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  • Amazon Affiliate Alternatives

    18 Amazon Affiliate Alternatives

    Are you an affiliate marketer looking for affiliate programs alternatives to the amazon affiliate program?

    While it’s easy and convenient to use the amazon associates program or  Amazon affiliate program, it’s not the only option around.

    If your goal is to generate more affiliate revenue, now is a great time to consider additional programs.

    The main issue is that amazon’s affiliate program recently cut their commission rates.

    For example, home improvement products were cut from 8% to 3%, and grocery products were slashed from 5% to 1%.

    This may not seem like a big deal at first, but the payouts were never that big to start with. Cutting already-low commission rates just makes it harder to earn decent revenue nowadays with Amazon affiliate program.

    If you’d like to join additional alternative affiliate programs to fill in the gaps, here’s a list of 18 Best Amazon affiliate alternatives or Amazon affiliate program alternatives.

    1. Overstock

    Overstock Affiliate Program

    Overstock has been a popular ecommerce site for years, and has earned quite a positive reputation for the quality of products offered. Although they’re most well known for selling computers and household goods, you can also find good deals on clothing and jewelry.

    Overstock’s affiliate program pays 6% in commission for all physical and digital products, but the referral time is rather short at just 14 days. However, they have good support for affiliates, which makes it worth pursuing.

    2. eBay Partner Network

    eBay Partner Network

    The eBay Partner Network is an excellent affiliate’s program, although the payouts are on the lower end and range between 3-4%. Although, you can earn bonuses and bounties.

    3. Walmart

    Walmart Affiliate Program

    Most people are familiar with Walmart, so you can earn some decent commission referring people to Walmart’s website. However, Walmart has one of the shortest referral periods around at just three days. After three days, the referral cookie expires, probably because many people will shop at Walmart eventually, and they don’t want to pay out commission for sales that weren’t directly generated by a referral.

    The plus to becoming a Walmart affiliate is getting access to their WordPress plugin that makes the process easy.

    Similar to eBay, Walmart commissions are generally low and range from 1-4%, but some categories offer 10% commission.

    4. Zappos

    Zappos Affiliate Program

    Known for being a fun company to work for, Zappos sells a wide variety of shoes to a mostly North American customer base. When you become a Zappos affiliate, you’ll earn around 7% in commissions, but you can only sign up if you live in North America.

    Although Zappos is owned by Amazon associates, both affiliate’s programs are separate andamazon associates recent commission reduction doesn’t apply to Zappos affiliates.

    5. Etsy

    Etsy Affiliate Program

    Etsy is an amazing place to find handmade and vintage items, and Etsy’s affiliate program can be excellent for certain niche sites. For example, crafters, bloggers, and fashionistas especially benefit from being Etsy affiliates. Referral cookies are good for 30 days and you’ll earn about 4% in commissions.

    Unlike other affiliate networks, you’ll probably get more sales with Etsy since affiliates tend to generate a high conversion rate. This might be partly because there are no competitors for Etsy’s products.

    6. Barnes & Noble

    Barnes and Noble Affiliate Program

    As the world’s largest bookseller, Barnes & Noble has an enormous collection of media, including books, movies, magazines, and music. They also sell toys, electronics, and games.

    With a wide variety of products to offer, it’s worth joining the Barnes & Noble affiliate’s program. The payouts are nice, too, at around 8%.

    7. Rakuten

    Rakuten Affiliate Program

    Although you may not have heard of Rakuten, you might remember the affiliate networks called Linkshare from 1996. Rakuten, a Japanese electronics brand, bought out Linkshare in 2005 and became Rakuten Marketing.

    Rakuten is one of the best affiliate’s programs you can join because there are many top brands to promote. For example, you can promote products from Microsoft, NordVPN, Macy’s, and Lyft.

    Old school affiliates will appreciate the fact that the affiliate dashboard looks just like it would have back in the 1990s.

    Unlike other affiliate’s programs that have a set commission rate for product categories, Rakuten pays different commission rates for each product based on what the merchant wants to pay out.

    8. Nike

    Nike Affiliate Program

    If your visitors are interested in shoes and sports clothing, you’ll benefit from referring people to Nike products. The commissions are 11%, which is pretty generous compared to most other niche affiliate programs.

    Cookies last for 30 days, which is also nice, considering some people need more time to decide to buy.

    Support is another thing Nike’s affiliate program does well. You can get access to excellent support, plenty of marketing materials, and they’ll even give you free products to run promotions if you’re bringing in enough sales.

    9. NewEgg

    NewEgg Affiliate Program

    If you’re running a tech site, the NewEgg affiliate program is right up your alley. You’ll find more than 500,000 products to promote, although the commissions are fairly low at 2.5%.

