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  • Plastic Surgery SEO: How to Use SEO to Grow Your Plastic Surgery Practice

    Plastic Surgeon SEO: How to Use SEO to Grow Your Plastic Surgery Practice

    When a potential patient seeks a plastic surgeon, they usually start with a Google search and go with one of the search results with the best reviews.

    If you want to be sure your practice is one of the first search results, you will need to focus on search engine optimization (SEO) for plastic surgeons.

    Why should your practice dedicate resources to SEO? Consider:

    • Enhance online visibility: You need to rank at least on the first page of search results for ‘plastic surgeons’ in your community.
    • Outrank the competition: Every major city has a boatload of plastic surgeons. Will you stand out from them?
    • Attract qualified patients: With local SEO, you can attract prospects to your website that seek your specialties – facelifts, liposuction, tummy tucks, breast augmentation, and more.
    • Increase conversions: Site visitors don’t matter if they don’t contact you. The best SEO services plastic surgery services will optimize your site so most visitors reach out to you.

    We have helped plastic surgeon’s dominate their niche with both national and local SEO plastic surgery SEO campaign.

    Plastic Surgeons Can Attract Their Target Audience

    Attract Your Target Audience

    Proper SEO plastic surgeons ensure you attract the right type of patients to your practice.

    Some of the ways your SEO strategy can target surgery prospects include the following.

    • Gender
    • City
    • Education
    • Pain points
    • Buying behavior
    • Hobbies
    • Interests
    • Income
    • Desired and previous procedures

    It’s important to meet with your SEO team and decide who your target audience is. For example, say you are a board-certified plastic surgeon in Cleveland with extensive experience and fellowships in facelifts.

    You will want your plastic surgery SEO strategy to target mostly women in their 40s to 60s who earn a certain income and are interested in facelifts. They probably are fit and may have had previous facial procedures. The more you can target your audience, the more likely you can find them in Google or other search engines and get them to your site.

    Remember, it can help to go after a narrower target audience than a broad one.

    If your local SEO team focuses on ranking for ‘best facelift surgeon in Cleveland,’ it may be easier than to rank for ‘’best plastic surgeon.’

    Once they get to your plastic surgery website, you should feature personalized content about procedures and pain points that concern potential more patients.

    They already are interested in plastic surgery SEO, so you are halfway there.

    You just need to provide them with reassurance that your plastic surgery practice’s SEO is the best place to have work done.

    Do that by offering helpful information and plenty of past patients and you should be able to get their contact information.

    Boost Traffic to Your Plastic Surgery Website

    Consumers Prefer to Purchase From Familiar Brands

    As you know, SEO will get you ranking higher on Google and other search engines for major plastic cosmetic surgery keywords.

    The higher you rank, the more people will see it, which increases brand awareness.

    Research suggests that more than 50% of consumers like shopping from brands they already know.

    The more prospects who know the name of your plastic surgery practice, the more procedures they will purchase.

    It’s estimated that prospects need more than five impressions before they start to recognize and remember your brand.

    So, your SEO needs to ensure your plastic surgery practice gets to the top rankings and stays there.

    Working with a top SEO strategist also will help with getting your site optimized for the most conversions, too.

    Google puts a priority on websites with an excellent user experience, also called UX.

    It also favors sites that are optimized for mobile when doing SEO rankings.

    Improving the user experience on the site will boost your ranking and brand awareness. It also will keep people reading on your web pages longer, which helps ranking too.

    Your SEO team may also recommend doing guest blogs on other websites to get backlinks and more brand awareness.

    As you gain traffic to your website with proper SEO, you will have an increase in leads, too.

    Luckily, we have built a backlink checker so you can know how you’re doing compared to your competition. Use it now for free!

    Improve Lead Generation for Plastic Surgery Patients

    Benefits of Lead Generation

    SEO also will gradually improve and simply lead generation.

    One of the most effective lead generation methods is by creating informative content. The content should answer some of the most common questions that potential patients have.

    Say your visitors want a facelift. They may want to know how long the facelift will take, potential side effects, how much pain there will be, how long the recovery is, and the cost.

    If you focus in your practice on eyelid lifts, people want to know how long their eyes will be swollen, will they be able to see afterward, will they have dry eyes, and how long until the swelling goes down.

    Creating detailed posts about each of these points, combined with a strong call-to-action at the bottom of each blog post, can quickly generate more qualified leads. Providing patients with detailed, helpful information forges a connection with them, and they will choose your practice.

    If the content is good enough, people will want to share it with their friends, which brings you more potential leads.

    Beat The Plastic Surgeon Competition

    SEO for plastic surgeons

    There are many plastic surgeons in most cities, but you have an edge on them if you understand the importance of the best SEO for plastic surgeons.

    Your competition can’t rank ahead of you by paying for better organic results.

    They need to understand SEO, but many do not.

    With expert SEO professionals guiding you, it’s possible to improve your ranking organically in only a few months.

    As noted earlier, when your website is ranked ahead of others, people will naturally choose yours.

    There is no question that implementing effective SEO plastic surgery practices is one of the most cost-effective ways to generate new leads and plastic surgery business.

    While paid Google and Facebook ads can help to generate leads, nothing beats providing customers with the best information and user experience search online.

    As a plastic surgeon, you know how much time, energy, and expense that went into your education and professional training.

    Take advantage of every opportunity to reach potential patients.

    Consider how important SEO is and hire the best SEO companies to implement your SEO strategy.

    While rising in the Google rankings for surgeons takes time, you will get there in a few months with sustained, intelligent effort and SEO strategies.

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