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We identify exceptional content on your website, such as infographics, eBooks, reports, or in-depth articles. If you don't already have link-worthy content, we'll work with you to create it.

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We identify publishers, news sites and blogs that align with your campaign goals. You approve the publishers you like. We perform the direct service of link building publisher outreach.

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We develop industry-related story ideas to pitch to each publisher. You approve the ideas you like.

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Our expert editorial team produces the perfect story for each publisher, referencing or citing your content with hyperlinks in a natural way that supports and adds value to the story. Our backlinks service allows your approval the content before it goes live.

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We pitch these stories to media outlets and bloggers whose site content is relevant to your niche.

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When the stories and links are published, we notify you so you can see them live on each publication.

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Links are everywhere on the internet, connecting web pages to other, contextually relevant web pages. For users, these serve a straightforward purpose; they’re a way to get from one place to another, to learn more about a specific topic, or to follow up on someone’s research. But for search engine algorithms, links serve a vital role in determining which sites and pages deserve to rank higher for users’ search queries.

Mastering the art of earning, placing, and managing links can therefore allow webmasters to improve their rankings in search engines, and enjoy the secondary marketing benefits of those links as well. This approach is known as link building, and it’s a fundamental component of any search engine optimization (SEO) strategy—as well as a valuable marketing tactic in its own right.

What is Link Building?
Link building is the process of sourcing opportunities for referencing quality content on your site with links from other relevant, high-authority websites. This helps to boost your exposure from both humans and search engines.
What Features are Included in the Best Link Building Services?
Our link building outreach services include a focus on 1) authority of the publisher(s), 2) traffic of the publishers and 3) niche relevance of the publishers. In today's complex world of SEO, links are one of many signals used by search engines. The best link building services take a holistic and balanced approach, providing link building consulting for on and off-site links as well as ensuring your link profile and anchor text don't just appear natural. They should BE natural.
Why is Link Building Important in SEO?
From a statistical perspective, link building still ranks as a heavily-weighted factor for authority in search engine algorithms. Links help to provide a vote of credibility and authority that other sites find your content assets valuable and worthy of a link. However, links are certainly not everything when it comes to SEO. To use the oft-repeated cliche, "content is king!" But, quality link building is important for content and SEO as a balanced way of showing all the right search engine signals for organic online exposure and revenue growth for your business.
What are the Best Link Building Strategies?
There are literally dozens of link building strategies and tactics. Because there are too many to enumerate here, we have outlined an entire post dedicated to the best link building strategies and tactics. Click the link to find out more.
How Many Backlinks Will I Need to Rank?
The ranking factors for a specific page, targeting a specific keyword are too vast to enumerate here. The number of built links to a specific page are only one component of the overall ranking factors for your site. In addition, the number of links you may need to succeed in organic SEO can also be driven by how competitive your niche is, what the competitors are doing to rank in your niche and the relevance in comparison. While it can be helpful to look at competing site pages, doing so will still not provide the complete answer to the question, "how many links will I need to rank?"--especially for a specific "money" phrase or keyword. We recommend getting in touch with us so we can perform a more complete SEO audit of your site's content and backlinks so as to determine a recommended volume and budget that will get you closer to ranking against your competitors.
What Tools Do You Use for Building Links?
We use a number of industry-standard tools for analyzing your link and ranking profile compared to your competitors. These include: Ahrefs, Moz, Spyfu, AgencyAnalytics, Google Analytics and Google Search Console (GSC). Get in touch with a member of our team so we can build a plan for your next link building campaign!

What is Link Building?

Let’s dig into the specifics. Link building refers to the practice of intentionally gaining inbound links, pointing to the pages of your website. Links (technically short for “hyperlink”) are bits of text found in HTML with an “href” attribute. They can point to images, PDFs, and other types of files, but are more frequently used to point to web pages. While you can (and should) establish internal links, making user navigation of your site easier, “link building” typically refers to building links on other domains, pointing back to your pages.

There are several methods you can use to build links, but some link building is more valuable and more reliable than others. The same is true for those who provide a service to acquire them. Generally, backlinks fall into two main categories:

Earning links

Earning links is all about creating content on your site that others will naturally want to include in a hyperlink for their own users. For example, you might write a detailed guide on a niche topic, or publish original research. Given enough publicity and enough inherent value, you can reasonably expect other high-authority sources to link to your work. This is advantageous, because it means your links will appear inherently natural to search engines and users alike. The best content marketing service companies earn links the right way. However, it’s very tricky to pull off, and is unreliable; even with strong content, there’s no guarantee you’ll get the links you want.

