • Flexible to address the need of users
    • Comprehensive client management
    • 100% white-labeled with custom logo, domain, and email address
    • Ample space for advertising and upselling services
    • Track your own KPIs with a separate dashboard
    • Offers custom data sources
    • Creates branded reports
    • Time and tech-savvy tool that also allows you to modify the pre-built setup
    • Automated reports and widget alerts
    • Embedded analytics

    Agency Analytics

    AgencyAnalytics is a set of extensive customizable labeling options. With a wide array of branding options for you or your clients, it works perfectly for businesses and white label SEO agencies.

    With this tool, you can do a bunch of things, including:

    • Custom logos for dashboards, reports, and apps
    • The brandable theme for all the aesthetics
    • Custom domain and URL
    • Access a mobile app that features your branding exclusively
    • Multiple white label profiles
    • Automated reporting
    • Client and data sources
    • SEO audits
    • Rank tracking
    • 14-days free trial

    Best White Label SEO Analytics Tools

    Selecting the right analytics tools for your white label digital marketing services is essential to draft a perfect strategy. Suppose you are looking for a tool that drives excellent reports. You need to ensure that the tool comes with the right features and provides accurate results. Here is a list of tools that provide precise data-driven reports.


    SEMRush is one of the most used SEO analytics tools with plenty of resources. SEO professionals have been using this tool for some time now. However, many of them still don’t know of its white-label capability.

    It offers a variety of data sources for online campaign management with enterprise-level solutions. The brilliant dashboard lets you keep a bird’s eye view of all the processes and metrics.

    SEMrush can compile several research reports based on a variety of data sources, which include:

    With the ability to extract various reports, the tool comes with a plethora of features to strengthen your agency’s marketing strategies and not just SEO. With this tool in use, an agency can produce unexpected results for other marketing campaigns based on market insights and research reports.

    Here is a list of things you can do with SEMRush:

    Authority Labs

    Authority Labs is a one of its kind tool that offers location-based data reports for SEO practices. The tool proves to be very beneficial for agencies that do local SEO or deal with e-commerce. The location-based reports don’t hold it back from being on the list of the best tools.  That is because the tool offers an exclusive range of features that include:

    • Detailed clickstream data reports
    • Local keyword data (assorted based on city, state, or zip code)
    • Big data integration options
    • Custom data collection methods
    • Redesigned advanced API access
    • Mobile SEO rankings
    • Automated SEO monitoring
    • No download or agreements required
    • Data services
    • Global tracking service
    • 100% white label


    WooRank is somewhat different from other tools as it offers different data sets for your research. What makes it different is that it provides more insights on the On-site SEO practices and how they can be improved. It offers actionable tips regarding the site’s usability, usage patterns, persisting technical issues, and direct competitor analysis. It is a more straightforward way to grow your business by focusing on your platform and learning from the competitors. With this tool, you can optimize your agency’s or client’s sales and marketing efforts and so much more. This tool also enables you to:

    • Review websites
    • Customize brand-focused reports
    • Generate leads and optimize your conversion funnels
    • Examine SEO health
    • Conduct competitive analysis
    • Conduct technical website audits
    • Conduct keyword research
    • Keyword tracking
    • Produce white-label reports

    The Best White Label SEO Audit Tools

    SEO audits offer comprehensive market insights. It also provides an in-depth analysis of both on-site and off-site strengths and weaknesses. SEO audits are the critical component of any white label SEO tool. However, these tools are an essential part of conducting this analysis. Here are the top 3 tools used for SEO audits.



    WooRank is a multi-purpose tool that offers auditing features along with its analytic capabilities. It tends to be a one-stop solution for white label SEO services. The audit features of this tool include:

    • Wide range of usability features
    • 100% white label
    • Audit patterns
    • Technical SEO indicators
    • The whole suite of white label tools


    This tool is one of the most affordable options and consists of a decent amount of SEO audit features. It comes with comprehensive customization features that offer highly tailored experiences for clients and agencies. Some of its unique features are listed below:

    • 100% white-label services
    • A highly customized report with actionable tips
    • Lead generation


    We use SEOptimer to bring in leads to our own site. This tool is specially designed for agencies, SEO professionals, and freelancers. With this tool, even non-marketing professional individuals can conduct exceptional site audits. The tool comprises one of the simplest and intuitive interfaces making usability its crucial factor of success. Other features that it offers include:

    • Meta tag generator
    • Keyword generator
    • txt generator
    • Htaccess file generator
    • XML sitemap generator
    • Analytics provider

    The Best White Label SEO Reporting Tools

    Quality reports are the key factor for retaining valuable clients. Monitoring the metrics every day is quite challenging. However, a high-quality report with in-depth insights and metrics helps the clients understand their growth better as they can’t understand the technical SEO readings. Therefore, these reporting tools are the ultimate way to satisfy your clients with facts and data.



    BrightLocal is an SEO-centric tool with high-quality reporting capabilities. With this tool, you can automatically integrate local keyword data to streamline your reporting process if many of your clients are centered on local SEO. It is great for agencies and individuals looking for local SEO insights only. Here is a list of unique features that it includes:

    • Local SEO reporting
    • Highly customizable
    • Online reports, PDF reports, or CSV reports
    • White label skins
    • Tracking of keywords from different SERPs
    • Competitor analysis


    Just as Brightlocal, ReportGarden is also a report-only white label SEO tool. It offers a wide range of reporting features but with better scalability. This tool is highly customizable with pre-built reporting features that include:

    • Quick and easy assembling of reports
    • Customizable reports
    • 100% white label
    • Actionable tips and insights produced automatically
    • External integrations
    • Call tracking and localization


    RankRanger is much more than just an SEO tool and offers 100% customization for white label SEO services. It comes with numerous other features that fulfill other purposes than just reporting. You can also find dashboards and analytics in this tool. However, all of them are built for white label customization. Some of the critical features of this tool include:

    • Separate report production
    • Segments of data sets
    • Shareability of insight to different team members
    • Interactive and intuitive reporting
    • Datastream integrations for reporting
    • Ability to import custom data streams of your choice
    • Built-in templates
    • A wide range of widgets

    In Conclusion

    White label SEO tools are pretty popular in the industry now as they save costs, helps you upsell, and grows your customer base all at once.

    Third party tools often provide more detail than simply using Google Analytics and Google Search Console for your monitoring client’s SEO performance and providing white label SEO reports.

    Incorporating the right tools into your white label services list will help you grow exponentially.

    Roughly 40% of our revenue comes from our white label SEO agency partners. If you operate an SEO business or digital agency and you’re looking to scale by learning how to effectively sell SEO, contact us today about how we can work together!

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