Our Approach:

Our approach to white label SEO & white label link building is very content marketing-oriented. We acquire links by writing great content which references (and links to) your clients, then pitching that content to relevant publications with whom we have established working relationships. When the content is accepted and published, your clients get high-quality, in-content, editorial links on real, high-quality publications.


We measure the value of our link building efforts on a scale based on Moz’s “Domain Authority” metric. Here’s our white label pricing structure (which includes your 20% reseller discount), along with examples for each.

  • DA 20 – 39 = $80 (example: thecampussocialite.com)
  • DA 40 – 49 = $160 (example: homeclick.com)
  • DA 50 – 59 = $240 (example: techi.com)
  • DA 60 – 69 = $400 (example: bloggingtips.com)
  • DA 70 – 79 = $600 (example: tech.co)
  • DA 80 – 89 = $800 (example: business2community.com)
  • Premium Tier = $1200-$2000 (example: mashable.com)

The pricing includes complete content ideation, creation, and publication. If we fail to acquire any of the placements, you get your money back or a replacement of equal or greater value — whichever option you prefer. Pricing is for one link.

Process & Timeframe:

Our highest priority is timeliness and quality. Our goal is to build links for your clients that they (and you) will be totally thrilled with. We’ve successfully built links and brand mentions for our clients from awesome sites like Mashable, BusinessInsider, Technorati, and over 700 other publishers. We’re able to do this because we have a full-time team dedicated to building new relationships with new publishers and editors.

All of our content is crafted in-house by our expert writers and editors, and is edited in-house before publication so you can rest assured that the content will be well-written, and your clients will be happy. If you order in the DA 51+ range and would like to pre-select publishers and pre-approve content before we submit it for publication, that’s an option you’ll have as well.

Here’s the process for link orders that are DA 51+:

  1. Payment is processed.
  2. We suggest some publishers that might be a good fit for your campaign. You approve the ones you like.
  3. My team brainstorms article ideas for each agreed-upon publisher, then we send you those outlines for review and approval.
  4. My team writes the full articles, based on the approved outlines.
  5. We send you the written articles for your review and approval.
  6. Upon your approval, we submit the articles to the publishers, then notify you when they’ve been published, along with the published URLs.

For link orders below DA 50, we choose the sites, write the article and build links by referencing informational content on your website; usually the blog. We do this in such a way that it supports a claim made in the article, adding value to the piece and establishing your content as an authoritative source within the context of your industry.

We typically have a 2-5 week turnaround on orders.

Anchor Text & Destination URLs:

You should also know a few of our policies on link destination URLs and anchor text: We only link to resourceful, informational pages on client websites, such as blog posts and infographics. If you don’t have any linkable content, we can help create some. As for anchor text, we use natural, journalistic anchor text; no exact-match keyword anchor text.


We will track the status of all links in a password-protected shared spreadsheet. We’ll update it weekly, and send you weekly email updates with the status of each link ordered. As links are published, we will share the live URLs with you in the spreadsheet.

Link Examples:

Following are a few examples of articles that we do at the high-end of the DA spectrum. These aren’t ones we’ve done (to protect the integrity of our client relationships), but they are the same types of posts, and in the same general locations/formats on the sites. Within each one, you’ll find examples of how we would reference, quote, or cite sources. These are examples of the same ways we’d be citing/referencing/linking to you or your clients:

  • https://mashable.com/2013/11/25/tools-connected-professional/
  • https://www.businessinsider.com/best-health-care-jobs-2013-12
  • https://digitaljournal.com/article/362107
  • https://blogcritics.org/six-practical-ways-you-can-fight-poverty-around-the-world/
  • https://smallbiztrends.com/2013/10/things-your-website-should-do.html

All of our writers are US based, native English writers who’ve established themselves over the years as regular contributing writers at their respective sites.

To Get Started:

If you want to try us out, contact Tim Carter, our director of business development, at tim [at] seo.co.