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Do You Have the Chops?

Our writers are top-notch, versed in SEO, English-natives and skilled at producing the highest quality content within defined timelines. Here's what we look for if you're looking to join our team:

  • Flawless grammer. Our writers are known for their grammar skills. Good grammar is table-stakes for working with us at
  • Professional work ethic. Our writers are communicators and collaborators on and off the keyboard.
  • 18 years old. We prefer English native speakers and require our writers to be at least 18 years old.
  • U.S. Citizenship. At, we require U.S. citizenship for our freelance and contract writers. That also means you need a valid social security number or tax identification number.
  • SEO expertise. writers all have an up-to-date understanding of what it takes to write for online audiences and optimize online content for SEO.
  • Reliability. Our writers are impeccably reliable, providing strict adhereance to client deadlines.

Our Content Writing Process

We focus on working with the clients. You write. That's it.

1. Choose a Campaign

We have serviced thousands of clients over the last decade. Available work among existing and new clients is plentiful. Our writing jobs range from 500 words to 5,000 words, and everything in between.

2. Company & Industry Research

Because our content writers produce hard-hitting SEO copy, each writer needs to do industry and company research. This ensures the content effectively matches the brand and industry and hits the relevant keywords.

3. Draft Hard-Hitting Copy

The quality of your content is what matters most. Yes, computers can produce content – but it doesn't compare to human-produced content. Customers choose among writers, so make your product shine.

4. We Hire for More Work

Some of our writers have been with us for almost a decade! If your work is quality, clients will want you back. The better your content, the more you will be re-hired by a client or member of our team.

5. Go Niche & Get Friendly

Our clients are typically on recurring retainers for content production. When a client finds a writer that stands out, they typically come back for more. The better you write for a given niche and build relationships, the more likely you are to find ongoing work.

6. Get Paid

We batch process writer invoices every two weeks. Regardless of whether you have completed 1k words or 20k words, your money will hit your account on the 1st and 15th like clockwork.


Contract and freelance writers have a lot of options, but we help make it easy to choose to stick with us.

Join a Great Team

No man (or woman) is on an island. At we work together as a family. Even though you are a contractor, you will have regular contact and engagement with great people and a culture that is fun, exciting, and growing.

Remote Work

While we are strict on deadlines, our team is 100% remote. We have writers that work as expats in multiple countries around the world. Work from anywhere and get paid wherever you are.

Get Variety

Our content writing clients span across dozens of industries. From law firms to mommy bloggers, you can hone your writing skills by writing for nearly as many niches as you feel comfortable.

Consistent Income

Many freelance writers struggle with irregularity in the contract writing gigs they are able to acquire. Our consistency in content production demand ensure you always have content writing opportunities and income to show for it.

Flexibile Schedule

We do have deadlines, but as a contracting freelancer, we don't care when or how long it takes you to get your writing copy done.

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