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  • What is Remarketing & How Does it Work?

    What is Remarketing & How Does it Work?

    Remarketing is a powerful marketing strategy that helps to increase your website’s conversion rates by targeting potential customers who have previously visited your site.

    It allows you to advertise to people who have already shown an interest in what you offer.

    And, it saves money on advertising because of the targeted nature of this type of marketing. In this blog post, we will go over how remarketing works and why it should be one of the first things you do when optimizing for conversions.

    What is Remarketing?


    Remarketing is a marketing strategy that lets you display ads to people who have previously visited your site. Once someone visits your website, they will be tagged with a cookie for remarketing purposes and then placed on the remarketing list (also called retargeting list).

    When this person returns to Facebook or other social media sites where you are advertising, they may see an ad from one of your campaigns as well as contextual targeting within Newsfeeds on these networks.

    This means that if they visit multiple different websites in succession, each time their cookies get read by our system.

    So over time, we can show them more relevant messages because we know what stage of progress they’re at in the buying process.

    Why is Remarketing Important?

    Remarketing is so important because it’s the most cost-effective way to get your message in front of potential customers who are already somewhat interested.

    By identifying people at different stages in their buying process and displaying ads that appeal to them, you’re able to improve conversion rates by showing a product or service they may be more likely to buy than someone early on in the buying process.

    It also helps avoid having wasted advertising dollars when targeting people who have no interest whatsoever in what you offer.

    Are There Any Benefits to Remarketing?

    Are There Any Benefits to Remarketing?

    The benefits of remarketing include a higher conversion rate, increased traffic to your site, and higher customer loyalty.

    Studies show that you’re more likely to make an impulse buy when interacting with a familiar brand.

    This is because this person has already seen the product or service in question on multiple occasions and feels less stress about making the purchase since they know what it’s like (and are confident there will be no surprises).

    It also means you’ll have fewer customers abandoning their carts while checking out, which is a big win for everyone.

    How Does Remarketing Work?

    How Does Remarketing Work?

    Remarketing is easy to get started with and works like this:

    • You set up a remarketing list for your website visitors.
    • People who fit into the criteria you’ve chosen will be removed from Facebook ad targeting lists and placed on your remarketing list instead.
    • When these people return to visit your site, they’ll be targeted by any campaign that has been created using their new “remarketed” cookie information.

    As mentioned before, it’s important to use as many marketing channels as possible so we recommend creating campaigns in Google Adwords or Bing Ads in order to reach more potential customers across different devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

    Effective Remarketing Strategies That Actually Work

    Remarketing is a relatively straightforward process. By following these tips, you can successfully create a productive remarketing campaign for your company.

    Segment Your Audience by Stage:

    Create different remarketing campaigns that differ based on where customers are in the buying process so they receive more relevant messaging as they’re carrying out their search for a product or service like yours.

    This will ensure that relevant marketing messages are being delivered to your target audience.

    Use Auto-Targeting:

    Remarketing can be a lot of work when you’re manually tracking every single visitor to your site.

    Auto-targeting is much easier and allows for automatic adjustments based on the data it receives from customers that have visited your website in the past.

    Use Contextual Targeting:

    Contextual targeting is another way to reach people who are already interested in what you offer but just need more information before completing their purchase decision.

    This means showing them ads for similar products or services so they don’t feel overwhelmed by all of the different marketing messages vying for their attention at one time.

    It’s important not only to use contextual advertising internally but also externally since someone might get frustrated with being targeted too often.

    Reach Out to Inactive Prospects Quickly:

    Remarketing is also a great way to reach people who were interested in your product or service but did not complete the purchase.

    This means that you’re able to provide them with an incentive so they can revisit what it was they liked about your company and take action on impulse rather than waiting until another time (or never coming back).

    When someone interacts with your remarketed ad for the first time, don’t leave this as a one-time interaction. Instead, continue contacting them through email marketing messages, ads on other sites across social media networks, etc., and stay top of mind. This will help ensure return visits.

    Avoid Cold Prospects:

    For the most part, cold prospects are not worth your time.

    This is because you’re unlikely to convert them into customers if they aren’t already familiar with your company or know what it offers.

    However, in some cases, this might be a good strategy for companies looking for fresh leads and new opportunities that just need an extra nudge before deciding to purchase anything from you. They may have looked at other products but decided against purchasing those so now would be their chance to buy something else (or even more).

    Create Different Remarketing Campaigns:

    It’s important when remarketing on Facebook or Google Adwords that you create different campaigns based on where people are situated within the buying process of your product or service.

    Don’t use the same campaign for different products and services. The more you segment your campaigns, the better your results will be.

    Need Help with Remarketing?

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