Manually building links

The other option is manually building links. Tactics here range from spamming a link on a forum comment to getting an article featured on a prolific publication (with a link pointing back to your site). Some of these link building tactics are schemes—gimmicks designed to manipulate your ranking in search engines. Services like these are more likely to earn you a penalty, negating any value your link might have had in the first place. But the more sophisticated techniques are designed to create genuine value for web users, which means they can build your site authority penalty-free while providing multiple benefits to creators and users alike.

Why is Link Building Important?

So why would you consider a link building service in the first place? Link building comes with a variety of benefits, most notably for boosting the rankings of your pages in search engines.

  • SEO relevance. Link building is best known in the context of SEO. In fact, it could be argued that SEO is practically impossible without implementing the right white-hat link building strategies. That’s because search engines take two main concepts into consideration when determining which pages to rank for a query: relevance and authority. Relevance is a question of whether your content matches the search user’s intent, and is typically addressed with keyword optimization strategies. Authority is a measure of how trustworthy your site is, and that trustworthiness is mathematically calculated in a system known as PageRank (in Google; other search engines tend to use something similar). PageRank is complicated, but it can be understood on some basic level as follows: a page’s trustworthiness can be measured by the number of links pointing to that page, as well as the value of those links (i.e., links on high-authority sources tend to pass more authority than links on low-authority sources). In other words, without new, valuable links being added to your backlink profile (the number and location of links pointing to pages of your site), it’s nearly impossible to increase your rankings. Building links consistently, the “right” way, can greatly increase your rankings, sitewide.
  • Referral traffic. Remember, links are primarily used as a way to get from one page to another on the web. Building more links means providing more opportunities for web users to see and click those links, which results in referral traffic. If you’re building links on high-profile sources, and those links are valuable enough to users, you could end up generating hundreds to thousands of direct visits per month with your links.
  • Other benefits. Building links can also have secondary benefits. For example, merely mentioning your brand in a visible article, even without people clicking the link, could result in more exposure from your brand. Building links can also introduce you to new publication opportunities, which can help you lift your personal reputation or find new promotional options for your best content.

So why would you consider hiring a link building service in the first place? An outsourced link service comes with a variety of benefits, most notably for boosting the rankings of your pages in search engines. You also need to consider the permanence of link building. Unless the link is removed for a terms of use violation or because of the site being shut down, your link will remain active indefinitely, which means it will continue rewarding you with ongoing traffic, SEO authority boosts, and other benefits.

Link Building Service Costs & Pricing

Because no two companies, industries, competitors or websites are the same, a one-size-fits-all approach to pricing for link building services is nearly impossible. Instead, a holistic assessment for pricing and costs based on a complete on and off-site analysis of existing content and backlinks--juxtaposed with competitors-- will help webmasters and seasoned SEOs determine an appropriate budget for any on-going link building campaign.

In competitive industries, larger campaign budgets will likely be required to appropriately move the needle. Alternatively, smaller budgets can be more appropriate for local SEO campaigns where competitors are few and the number of links required to compete are more easily acquired. Most important is for website owners to understand that inexpensive SEO pricing is typically a direct reflection of quality. Beware of budget SEO services where the link building is shoddy. Such backlink services are more likely to hurt than to help your overall optimization efforts.

Pricing differences also exist among the various link building service options available on the market. Outreach link building, broken link building and curated link building each require a unique process and approach. Choosing your service mix will be dependent on both your internal budget and a complete assessment of what is needed to compete for your desired keywords.

In our 10 years as a company, we have worked with smaller local link building monthly budgets of $500 as well as enterprise SEO budgets up to $50,000-- and everything in between. Whatever your industry or campaign goals, our team can be adaptive and scalable to meet your long-term SEO goals by providing the highest quality content for acquiring the industry's best backlinks. Contact us today via the form below to get your free assessment and proposal, including costs and pricing.

Link Building Agency Reporting, Measurement & Analysis

Our expert link building service also includes ample feedback, reporting, measurement and analysis. If you want to be successful in SEO, it’s not enough to start placing links whenever and wherever they’re convenient; instead, you need to think carefully about the sources you’re using, the pages you’re targeting, and how you’re going to grow your reputation. You’ll need to keep a close eye on your backlink profile, watching for low-authority sources you don’t want contributing to your score, and measure the value of each backlink you build by monitoring your growth in both search engine rankings and referral traffic.

Google doesn’t offer a tool where you can track your backlinks, but you can find several third-party tools meant to help you analyze your backlink profile (and possibly analyze those of your competitors). Pay close attention to which links have been most valuable to you, which links have underperformed, and look for opportunities for future growth.

If you’re ready to learn more about how how our link building service can bring more traffic to your site, or if you’re already in the middle of a link building campaign, contact today for a free analysis of your site and strategy. We’ll help you define your high-level goals and come up with a campaign strategy that grows your domain authority naturally—and earns you thousands of visitors in referral traffic in the meantime.

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