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  • Managed SEO Vs. Link Building: A Quick Primer

    Managed SEO Vs. Link Building: A Quick Primer

    Website owners, managers, marketers, and entrepreneurs must realize the importance of building a viable digital presence to ensure long-term success. Better visibility of your website gives your target audience a chance to reach your platform and eventually become loyal customers.

    However, you have to employ proper techniques to build quality backlinks to your website to help improve your organic search ranking. There are two methods you can use, namely link building and managed SEO campaigns.

    Read ahead to find out how you can use these two methods to improve site visibility.

    What Goes Into Building Quality Backlinks?

    What Are Backlinks?

    Organic search is the most efficient way to make your site visible in the search pages using keywords and backlinks. These help to improve your ranking, and there are various techniques for it:

    Collaboration And Guest Blogging

    One of the best ways to ensure you get a good quality backlink is to collaborate with a valued site or write guest posts for it because it gives you control over your website’s representation.

    Make sure you build a relationship with these sites and their editors to understand the content they put up so you can create something relevant to it. If you don’t pay attention to such details, you can easily break Google’s guidelines, and it can label you as someone paying to publish their blogs.


    Content is the key to a successful SEO strategy that increases traffic to your website. So no matter how many advanced techniques you use, your blog’s core should be of good quality.

    You also want reputable publications to give backlinks to your site to build your credibility. High-quality content is a guaranteed way to get such websites to link your website. You need to ensure you perform extensive research on the requirements of these websites and produce content that matches them.

    You can increase the link building’s effect and boost your website’s ranking in the following ways:

    • Pure link building
    • Managed SEO campaign

    Pure Link Building

    Pure link building is an essential digital marketing technique that helps to optimize your website’s organic ranking. In addition, it allows you to build links through external publishing websites and improve your brand’s awareness through credible sources.

    Here is how you can build links through other websites:

    1. Identify Keywords

    Perform Keyword Research

    Carry out extensive research on which keywords are the best for your articles and which landing page you should link out to.

    Since keywords are essential, you have to be sure of the right ones to target using metrics. Use the following to decide on your keywords:

    • Relevancy: Pick keywords related to your business because Google traces these back to your backlink profile to check if the selected keywords are relevant to your content. You need to establish a clear link between the two
    • Volume: You have to be clever about your choice and not use the obvious keywords that people commonly search for because most other websites in your niche will be doing the same, increasing your competition
    • Style: Make sure to use keywords with a variety of anchor texts. Using links that are inserted naturally within a blog is more effective than using obvious keywords out of context

    As for the landing page, it is up to you to target a page that you believe should be first in line for all the traffic. Think about whether you want your traffic to visit a relevant page or the homepage and the extent to which you want to drive targeted traffic.

    Ensure that your landing page, content, and keywords align with each other, considering the call to action you are giving to the users. Funnel your visitors to the path you want to take them to without confusing them because that will hurt conversions!

    2. Publishing Site

    With the landing page and keywords sorted out, you have to pick reputable and relevant websites to publish your content and create backlinks for your website. The software identifies the most useful sites for you and aligns with the metrics you have recognized.

    Several SEO tools analyze these sites to get a holistic perspective on the websites’ metrics and give details about the site to see how searchers and search engines perceive it. This gives you control over the sites you work with.

    3. Content

    Content is essential to attract prominent publishing sites and get them to publish it. Therefore, you have to ensure that the entire piece is well-researched and of high quality, including the target keywords and a link to your landing page.

    To ensure your content uses white-hat techniques and improves your keyword ranking, ensure your content link building is the following:

    • Not over promotional
    • Natural
    • Unique
    • Relevant
    • Authoritative
    • Not saturated with links

    4. Track

    It is essential to track the progress of your content’s metrics once the content is on the website. With the help of a reporting dashboard, you can see the performance of your content and your backlink’s success which you can use in future campaigns.

    Optimal Time To Use Pure Link Building

    Since there are different methods to create backlinks, here are the times you should use the pure link building method:

    • You are on a tight deadline.
    • You have a final list of keywords to use.
    • You can’t use metrics to test publishing tools.
    • You can’t write relevant and unique content in line with the white-hat techniques.
    • You are short on time to identify credible and relevant publishing sites.

    What Goes Into Managed SEO Campaigns?

    Since your online presence is essential for your business, you have to ensure you do it right, and managed SEO campaigns can help you do that.

