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    What Are Some Good Local SEO Alternatives to BrightLocal?

    Every business, at some point, needs to establish a digital presence.

    This usually starts with setting up social media profiles and building a website.

    The next step is to drive traffic using SEO techniques that help it rank higher in search results.

    No matter how good your web design is, it won’t get your business the required attention if your website isn’t SEO optimized.

    According to a study, you can drive 1000%+ more traffic through SEO than organic social media.

    Visualizing Search's Dominant Channel Share

    There are several methods to optimize your website to make it rank better on the search engines.

    But small businesses usually outsource their SEO to one of the many companies that promise total search engine domination. Others invest in related tools and resources to start working on SEO in-house.

    If you plan to take the second route, the question is: “Which SEO management and reporting tools are the best?”

    Well, that is a genuine query for most business owners who want to be assured of good ROI before spending on these tools. So, anyone investing in SEO with the same intent will be concerned about making the most out of it, i.e., choosing the best tool available.

    As simple as this question sounds, it takes thorough research to answer it.

    BrightLocal and SEO.co certainly come to mind as top contenders in this category. These are top-trending tools for creating, optimizing, and implementing SEO strategies, and many people struggle to choose between the two of them.

    Let’s compare BrightLocal and SEO.co in terms of the efficiency and the value they can add to your website.

    What Is SEO?

    Before we narrow down to comparing BrightLocal and SEO.co’s services, first be clear about SEO. Search Engine Optimization is a method to get traffic on your webpage organically through search results and recommendations. It is meant to get you quality traffic that will perform the desired actions on your website.

    High-quality traffic is the kind of traffic relevant to your website’s niche and is convertible into leads or revisiting customers.

    Now that we know what to expect from BrightLocal and SEO.co, let’s see how well they do at their jobs.

    SEO.co Vs. BrightLocal

    SEO.co Vs. BrightLocal

    If you didn’t know it before, SEO.co and BrightLocal are both SEO management and reporting tools. Their job is to do the SEO analysis of your website and provide you a report of how well you’re doing. They also recommend some local SEO health improvements for your website.

    SEO health refers to how easily users can find and reach your website using the search terms or keywords relevant to your website.

    Adding local citations to your website is also essential to SEO. It will improve the SEO ranking of your website and help people find your business efficiently.

    Understanding The Ranking

    Maintaining your website’s rank on search engines is vital for your customers to reach you. Both platforms allow you to maintain and update your website’s ranking status compared to other websites with the same local search relevance.

    These platforms provide you features that can allow you to analyze and understand the rank of your website better by keyword tracking. Keywords are terms that people use while searching to reach your website.

    So, these platforms will cross-reference the keywords you have used in your website and what terms people use in searches. This feature helps in knowing whether your website is performing well on the local listings or not.

    SEO.co provides a detailed SEO audit where it addresses the elements that directly influence the ranking of your website. From keywords and Title tags to structured data and link growth SEO.co will provide you a complete analysis. It will also analyze your competitor’s website – how they are using SEO and SEM to maintain their website ranking.

    Moreover, it also suggests actions that you can take to fix the detected issues.

    Visualized Analysis Through Dashboard

    BrightLocal Dashboard

    For your ease, the information extracted from the analysis in the form of auto-generated reports will be available and accessible through the dashboard of these tools. You can conveniently understand your ranking by looking at this dashboard. The graphs and pie charts make it much easier to grasp the knowledge of your SEO.

    The user dashboards of BrightLocal and SEO.co are distinctive. SEO.co’s dashboard has a design supporting the comparative analysis of multiple businesses. You can also manage the SEO rankings of companies with different citations. The monthly reports that can be accessed through the custom dashboard include KPI benchmarking, rank tracking, PPC performance & backlink acquisition reports, and Google Analytics optimization.

    BrightLocal has multiple tools that can be combined and used to produce an impressive UX of your website. Furthermore, you can manage the SEO rankings for businesses with multiple locations.

