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Most people have a big picture view of the internet. They see it as a collection of websites, URLs, and pages. But those are just the big visible limbs. If you dig in and inspect the muscles, tendons, and tissue, you’ll discover that something much more elementary is keeping the World Wide Web spinning round and round.

It’s keywords!

All organic traffic is a direct result of a user typing a specific string of keywords into a search bar. These keywords dictate which page results Google shows and, as a result, which websites users visit.

At one time, keywords were the primary means of getting pages ranked on Google. And even though updates like Google Hummingbird have expanded ranking factors to include dozens of additional metrics, keywords continue to be one of the most valuable factors in SEO, website traffic, and conversions.

But understanding the importance of keywords and actually knowing how to properly leverage them for growth and conversions are two separate things. In order to maximize the value of keywords, you have to know which keywords to use.

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Keyword Research Deliverables

You can’t successfully utilize keywords if you don’t conduct the right keyword research. In fact, it’s ultimately the research portion of the process that helps businesses develop SEO strategies, prioritize initiatives, and execute upon them.

The problem is that keyword research is technical, intensive, time-consuming, and analytical. You need both time and experience to master it. If you have time but no experience, your keyword research will be shallow and ineffective. If you have the experience but lack the time, you won’t be able to conduct thorough research that produces any real fruit.

At, keyword research is a major part of what we do. Not only do we have the time and experience, but it’s become one of our leading value-add services for our clients.

When you utilize our keyword research service, you’ll receive three powerful deliverables:

1. PDF Report

The first thing you’ll obtain is an insightful PDF report that provides you with a big picture view of the intensive keyword research that’s been conducted on your behalf. It’ll include information like top findings, keyword analysis, opportunities, strengths, weaknesses, and keyword analysis.

The PDF report is a consolidated report with meaty insights that you can quickly glance at when you need to take action. It’s a streamlined distillation of the extensive research and analysis that we spend hours conducting. But most importantly, it provides an actionable strategy that you can implement immediately to generate traffic, nurture site visitors, and spark conversions.

2. Data-rich Excel Spreadsheet

If the PDF report gives you quick, actionable takeaways, the data-rich Excel spreadsheet provides you with the raw data and sources that we’ve used to reach these conclusions.

The Excel spreadsheet will include all corresponding data for the research and analysis we’ve provided. If you’re ever curious about why a certain keyword is included, how it stacks up against other keywords, or where you can supplement your keyword strategy for better results, try consulting the spreadsheet.

3. One-on-One Consultation

Sometimes you just need to talk to a real person and ask questions, address points of confusion, or request advice on how to implement some of the takeaways included in the report. That’s why, in addition to the PDF report and Excel spreadsheet, we also offer a one-on-one consultation.

A one-on-one consultation typically lasts between 30 and 60 minutes. It gives you a chance to work through the complexities of your keyword research and clarify anything you need more help with. But don’t worry, we won’t cut you off and leave you hanging. If you have questions or concerns in the coming weeks, we’re happy to answer them via email or phone calls.

Our Keyword Research Process

Now that you know what you’ll get, let’s show you how we’re able to develop these reports. In most cases, it involves a five-step process:

  • Website Review. We begin by reviewing your current website, studying its performance, tracking keywords, and analyzing organic traffic. This gives us an idea of the current state of your site and helps us identify areas for improvement.
  • Competitive Analysis. The next step is to look outward. We analyze a handful of your top search competitors (based on industry relevance and keyword overlap) and see what they’re doing. This allows us to identify gaps and opportunities.
  • Keyword Segmentation. During this phase, keywords, themes, and search strings are analyzed, tested, and segmented so that you can utilize the ones that are most likely to generate a positive return on investment.
  • Detailed Reporting. Armed with data and insights, we develop the aforementioned reports so that we can clearly communicate these opportunities to you and your team.
  • Client Consultation. Finally, it’s time to discuss the findings, field concerns, answer questions, and clear up any confusion. These conversations typically focus on analysis, recommendations, and implementation.

Putting Keyword Research to Work

It’s nice to have a PDF report, Excel spreadsheet, and the opportunity to bounce some ideas off of an SEO expert for an hour, but research is pointless without application. In order to justify the investment, you have to put the research to work. Keyword research can be used to:

  • Optimize your SEO strategy
  • Shape your content creation
  • Influence your social media marketing
  • Run A/B tests to increase product page conversions

This is just the start. With the right keyword research, you can fundamentally change your approach to SEO, marketing, and sales. It’s the missing piece to the puzzle.

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At we have a team of highly skilled and experienced SEO experts who understand both the technical aspects of keyword research, as well as the business strategy that’s required in order to put data-rich insights into action.

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