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  • How to Automate Your SEO

    How to Automate Your SEO

    Many tasks you need to accomplish daily for your website take time, at least if you tackle them manually. Some of the best SEO techniques take a ton of time if you do it all by hand.

    The good news is that much of your SEO can be automated if you and your SEO development team know what they’re doing. Automation saves time and money, so let’s dive in and see how to do it!

    SEO Automation Defined

    SEO Automation Flow Chart
    Source: https://wordlift.io/blog/en/seo-automation/

    First, let’s define what automating SEO means. This process means your team uses tools to automate specific SEO tasks that you would normally do manually. By using various SEO automation tools, you can save a lot of time and money.

    Smart SEO professionals know that they have more time to dream up more strategies to do more helpful work for websites and clients when you automate repetitive tasks. The bottom line is: Automation always increases productivity.

    Which SEO Tasks Can We Automate?

    What can we automate? A lot of SEO chores are ripe for automation if you have the technical skills. There are effective ways to automate many of these tasks with tools you can buy off the shelf. You or your team will need to configure the tools, but things get done a lot faster once you do that.

    Some of the tasks we can automate in the SEO world include:

    • Website crawling
    • Position tracking
    • Reporting
    • Analysis of log files
    • Keyword analysis
    • Writing meta descriptions
    • Analyzing link quality

    6 Great SEO Automation Tools To Try

    6 Great SEO Automation Tools To Try

    Below are some automation tools that you should be aware of that can save you oodles of time and money:

    Position Tracking

    Manually tracking keyword positions is tiring. But most of us had to do it for some time in our jobs, and it is something everyone needs to keep track of.

    The truth is that rankings are a vital key performance indicator or KPI that we all need to measure regularly. With a good tracking tool, this process can be automated. It can take a list of keywords your client identified or you came up with on your own.

    Also, you can set up reports to deliver in your inbox daily to see how your Google rank is improving. This is the most basic form of automation, but it’s something that none of us should be doing by hand in 2021. It will save you hours per month.

    Site Auditing

    SEO Audit Tool

    Being on top of the latest SEO technical issues is critical. If Google doesn’t crawl and index your site correctly, you’ll never rank for the keywords you want. While many problems can be handled manually after doing a crawl, this is a huge time suck.

    But if you can automate an audit, you can pinpoint issues that you may not have noticed.

    With a site audit tool, you can set up a crawl and discover dozens of insights that the tool checks. Then, focus your time on fixing the most glaring issues instead of trying to find them first.

    Backlink Auditing

    Monitoring new links and getting new ones are vital tasks, but so is auditing the links you have already. You want to watch your current links because they can turn toxic, which is bad news for your rank.

    It’s a primary task of SEO to watch the link profile quality and take quick action to remove any links that are hurting your rank.

    But how do you find the time to audit your link profile often? Well, you can use a backlink auditing tool to monitor the quality of your site links constantly.

    The tool can analyze your site links against many quality metrics, and it will alert you if you’ve had a rise in toxic links. This lets you focus your work on cleaning them up rather than running the audit by hand.

    SEO Reporting

    SEO Report Template

    Did you ever spend a few days every month doing SEO reports for upper-level managers? It takes a lot of time from things you could do to enhance growth. But there’s no doubt that SEO reports are vital.

    Reports justify the money that we spend on SEO, but they also help you find areas where your site is doing well and where you need to do more work. These reports will help you execute a smooth strategy and change directions when you need to meet your site goals.

    Naturally, reporting takes TIME, especially if you’re doing it manually. But you can find tools that also you to automate all sorts of reports:

    • SEO reports each month
    • Site audit report
    • Backlinks report
    • Full organic search report
    • Site issues report
    • Competitor analysis report

    If you need to run any kind of report on your site, you can probably find a tool to automate that process.

    Log File Analysis

    Analyzing the log files for your site will help you understand how it’s getting along with search engines. But this is a job that many SEOs don’t know how to handle.

    This aspect of SEOs isn’t part of the essential SEO task list, but it’s something that more significant websites need to monitor. A good log file analyzer can answer all of these questions:

    • What site errors were found during the last crawl?
    • What site pages weren’t crawled?
    • Is the crawl budget being spent well?
    • Which site pages are crawled the most?


    Python isn’t a simple way for the novice to automate SEO. Instead, it’s an advanced programming language for professionals who have the time to learn this vital tool. Those who spend the time to learn Python can automate many SEO tasks.

    Overall, a good SEO should spend their time efficiently and on jobs that must be done that increase growth and profits manually.

    This means you should automate all SEO tasks that don’t have to be done by hand and take up hours per month. By highlighting the above SEO automation tips, we hope you’ll have a head start in automating some of your SEO tasks!

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