    PPC Management & PPC Audits

    The added SEO services that SEO.co provides and BrightLocal doesn’t are PPC management and PPC audits.

    These services are essential in improving your website’s overall search health.

    Running your website’s PPC audit can help detect and address the issues that exist within your campaign. Hence, a PPC audit provides you insight that will assist your campaign in performing better than your competitors.

    The aspects that will be covered in this audit include:

    • Budget waste
    • Conversion tracking
    • Account activity
    • Display campaigns
    • Negative keywords
    • GEO Targeting
    • Mobile apps
    • Ad copy review
    • Call tracking
    • Click-through-rates
    • PPC settings review
    • Quality score distribution
    • Budget efficiency
    • Device distribution
    • General strategy review
    • Dayparting analysis
    • Keyword auditing
    • Google shopping audit

    The best part about choosing SEO.co is that you will get a complimentary PPC audit at the start, which saves a considerable amount of money that you would have otherwise paid for this service.

    Establishing Brand Reputation

    What you post on the internet about your website matters a lot in building your brand reputation. Be it online reviews or website content or blogs, content matters. Therefore, you must have search engine optimized content on your website to make it easier for users to reach your website through the keywords.

    In order to soar up in the local business listings, your brand should have a positive brand image, and you can achieve this through blogging. Content marketing is an excellent source of brand reputation, and SEO.co provides you this service to boost your online presence.

    The team of SEO.co carries out thorough keyword research and incorporates those keywords in their high-quality content. In addition, they consistently publish ghost blogs for your brand on the CMS you choose.

    The campaign directors will provide monthly content topics which will be reviewed and approved by the business owner. In addition, these blogs can also review the product to help customers relate to the product’s authenticity on a personal level.

    If a negative review had been posted against your brand, the team of SEO.co will track it down and post a positive review to counter it. This will push the one with bad reviews down in the search results. Keeping a check on the reviews about your business is vital because most people in this digital age do online research of a brand before engaging with them or buying their products.

    According to Google, 76% of people who search about a business on their smartphones visit it within a day.

    Mobile's Offline Influence

    So, if they fetch for reviews and all the bad reviews come on the top, they would be reluctant to look into the brand further and instead opt for your competitor. In this way, SEO.co’s content strategy will help you reach the SEO results you always wished for.

    On the other hand, even though BrightLocal does not offer a blog writing service, they have a review monitoring feature. It tracks down any new reviews published on the internet regarding your businesses. This can help you in defending your brand’s reputation. At the same time, boost your brand’s reputation by responding to the good ones.


    BrightLocal and SEO.co are both user-friendly. Anyone can access their features and services with convenience. If that doesn’t sound like a good enough deal, they also offer personalized services.

    One such service is SEO site audit, which offers SEO optimization for your website, allowing better search visibility. If you use these services, you wouldn’t need to worry about the SEO technicalities yourself. Instead, the SEO experts will do everything for you on the field,  giving you the liberty to focus on serving your customers.

    Customer Support

    Both platforms, BrightLocal and SEO.co, have a very established customer support system. You can approach them through various support channels if you seek their help. For example, BrightLocal has a support center that includes FAQs if you have an issue. However, if you have a bigger problem, the company has other support channels to get you in touch with their experts.

    Similarly, SEO.co also provides you with various support options. For example, you can call the company on the phone support or talk to an expert on live chat. Additionally, you can also receive support via email.

    Alternatively, FAQs are also available on their website for self-help.

    The Final Verdict

    Considering all the valuable features and services these two platforms offer, SEO.co can effectively serve as a BrightLocal alternative or an even better option.

    BrightLocal might be suitable for small or even medium businesses, but SEO.co has the potential even to serve premium clients as they go an extra mile with their services.

    SEO.co is also more flexible with its service packages. We offer custom packages that fits your budget and suits your business’s SEO needs.


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