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  • White Label PPC: Pros and Cons of White Labeling Pay Per Click Management

    White Label PPC: Pros and Cons of White Labeling Pay Per Click Management

    White labeling PPC management is a marketing strategy that allows you to outsource your campaign management and pay-per-click services. It’s basically a way of outsourcing the work without giving up all control over it.

    The benefits of white labeling are that you can get more traffic, save time, cost less money, and improve your ROI. However, there are also some drawbacks to this type of service which we will discuss later in the article.

    White Label PPC - Pros and Cons

    Pro: White Label PPC Services are Inexpensive

    White labeling is a cost-effective way to maintain control over your campaign while outsourcing the work. The main perk of this strategy is that it’s much cheaper than other methods because you’re only paying for one service (PPC management) instead of multiple services.

    Con: You Lose Control Over Your Campaigns

    One potential downside to white labeling PPC management is that all the responsibility falls on an outside agency that may not be as invested in achieving success as you are.

    It can also feel like if there was ever any issue with your campaigns then it would always fall back onto you and no one else. If something goes wrong with the white label company’s account or they simply stop working out well for you, then what?

    You’ll face an unprecedented problem with no easy solution. Therefore, be mindful of this possibility before moving forward.

    Pro: You Can Improve Your Capacity

    White labeling PPC is a great way to grow your business without taking on more employees. You can improve capacity and expand into new markets by outsourcing the work with this strategy.

    One of the main drawbacks of white label campaigns is that they are not set up for success at first because there’s no real understanding of what you’re trying to accomplish or achieve.

    However, once the campaign has been analyzed and improved upon then it should be able to deliver much better results than before which makes it worth considering in certain cases where quality matters most like when running an e-commerce website store.

    Pro: You’ll Receive Better Innovation

    White labeling PPC campaigns are not set up for success from the start. So, it’s possible that innovation may be lacking in this type of plan because you’re only paying one company to do everything and have no real understanding as to what they’re doing or how successful they might be at first.

    Although there are a lot of potential upsides like more traffic, improved ROI, savings on costs, etc., these benefits will never get realized if your campaign isn’t well-managed by an agency with experience working with white label clients in the past.

    Pro: You Can Enter a New Market at Ease

    White labeling is a great way to slowly enter new markets without taking on too much risk. You can use this strategy to avoid the high costs of entering a market as an outsider and take your time getting to know the culture, language, what needs exist in that country, etc.

    Con: If One Agency Fails or The White Label Company Goes Out Of Business Then Your Campaigns Will Fail

    If you’re not doing anything different then it’s possible for white label PPC campaigns to fail just like any other campaign with another company would if they were responsible for managing the service from start to finish. But because all responsibility falls onto one outside agency when using these services then there will be no backup plan should something go wrong.

    You can help assuage this risk by making sure you’re tracking all of your campaigns using various white label tools that you and the partner agency can both access. You may lose the human touch, but at least you won’t lose the critical data for your clients’ campaigns.

    Pro: It Helps to Maintain Brand Cohesion

    White labeling PPC campaigns are a great way to maintain brand cohesion. You can use these services for your campaign without having to worry about doing any work-related tasks yourself.

    It’s also possible that marketing costs may be lower because you’re only paying one company and not multiple companies like if you were outsourcing all the aspects of running an online business (marketing, management, design, etc.). This is just another thing to consider before making this decision so it doesn’t become too costly later on in terms of both time and money.

    Con: There is a Lot of Liability

    White label PPC means that everything falls back onto you in case of a disaster. If anything goes wrong with the company or if they simply stop working out well for you, then what?

    It can be challenging to find another agency willing to work on your account so it might become difficult and costly just trying to get things going again even though there’s been no wrongdoing done by anyone involved.

    You are responsible for all costs associated with this type of service as long as it is running which means any new campaigns will have high start-up fees since white labeling companies charge more than others because they want return business from their clientele.

