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Social media marketing is the wave of the future, and is here to help you ride that wave. We offer a suite of social media marketing services designed to not only establish your brand presence in social media channels, but also tighten the relationship you have with your existing customers, building brand loyalty and driving word-of-mouth advertising as well as conversions.

But we don’t just manage your social media channels; we’ll grow your social audiences each and every month by identifying and engaging industry-specific users in your target market, as well as industry influencers. In doing so, we’ll align your brand with the movers and shakers in your industry, establishing and building relationships that will benefit your brand permanently.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+ Community Management: We assign a dedicated social media expert to manage your Twitter account, Facebook page, LinkedIn company page, and Google+ page. We’ll respond to your followers’ messages and engage them in a friendly way. We’ll answer questions posed by your community and notify you of any questions that come in that we aren’t able to answer so you can take care of your current and potential clients.

Social Mention Monitoring + Report: Do you know what your customers are saying about you? We monitor the e-waves and find mentions of your brand across all social media channels, blogs, and news reports. Then we provide you with a thorough, interactive report that tells you who is saying what, and where they are saying it.

Generally, community management is broken down as outlined below, but we modify our specific tactics for each client based on unique need.

Facebook Marketing
Facebook Content + Facebook Marketing Management .

  • Complete Facebook advertising management
  • Client-supplied content (ie, contest notifications, event updates, images, videos)
  • Greetings (ie, “Good afternoon, everyone! How’s your day going?”)
  • Onsite blog content
  • Relevant video/images/textual content + postings
  • Responding to follower questions or shout-outs

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Twitter Account Management
Optimizing Your Twitter Strategy

    • Client-supplied content (ie, contest notifications, event updates, images, videos)
    • Greetings (ie, “Good afternoon, everyone! How’s your day going?”)
    • Re-tweets of industry/niche influencers (to build industry connections)
    • Outreach to potential clients/customers in your target market (ie, if someone tweets “Where can I find a great social media management service?” We’d tweet at them “We can manage your social media for you! Let us know if you’d like to learn more.”)
    • Relevant video/images/textual content
    • Responding to follower questions or shout-outs
    • Onsite blog content
2 to 10 active tweets per day. Expanding your content for driving relevant traffic & leads.
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Linkedin Marketing
Organic & paid content marketing for Linkedin provides direct social content marketing management for Linkedin
  • Daily postings at regular frequencies
  • Custom content publishing on and off Linkedin
  • Paid Linkedin marketing management
  • Direct Linkedin audience & connection growth

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Instagram Marketing
Outsource your Instagram marketing strategy

  • Client-created & custom Instagram content
  • Daily posting frequency for B2B & B2C Instagram accounts
  • Real-time campaign progress tracking in a shared spreadsheet
  • Weekly content updates
  • Completed campaign real-time updates & tracking

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