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  • 10 Best Link Building Software & Tools

    10 Best Link Building Software & Tools

    The number of quality backlinks to a website has a massive impact on its ranking in Google searches. This makes link building essential on your to-do list when optimizing your site for search result dominance.

    Google organic search is responsible for 59.2% of the world’s web traffic, and over 86,000 searches happen on Google every second.  Link building plays a crucial role in the growth of businesses on the web as it fulfills Google’s requirements for good SEO. Businesses and entrepreneurs need to invest time and money in organic link-building to receive more organic traffic.

    It is just one of the many factors Google will be checking. That’s why to ensure the long-term sustainability of your business website; it’s essential to engage in a natural link-building processes.

    Simply put, this means that getting other websites to link back to yours should be an organic process. But that makes it a long-winded and time-consuming proposition. Add to this the fact that your competitors have been at it for a lot longer, and own link building campaigns seems like a war you can’t ever win.

    However, it is interesting to note that more than 60% of the pages ranking in the top 10 search engine results are more or less three years old. This makes SEO an ongoing process that is well worth it sooner or later – as it provides lasting results and high ROIs. And SEO link building services are an integral part of this drive. So don’t give up just yet.

    If anything, it’s time to work smarter and faster using appropriate link-building tools and resources that make link building a lot easier.

    Without these research and discovery tools, you might get stuck in an endless cycle of writing content, getting permission to blog post on other sites, and getting rejected hundreds of times over until something sticks.

    The right intelligence tools, plugins, extensions, software, etc., can help create an impressive backlink profile so you can achieve the coveted #1 ranking on Google Search.

    Here is a list of powerful tool, which will help you throughout the link-building processes.

    1. Ahrefs

    Ahrefs is powerful link building tools of search engines link analysis

    Ahrefs is a favorite of marketers and tops the list of link-building tools. It is, in fact, a tremendous 360-degree SEO platform that can be used to identify link-building opportunities for websites.

    This tool allows you to study your competitors and helps you in creating your link-building strategy. Here is what you can do with Ahrefs:

    1. Explore the competitors’ web pages that attract the most broken links
    2. See competitors’ backlinks by domain or page
    3. Check the websites which are linked to your competitor’s website but not yours
    4. See which websites are linked to which content

    You can use all of this information to identify the type, length, and format of content you would require for your website. Discover more outreach link building opportunities, more platforms to post your content, and discover broken link building strategy that have worked for your competitors.

    Price: Ahrefs is a paid tool with a $99 starting monthly premium. If you wish to get a trial to explore the tool’s features and know if it’s the correct value for money, you can get a 7-day trial for $7 only.

    2. BuzzStream

    BuzzStream seo tools or other tools are best link building tool

    Buzzstream is an outreach-oriented link-building software that keeps your email outreach campaigns organized and well-targeted.

    But here’s the twist, you can also use it to find email addresses of decision-makers, website owners, webmasters, and editors. Approach them to get backlinks for your site and guest blog to build your audience the organic way.

    It also gives you the feature to upload a CSV file with websites related to your niche to find contact information through an automated software system.

    Here are some of the in-depth reporting features of the tool that are proven to work for marketers. You can use it to learn the:

    1. DA (Domain Authority) of the website
    2. number of followers on a website
    3. promotions they run

    The tool’s in-depth reporting features help you prioritize the segments of your outreach targets with the help of near-perfect metrics. These features help ensure that you are investing your time in potential leads only.

    Another great feature of BuzzStream is Custom Fields which allows you to send automated emails and schedule email follow-ups to strengthen the efficacy of your campaign. The feature also allows you to track the current status of the leads and organize the next steps required for the campaign.

    Price: BuzzStream is a paid tool with a premium starting from $24, which can go up to $999 per month. The price varies according to the number of features the marketer wants to be unlocked.