    The low commissions may not be an issue, however, since referrals tend to convert at a higher rate than other programs and electronics have a higher price point than other goods. NewEgg also has a great reputation in the computing niche, which also helps with conversions.

    The customer service for affiliates is excellent, and they make it easy to insert banners and text ads for products on your site.

    10. CJ Affiliates (formerly Commission Junction)

    CJ Affiliates

    CJ Affiliates has been a popular affiliate networks for years. This affiliate network supports both publishers and advertisers and is extremely user-friendly. It’s not hard to get started even if you’re new to blogging.

    If you reach a threshold of more than 10,000 page views per month, you’ll qualify for the Content Certified program, which offers even more perks.

    Since the CJ affiliate network is a platform that facilitates the connection between publishers and merchants, all commission rates are determined by each individual merchant. Also, you’ll need to apply directly with the merchant to become an affiliate for each product you’d like to promote.

    11. Zazzle

    Zazzle Affiliate Program

    Zazzle is an online business retailer that sells personalized products, like coffee mugs, cards, clothing, and other goods. Affiliate commissions range from 15-17%, which is pretty high.

    You’ll get paid for your earned commissions through PayPal, and the affiliate dashboard makes it easy to track your referrals, commissions, and other important data.

    12. ShareASale


    Similar to CJ Affiliates, ShareASale is  an affiliate networks that connects publishers with merchants. Although, this affiliate network prefers to support smaller merchants with more niche products. This makes ShareASale excellent for finding products for niche blogs.

    When you earn commissions, you’ll get paid according to the net 30 model on the 20th of the month. You can’t currently get paid through PayPal, but they do pay out via physical checks, direct deposit to your bank account, and Payoneer.

    13. AliExpress

    AliExpress Affiliate Program

    AliExpress is part of the Alibaba group gaining popularity in Asia. You’ll earn 8.5% in commissions when you start, and your rate will increase as you generate more sales. Like others, AliExpress offers a 30-day referral cookie.

    Once you reach $50,000 in sales, you’ll earn 9.5% in commission. Anything more than $100,000 will get you a 10% commission rate with the option of negotiating higher rates if you generate more than one million dollars in sales.

    14. Fat Brain Toys

    Fat Brain Toys Affiliate Program

    If you have a blog focused on family content or something for kids, you’ll love the Fat Brain Toys affiliate program. Fat Brain Toys offers more than 7,000 toys for kids ranging from toddlers to young adults. You’ll find fun toys like chemistry sets, puzzles, and educational games.

    Fat Brain Toys provides a 30-day referral cookie and you’ll earn about 6% per sale.

    15. Microsoft

    Microsoft Affiliate Program

    For blogs that are more tech-oriented, Microsoft’s affiliate’s program might be just the right fit. Microsoft doesn’t just sell software; they sell a range of products and services which are available for affiliates to earn commission based on referrals.

    You can earn up to 10% in commissions referring both consumers and businesses to Microsoft’s products and services. The best part is that after you make a sale, if that person makes another purchase within 14 days, you’ll get commission on that sale as well.

    To sign up for Microsoft’s affiliate’s program, you’ll need to find their products and services within the Rakuten affiliate network.

    16. Target

    Target Affiliate Program

    Target has an easy-to-use affiliate program that can be considered a rival of Amazon associates in some departments. However, there are two things that make Target’s affiliate’s program difficult. Referral cookies only last seven days, and the program offers inconsistent commission structures. Your earnings won’t be based on a fixed, identifiable percentage, but rather, how many sales you generate and the product’s category.

    Naturally, the more sales you generate the more you’ll get paid. However, you’ll start earning between 3-5%.

    17. Advance Auto Parts

    Advance Auto Parts Affiliate Program

    When you have a niche site, it can be difficult to find affiliate programs that offer products you can promote. However, Advance Auto Parts solves this problem for websites that exist in the automotive space.

    With more than $5 billion in sales each year and 6,000 locations in North America, Advance Auto Parts is a well-known automotive brand. When you join this affiliate program you’ll earn between 4-10% in commissions and your referrals will have 30 days to make a purchase.

    When people buy from Advance Auto Parts, they’ll get free shipping on orders over $25, which makes their products enticing. There’s also an option for customers to pick up their orders locally.

    18. JVZoo

    JVZoo Affiliate Program

    JVZoo is similar to CJ Affiliate Marketing, but it’s slightly better because there are higher quality products and services available to promote. The structure is similar to CJ Affiliates, and commissions are determined by each merchant. Most affiliates prefer this network over others competitive affiliate program.

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