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    How to Increase the Value of Your Domain Name?

    Domain name values are based on several factors, such as whether the valuable domains ends in .com, .net, or .us. Also, values are determined by the length of domain, the number of characters, and if it has numbers or hyphens.

    If you’re interested in boosting the estimated value of domain name, keep the following tips in mind. And talk to your SEO service team about other ways to increase organic traffic with your site to attract more customers.

    Make A Website

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    This may seem obvious, but the first thing you need to do to increase domain name value is have a live website.

    The longer your site is live, the more likely it will be that to pick up links and increase in value as it vests and ages.

    If you buy an existing domain name with both domain name authority and ranking, the site will be easier to find on Google and other search engines.

    You don’t have to wait the three years for the site to rank.

    This is best advised to do with a live site and not sites that have been expired.

    If you’re interested in improving a domain name’s value but you don’t have a site in mind yet, you can use a parking provider.

    Many sites where you can sell your domain also have options for parking the domain for a time. Some sites allow you to even make some cash on clicks by putting your top-level domain names there.

    Parking your one-word domain may allow you to make some money, but it won’t boost its value as much as having your own site.

    Having a site for your specific domain names increases its value a lot more; Google knows that custom websites with unique content are worth more to users than parking pages.

    It’s easy to create your own simple website without having to know how to code. If you have your own hosting service, you can make your site with Joomla, WordPress, and several other content management systems.

    If installing WordPress is too much trouble, you can use an online website builder, such as Duda.

    Use Social Media

    Create free accounts on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest for your website. Complete information about your site and link to it from that social media site. Google spiders can scan each site every minute and can find your new profiles.

    You can offer these usernames and profiles with your determine domain, which will boost its value. But if you get followers on these social media channels, you can increase its value even more.

    Next, ensure that your site and social media profiles are getting shared on social media sites.

    Go For Backlinks

    What Are Backlinks,domain authority,recent domain sales and free tools?

    Backlinks are links from other sites to yours. You should get backlinks from social media, but you also should get quality backlinks from other sites.

    You can get free backlinks on your site by posting your site on forums in your premium domain name industry. Comment on blogs or write guest posts about the topic for current blogs.

    You also can obtain backlinks with other sites by exchanging with them. It helps if you find websites that have linked to some of your competitors. They’ve shown interest in your niche, so if you ask them to link to you, it’s more likely.

    Also, you can create interesting custom graphics on your site’s blog posts. Over time, you may find that some sites take your image without permission. Then, you can find out which sites have done that and send them a copyright infringement notice. Almost every webmaster will comply with such an email and immediately link to your site.

    It’s never a good idea to buy links anymore because most of those links are low quality and may hurt your Google rank and your URL’s value.

    You’re in luck, our link building services will help build links for you!

    Create Evergreen Content

    Unique content is one of the best ways you can increase the value of your domain name. This type of content addresses their needs and concerns and offers information they want to know.

    When you can, this content should be evergreen. That is, it should be able to stay on your site for months or years and never get outdated.

    If you are not a content writer yourself or lack the time, you can find good content writers at Fiverr and other freelancer websites.

    Obtain Domain Variations

    If you are serious about your website brand, it’s a good idea to buy the .net and .org extensions of your domain value name.

    Website buyers usually like to see that you own all of the primary domain extension for your URL.

    Get Testimonials And Star Rankings

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    Having social proof of the value of your website and what it offers is essential for persuading people that your URL has value. When you put those testimonials on your site, you will get a big bump in the estimated value of your website.

    Customers will always relate to your brand better when they see other people having a good experience with your brand.

    Keep Great Records

    If you think you want to sell your domain at some point, it’s vital to keep good financial records for a potential buyer. You should be keeping good records anyway, but it’s even more important for potential buyers.

    Also, keep track of traffic, where it comes from, etc., with Google Analytics.

    And if you have had disagreements or disputes with vendors or past partners, those things will come out during the due diligence process. It’s okay to have these kinds of issues; many site owners do but make sure you are transparent with potential buyers.

    Optimize Your Site For Mobile

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    You might be surprised, but there are many old websites out there with great domain names but haven’t been updated to be viewable on mobile. Most people access sites with mobile devices these days.

    If you want to boost the site’s value fast, make sure that it’s easy and fast to use your site on mobile devices. People will leave your site fast if it’s not usable on mobile.

    It’s not difficult to increase the domain value. You just need to follow the principles above, and you will see its value increase nicely over time.

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