    3. Disavow.it

    Disavow. it is a standalone tool that helps marketers quickly compile or clean a disavow file. This file can be easily uploaded to Google Search Console for immediate action. With this tool, a disavow file can also be applied to a list of URLs to tell Google not to crawl through those pages.

    But how does this help your link-building efforts?

    Well, not all backlinks are good backlinks. Sometimes, spammy or unrelated websites start linking to your website for no good reason at all. This is bad for your business because Google doesn’t appreciate or even count backlinks from websites that have nothing to do with your expertise or industry.

    This is where the disavow tool comes in handy.

    Add to the file any links that you don’t want to be associated with your site, especially if they are spammy, look artificial, or are from dubious websites.

    Don’t disavow links simply because you don’t like the site, are new, or have low PR. You don’t want to throw Google algorithms away from links that can be beneficial in the future. Once you are done with the file, upload it to Google Search Console.

    Price: The best thing about this tool is that it’s free and accessible for anyone on the web.

    4. BuzzSumo

    BuzzSumo is a phenomenal SEO link-building tool used all across the globe. This tool is a must-have for SEO link building and content marketing campaigns.

    It helps businesses identify:

    1. Significant content-related trends in the industry
    2. Biggest influencers in the industry
    3. Most used content type

    Marketers who work with SEO and content marketing swear by this tool; it helps them find data based on the industry trends. Having an insight into what’s happening in the market and what is being liked by the consumers can help the business form a robust link-building strategy with content that stands out. However, it needs the best implementation of data extracted from the competitor analysis.

    It provides ease of use and immediate value to the users with the features and insights it offers. With this tool, you can search for terms and phrases and quickly pinpoint content that’s performing well in your niche. Likewise, it offers a visually compelling and straightforward data display, which is extremely easy to understand.

    Price: BuzzSumo offers versatile cost plans that start from $99 for Pro and go up to $499+ per month. With various options, it is easy for link builders to choose plans according to their budgets.

    5. Linkody

    link prospects Linkody building links or link opportunities

    Linkody is one of the most user-friendly link-building tools that allows you to track the backlinks of any website. It comes with decent features for link indexing, reduces the workload for the experts, and provides an automated backlink searcher that allows you to keep tabs on your link profile.

    This tool helps you to build your link profile with a transparent tracking of your link-building campaign. It also allows you to track the metrics that include:

    1. Spam score of your links
    2. DA (Domain Authority)
    3. PA (Page Authority)
    4. Linked anchor text
    5. Domains linked to a website
    6. Create a disavow file
    7. Alert feature to let you know when your competitors get new backlinks

    With this tool, you can easily track your website’s working and non-working links and fix whatever is not working in your business’s favor. It also helps you ensure that all your links are reliable and do not increase your spam score.

    Price: Linkody is cheaper when compared to other link-building tools. The cost of this tool starts from $14.90 per month. Moreover, you can also get a generous trial for up to 30 days.

    6. GroupHigh

    GroupHigh is a modern-day marketing tool that helps you find bloggers for your outreach campaigns. The tool itself claims to have the world’s best blog search engine to find bloggers who’d be willing to accept your backlinks on their site and let you guest blog on their site or collaborate with them.

    The tool comes with a built-in feature that you can use to reach out to the bloggers directly through the software and send direct emails.

    Not many people today invest in blogger outreach campaigns, but some do! However, the tool helps you discover blogs that are credible and worth your attention. You can find the blogs based on their niche, DA, audience size, social media following, and many other things that can be hard to find manually.

    Price: GroupHigh is quite an expensive tool as the pricing starts from $179, and it can go up to $499 per month. However, if you need to reach the right blogger, this tool is worth a shot!

    7. MOZ Link Explorer

    keyword research Moz link building strategy or link building strategies

    MOZ is a multi-purpose tool for numerous SEO related-features and offers a variety of benefits. It provides the most highly correlated metrics according to the current Google rankings. Not only this, It helps you rank higher on the search engine, drives traffic to your website, and runs impactful SEO campaigns.

