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  • SEO & Google Analytics: A Comprehensive User Guide to internal site search tracking, average page load time+ Google adsense

    Best Alternatives to Google Analytics

    In spite of all of the hype about Google Analytics’ performance capabilities, the platform that brought use Google Ads does not provide the best data reporting for manipulation of traffic statistics in concert with external reporting. New entrants in website metrics reporting offer users better features and analytics tool than Google.

    Table of Contents

    1. Chartbeat

    The 3 of the Best Alternatives to Google Analytics
    Content engagement analytics from Chartbeat assist marketing professionals in controlling the quality of content. Real-time tracking of advanced web analytics assets in Chartbeat offers insights into audience behaviour online. Aggregate reporting on content categories informs users about who is reading what and why. Track content hits to analyze what if making audiences grow. Audience metrics in Chartbeat offer website owners or data ownership a range of key metrics for monitoring visitor activity prior to, during and post clicking on a website.

    Loyal followers of content can be tracked in Chartbeat to record proportional recirculation of site visitors to the same article in more than one visit. Time of engagement is also availed in metric tracking of website analytics or website traffic data on Chartbeat. For optimum content-based acquisition and retention of visitors to a site, the quality angle of metric reporting on the analytics platform offers better than average reporting on referrer conversion as well.

    Charbeat video analytics assist web analytics tool and web analytics site owners in the integration of multi-media formats as part of website content. Play rate and length of audience viewing can be measured in comparison with other video collateral in an online repository.

    Personalized dashboards assigned users on Chartbeat enable customization of charting and management of analytics features. The dashboard features offer users the option of narrowing content tracking to types of publication. Distinct aspects of written or visual material, as well as social media activity can be designated for content analysis.

    The advanced & best Google analytics alternatives provide users full customer support with individual on-site training. Instructions for use are available in the Chartbeat Getting Started guide.
    Price: $9.95 per month. Up to 5 domains or subdomains are available on a single subscription. Chartbase offers a 30 day free trial.

    2. Clicky

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    Real-time Clicky metrics in up-to-the-minute analytics reports require access to any web analytics browser or mobile device. The Clicky app full control of audience analytics is distinguishes the analytics tool from Google analytics alternatives. Google requires days to report on the same instances that Clicky analyzes in a second. The app tracks individual users from computer IP addresses, Internet service provider (ISP) or Web browser, as well as referrers.

    Operating systems tracking of activity in Clicky is fairly invasive. Yet, the type of record that Clicky provides is still legal, so users have deeper insight than with other Google analytics alternatives tools. Clicky reporting includes actions taken during a visit, length of session, and website data associated with login ID usernames and email addresses. Beware of picking up bitcoin transaction records. Clicky is more apt than one would expect.

    Heat mapping provides a visual overview of website traffic intensity. Frequency of clicks is recorded in graphical illustration; showing detailed information about the location of audiences, pages clicked on, and referrals.

    Alerts in Clicky notify users of specific custom events. Event analysis alerts users to performance of a website in relation to goals, campaigns, IP tags, new visitors, searches, referrers, and custom data coded according to user preference. The Clicky alert system forwards notices to the mobile app, or to personal email account, desktop pop-up, or Twitter.

    The Clicky mobile app makes the platform more user-friendly than some of the other alternatives to Google analytics alternatives. The app also generates mobile-centric hardware reporting on device and smartphone usage. Compatible with iOS devices not supporting Flash, Clicky is a strong contender against Google.

    Price: Pro Plus is $9.99 per month. Standard Clicky is a free website interface, limited to a total of 3,000 page views per day.

    3. KISSMetrics

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    KISSMetrics analytics target e-commerce vitals. Metric monitoring of sensitive customer data immersion during visit to a website is key to understanding the factors contributing conversion. The KISSMetrics analytics platform generates the data required for small businesses to attain competitive advantage.

    Trend analysis of historical data reported by KISSMetric in provides e-commerce website owners with the type of information they want to know about customer decision making. The entire historical record for a visit to a website is available to users. Google analytics alternatives does not retain a comprehensive record of site visits and subsequent actions taken after.

    Cross-portability in KISSMetrics traffic reporting enables users to profile visitors to establish a basis for creating alternate codes or tracking code with the data output. The universal tracking capabilities of KISSMetrics makes it possible to monitor visitors into the future, regardless of which device they are using to interact, shop or communicate.

    The optimal consumer segmentation features offered in KISSMetrics allows an e-Commerce enterprise to individuate among aggregate reporting statistics. Data stored on KISSMetrics cloud is available at any time. Regardless of last time of login, the Google analytics platform will track the same visitor across channels of engagement.

    KISSMetrics is perfect for e-commerce retailers. Product viewing is tracked at each juncture in a search or browse. Sorting of data on product actions such as adding to a shopping cart or wish list is recorded in process.

    Similarly, account registration actions are reported to have knowledge of how far the customer or would be customer progressed toward final point-of-sale. If a sale is abandoned midstream, KISSMetrics will capture those incremental steps leading up to the dropped purchase.

    Those visitors converted to customers by completing POS on a retailer’s e-Commerce website, may be analyzed into the future for retention strategies. Knowledge of who, what, where, and why a customer purchased on an e-Commerce site provides important clues about user behavior, consumer behavior, or customer behavior, and the path to POS.

    With KISSMetrics, analytics data or analytics tool can be transformed into return on investment. Revenue plausible analytics retain data on high-revenue customers for analysis of POS values and application to other operations such as marketing and sales strategies. KISSMetrics users have access to the referral revenue feature, reporting on each interaction. e-commerce website owners can track sources leading to sales income. Drivers to customer decision, and total revenue per referral conversion, makes KISSMetrics unbeatable in terms of accountability for sales.

    Price: $150 per month. Subscription to KISSMetrics provides users up to 500,000 events or 50,000 visitors, monthly. KISSMetrics analytics accounts are a commitment of one year. Those wishing to test KISSMetrics asset creating analytics, may request a no obligation, 14 day trial free.

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