    Con: You Can Potentially Alienate Your Customers

    White labeling PPC campaigns can turn off your customers if you’re not careful. You want to make sure that the white label company in question is working with their clients in a way that’s good for them and it doesn’t seem like just another ploy to get more money from someone who already feels like they’ve been taken by one too many companies before.

    One of the other downsides associated with this type of marketing strategy is how impersonal it seems at first glance when looking at things from afar.

    But, don’t let that stop you yet because there are plenty of upsides that should be considered as well so take some time and explore what’s on offer before jumping into anything headfirst without considering all aspects related to these services.

    Pro: PPC experts can get you big results

    Although there are things that can go wrong with a white label agency, plenty of things can go right when you have an expert team working for you managing your client’s PPC accounts. A dedicated team of PPC experts can drastically increase your client’s conversion rates and deliver results that exceed their expectations.

    An dedicated team of PPC experts will know how to get results from Google ads, including text ads and programmatic display ads. They’ll know how to get results from Bing ads and will know how to use paid ads to increase brand exposure.

    Good PPC ads will increase traffic, but excellent ads will increase conversion rates. When you have a white label agency managing your client’s PPC campaigns, you’ll have more time to help them with other services like search engine optimization, keyword research, and landing pages.

    Before choosing a white label service provider, make sure you research their reputation to be sure they’re capable of getting results for your clients. If you notice poor results, you may want to take over the campaign until you can find a new PPC provider.

    Con: Clients might not like white label methods

    Most clients will assume you have an in-house team running their paid search campaigns. Agency owners who promote themselves and their company as PPC experts risk upsetting customers if they find out their campaigns are being outsourced. This is just a risk you’ll need to take when using white label services of any kind.

    Pro: You won’t need an in-house team

    With a white label service provider, you won’t need to pay a full-time in-house team to manage a client’s PPC accounts. When you don’t have an in-house team on payroll, you can pass the cost-savings onto your clients. Local businesses don’t always have a massive budget and they need more affordable solutions, so this is a plus for reaching more clients.

    Con: Your Google ads might get suspended

    Getting a Google ads account suspended is one of the biggest concerns with PPC campaign management, but it’s something that can happen at any time regardless of who manages our client’s PPC accounts. Sometimes Google suspends ad accounts for confusing reasons and sometimes it’s an accident. Either way, a suspension will fall on you completely.

    Pro: Seamless digital marketing

    When you use white label services for your PPC management, you’re supporting a seamless digital marketing strategy. By outsourcing your paid ads your agency has more time dedicate to perfecting PPC landing page design, which is where your clients will get their big results. You can generate all the traffic you want from an ad, but if your client’s landing page isn’t effective, they won’t see many qualified leads.

    Another benefit of seamless digital marketing through white label services is branded reports. Your clients will receive custom branded performance reports generated by the standard reporting tools used to monitor Google ads. The integration will be seamless all around.

    Con: Ad spend issues

    Your white label PPC provider might go overboard with ad spend, despite the budgets you set. When you control your own campaigns, you’ll be more careful about setting bid amounts, but sometimes companies make small mistakes that you wouldn’t make.

    White label PPC is ideal when the company has a strong reputation for getting results and making agency owners happy. You don’t want to have to take the fall for going overboard on ad spend.

    Pro: White label PPC services handle issues

    You have enough to do for your clients, between PPC landing page design, helping them with video campaigns, search engine optimization, and other digital marketing tasks. You don’t have time to babysit their Google ads accounts and take care of small issues that arise. That’s your white label company’s job.

    Again, when you outsource time-consuming tasks to your white label PPC provider, you have more time to work with your clients on optimizing their digital marketing campaigns to get them big results.

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    All in all, working with a white-label PPC agency can help you improve and scale your campaign.

    There are a lot of benefits of working with a white-label digital marketing agency. There are also some drawbacks you should be aware of. If you’re considering trying this service out, we’d love to speak to you about a white-label partnership, including campaigns for white label SEO.

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