    MOZ is a proven 360-degree SEO tool with numerous insights that help a business in its link-building campaigns. With MOZ, you can unlock a plethora of things, as it allows you to:

    1. Conduct technical site audits
    2. Track website rankings
    3. Analyze the backlinks
    4. Conduct full-fledged keyword research
    5. Conduct backlink research
    6. Know the spam scores
    7. Explore the platforms where backlinks are posted
    8. Track the SERPs
    9. Study the competitor intelligence
    10. Check the Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA)
    11. Explore the links through link explorer
    12. See SEO insights and reporting

    When it comes to link building, the most helpful feature of MOZ tends to be the MOZ link explorer. You can explore the backlinks of your competitors and your own to know where each one stands.

    Moreover, with its spam score finder, you can check the spam score of your website by identifying your low-quality links. You can use the data from the tool and use it to reduce your spam score. It will help in improving your ranking on the SERPs.

    Price: MOZ is a paid tool that offers value for money with high-quality intelligence link building tools. The premium starts from $99 per month and can go up according to the versions, which vary. It also offers a 30-day free trial to new members.

    8. Ninja Outreach

    Ninja Outreach is not as old as other popular and best link-building tools available. Still, it is already considered a powerful aid for your link-building efforts. Use it to compile a list of link-building prospects, design SEO link-building campaigns, and automate the outreach process.

    It comes with an enormous database, making it easier for marketers to find prospects, reach out to them, and sell industry influencers through your content.

    You can also find templates for link-building campaigns that can be customized according to your need. With this tool, you never have to start from scratch.

    Price: Ninja Outreach is a paid and best link-building tool but not an expensive one. The cost of this tool starts from $69 per month and can go up to $599 per month, depending on the features you want to unlock.

    9. SEMrush Link Building Tool

    SEMrush is a vast-scale SEO and link-building tool with a myriad of options for running a successful outreach campaign. With numerous features for link-building outreach campaigns, you can research, make connections, and track your progress. Here is how:

    1. Explore backlink sources
    2. Explore the best backlink opportunities
    3. Make a list of your backlink opportunity priorities
    4. View in-depth details of websites and the people linked to them
    5. Retrieve the contact info, social info, web info, and links that lead to your website
    6. Send personalized messages that get instant results
    7. Provides customized templates, smart scheduling of messages, and easy follow-ups
    8. Mark and unmark the acquired backlinks for easy tracking
    9. Track the progress of your backlink profile
    10. Track the backlines and know if they are live or not
    11. Check the active backlinks
    12. Reach out to website owners to reactivate a broken link

    It is an all-in-one link-building tool that helps you run your link-building campaign most effectively.

    10. Cognitive SEO

    Cognitive SEO work as an authoritative tool that helps you discover the drawbacks of your entire link building campaign. With this tool in use, you can quickly discover the weakness of the campaign and help you fix them in no time. It helps you to:

    1. Analyze your link profiles
    2. Find the unnatural links that lead to penalties and halt the growth

    The tool combines the best link data with innovations to construct a robust SEO approach. With numerous features at your disposal, the tools allow you to audit, analyze, and track your backlinks and how they perform for the growth of your website.  It tends to be a savvy tool for progressive SEO marketers.

    Wrapping Up

    The sheer volume of best link building tools can be pretty overwhelming for anyone. However, these are the top 10 best link-building tools available on the market. They seamlessly simplify the link-building process and help you study market trends and the competitors to know your lacking, growth, and rank on the web.

    It’s always better to work smart, and these are your way forward to be a link-building expert. However, it is pretty challenging to absorb so much information, so it is recommended to trust the professionals to do the link-building work while reaping the benefits.

    When you are ready to invest in the link-building process, these free link building tools will prove helpful for you. Use these right to create comprehensive backlinking campaigns, keep an eye on them with powerful analytics and enjoy the added traffic and prestige this brings you.

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