    Collaboration is essential in this process as you optimize your website according to the SEO demands by making technical changes to your published content and website. While SEO requires a lot of time and effort, it does give the highest ROI.

    Here’s how you can perform a managed SEO campaign:

    1. SEO Audit

    SEO Audit Tool

    Begin your SEO campaign with a detailed audit of your website to see where there is room for SEO improvement.

    • Ineffective Keywords: It is essential to use effective keywords to attract your target audience. Ineffective or duplicate keywords reduce the effectiveness of your SEO efforts.
    • Technical SEO: Your site’s architecture is essential and includes optimizing image labels, title tags, Meta descriptions, etc.
    • Private Blogs: While it is easy to use external links to your site to increase your rankings, it is a short-term benefit, and if Google identifies this black-hat technique usage, it could penalize you.
    • Backlinks: Backlinks vary in their quality. Those that are of poor quality have duplicated content, are penalized by Google, or are not related to your content, can negatively impact your site’s ranking.

    2. Profile

    After identifying your SEO’s negative impact on your site, make a profile to note what fixes should be made for performance improvement. This gives insights into the SEO gaps and limitations of your current techniques.

    It also helps to identify and prioritize long-term solutions that you can follow in future campaigns as well.

    3. Research

    Extensive research and its analysis are essential for an SEO campaign’s success. Facts and statistics help to improve your website’s performance as you’ll be in the position to make educated decisions and get exceptional results.

    Building A Digital Marketing Strategy – Terms To Get Used To

    SEO: A Long-Term Strategy

    A digital marketing strategy is crucial to bringing all your SEO tactics together. In addition, it must give you a direction before implementation according to your specific audience’s expectations.

    To create the perfect strategy, you have to define and understand your business’s specific goals and conduct extensive research and analysis to gather insights. You must understand and identify your target audience, existing marketing efforts, objectives, timeframe, and competitors.

    Managed SEO campaigns use digital marketing strategies smartly instead of implementing them unnecessarily. This method is agile and flexible, changing according to the market and technological advancements.

    An SEO campaign should be responsive to the continuously evolving search engine algorithms to maintain your high position.

    Here are a few terms and ideas you should get acquainted with before setting up your link profile:


    Metrics are used to identify the optimal keywords that can enhance your website’s visibility within the organic search. These improve the content on your site and the offsite anchor text that you create in the content.

    Keywords are essential to guide search engine bots regarding what every page holds through specific keywords for each page.


    Of course, it is essential to keep an eye on your competition to stay above them and have a high rank in your industry. You must know their weaknesses and strengths to use any limitations in their strategy, including their keyword choice and any opportunities they missed out on, which you can introduce in the market, giving something unique.


    An analysis of your backlink profile is essential for managed SEO campaigns to check your site’s health. You also have to ensure you use different links, varying anchor texts, and different external sources.

    The more quality links there are on Google directing to your website, the better your organic ranking. It will help you be more relevant and make you more in touch with your online history.

    Build Links

    When you have optimized your content for search and your website with technical improvements, you can make it visible to the visitors you want to target. In addition, the backlinks you create can significantly improve your SEO efforts and give you better visibility.

    User experience

    The user experience should be at the forefront of your strategy because it is all about the customers. Therefore, you must identify where you lose or attract visitors to alter your website’s SEO accordingly.

    Your site’s research and analysis show your weaknesses and strengths and identify which pages are underperforming or effective. This helps you make your website pages better and capable of generating good ROI.

    Furthermore, user experience analysis helps you decide which landing pages you should use for your offsite anchor text, which is essential to manage your SEO campaign. Use anchor text that is relevant to your content for better optimization.

    Track Results

    Tracking helps measure your campaign’s success and determine the areas where you need to improve. A detailed look at your SEO campaign’s success through your website’s activities helps maintain your digital presence.

    Optimal Time To Use Managed SEO Campaign

    Here are the best times to use this method:

    • When you have fewer SEO skills
    • You don’t have a proper digital marketing strategy.
    • You can’t optimize your website.
    • You want to improve your underperforming website’s visibility.
    • You want a cost-effective method.


    In this digital world, every business needs a good online presence for its survival and success. However, it is not easy to be on top of the internet game, and you have to use SEO techniques for better keyword rankings and improved organic search results to stay above your competition.

    The link-building and managed SEO campaign methods help you improve your site’s visibility. You can use any of the two approaches as long as you’ve thoroughly explored your reason for doing so.

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