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  • Why is Link Building So Difficult?

    Why is Link Building So Hard?

    What is link building?

    Link building is a process of earning links from other websites to your own site. The more high-quality backlinks you have, the higher you will rank in search engine results pages (SERPs).

    But, why is link building so difficult?

    The answer lies in the fact that there are many factors involved with this process: getting enough traffic, finding quality content to share, and creating an online personality. Not only do these three elements need to be good individually, but they also need to work together as a cohesive unit.

    Below, you’ll learn why link-building is so difficult and how our team can help.

    Link Building is a Manual Process

    Link Building is a Manual Process

    The reason that link building is so difficult is that it’s a manual process. There are no shortcuts to earning links, and there will never be any robotic programs or services that can do the work for you.

    This means you’ll need to put in the work to make sure that your link-building campaigns pay off. Content writing and even SEO can be automated on a monthly basis.

    However, when it comes to link-building, you’ll need to perform manual outreach. Otherwise, your messages to other website owners will look as if they were sent by bots, flagged as spam, or ignored.

    Link Building is Time-Consuming

    Link building takes a lot of time, and it can be very difficult to find the time.

    While you could outsource link-building work with our white label link building team by hiring content writers or SEO experts who have experience in this field, it will still take up your valuable hours on tasks that don’t directly help lead to conversions for your business.

    This is why we recommend considering an alternative solution for getting links without all the hassle!

    We offer high-quality manual link-building services at affordable prices. This way you’ll spend less time doing repetitive work manually when you should be focused on other tasks that are much more important than simply earning backlinks.

    Many Website Owners Will Often Ignore You

    Many website owners will simply not reply to your campaign. This is because they’re too busy, or simply don’t want your site’s content on their blog post.

    And this doesn’t just happen once. It can take many messages for a link building campaign to finally get results. It can be frustrating and exhausting trying to find people who have time when you could be doing more productive tasks that help grow your business in the meantime.

    We’ve seen great success with our manual outreach campaigns, so we know how difficult these types of marketing initiatives can be. We understand what needs to go into earning links from other websites and why it’s so important for SEO rankings as well as conversion rates for businesses like yours.

    Link Building Sometimes Can Cost Money

    Expensive Link Building Really Worth It

    From the offset, link building can seem like a free digital marketing campaign. In many ways, it is. If you perform an aggressive link building campaign, it’s possible that you may not spend a dime.

    But, if you consider time as money and the principle of opportunity cost, there is no such thing as a free link. Whether backlinks are earned naturally or via outreach, someone had to spend time to acquire it. That has a cost, even if it doesn’t show up on a line-item in your financial statements.

    Link-building is time-consuming, complicated, and sometimes requires a financial investment. That’s why we recommend considering our team for your manual link-building needs.

    If you don’t want to put in the work of manually building links for your website, you may consider paying for link building services instead.

    All Links Aren’t the Same

    All Links Aren't the Same

    The last thing we want to mention is that all links aren’t the same. It’s important for your link-building campaign to be diverse and cover a variety of different platforms so you can rank in SERPs on as many pages as possible.

    Link diversity will also help you avoid being penalized by Google algorithms because it’ll show them that your website has high authority across multiple industries, which means they’re more likely to trust what you have to say about any topic.

    Link-building is difficult because it’s time-consuming and hard to acquire links with a low domain authority (DA). These links may not even affect your website’s SEO ranking.

    On the other hand, acquiring high DA links is even more challenging. Link-building is essentially like buying real estate. Once you begin, making money is an uphill climb. However, over time, the task becomes much easier.

    If a link is easy for anyone to acquire, then it has little value.

    You’ll Need to Create Amazing Content

    The more you work on your content, the more links you’ll be able to get.

    Even though link-building is difficult at first, it’s worth investing in so long as you build a business around your website and don’t just use it for SEO purposes only.

    If people want to link back or share your content with their friends, they’re much more likely to do that if what they see when visiting is good quality writing, which means that creating stunning blog posts should always be one of your top priorities.

    The challenging aspect of content marketing is creating content that’s better than anything else online. This takes a lot of time by itself, much less promoting your content and convincing others to provide a backlink.

    You’ll Spend a Lot of Time with Outreach

    There are two ways you’ll need to invest your time if you want a successful link-building campaign.

    First, you’ll spend lots of time creating content that is better than what’s currently on the internet and it needs to be catchy enough so people will share it with their friends or customers at least once they read it.

    This takes a lot of research, creativity, and hard work, which is time that could have been spent focusing more on other areas in your business.

    Second, after publishing this content online, you’re going to spend even more hours doing outreach so others can see it too. When trying to build backlinks for a new website from scratch (especially one with low DA), there may not always be many results right away.

    The outreach aspect of link-building will usually take the most time.

    Need Help With Link Building?

    As you can see, link building is certainly difficult. But, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. If you need help with link building, then we’d love to speak with you. Contact us today to speak to a member of our team.



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